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"The Mundane life of being Mr. President"

By the beginning of Dragon Ball GT, ten years has passed since the events in the last episode of Dragon Ball Z. Trunks is now 28 years old and has assumed the presidency of Capsule Corporation. The company is now in a new building that towers high in the city. It's obvious that the company has grown beyond its in-home roots and into a multi-national powerhouse. Of course, the building is one huge phallic symbol reaching for the skies above. It is unknown if this building was built during Trunks' presidency or while his mother was still in the role. Mom Bulma is now the chairwoman and has time to work on her own inventions at home.

It is quite evident Trunks dislikes his job. He frequently skips out of his office window for a relieving flight through the skies. He has however, become a respectable and popular president amongst his own company and even of others. Whether he hates it or not, he's successful and skilled at his job.

In GT, he is sent on the mission into space in search of the Black Star Dragonballs. Goku has been turned back into a kid and the Earth is in danger of destruction if those balls aren't returned to it within a year. Trunks and Goten are volunteered and dragged to the launchbay by Vegeta despite their every protest. Goten misses the trip after answering a cell phone call and nobody realizing that Gohan's 14 year old daughter, Pan stowed away and hit the launch button as soon as Goku and Trunks entered the ship. So Goten continues his dating life on earth while his best friend, father, and niece head into the unknown. Trunks ends up being the only "adult" on the mission eventhough Goku still has an adult mentality. So long as Goku looks like a kid, everyone treats him like one.

During the trip, the trio enter one pitfall after another. Their ship gets trashed, Trunks ends up dressing in drag, they do a disco, a robot eats their only dragon radar, and so forth. The trip does end successfully only to find out that a nasty named Baby who they had encountered during a planetary visit has taken over the Earth and is out to destroy all Saiyans. Only Pan and Goku are spared from his possession.

Throughout GT, Trunks' fighting technique is sloppy and careless. Even in super saiyan level 1, he's not in true form. He has obviously neglected his training. His mentality is strong however and he seems to be able to sniff out attacks and plans before they can occur. He's also good a repairing things such as their ship, the robot, Gill who has made the Dragon radar a part of him, and so forth.

Fusion is mentioned by Goten in the series thus indicating that Trunks and Goten still possess the ability to fuse into Gotenks, but they are never seen doing such. (It would've been neat to see what Gotenks looked like as an adult...oh well). Trunks also still possesses his sword though is only seen using it during the opening credits of GT and in the Final Bout video game.

He's never seen dating, unlike Goten who's seen with a girlfriend, on the cell phone with a girl, and so forth. There appears to be a "crush" of sorts that Pan has for him, but nothing comes out of that. At work, Trunks blushes when he hears female employees gossiping to each other, calling him "hunk" thus indicating he might be shy with the opposite sex. He's still handsome and has gentlemanly manners, but perhaps has come to the realization that most of the ladies out there are after his money, looks, prestige, or all three. He may be seeking what Gohan found...true love, but again, nothing is revealed as such. That's just my speculation.

The very last episode of GT revealed a look many, many years into the future. Pan's the only one left alive and she's over 100 years old and not far from death herself. A woman, looking very much like Bulma and wearing Capsule Corp. earrings shows up sitting beside Pan during a tournment. She speaks with someone on her wrist communicator suggesting perhaps that she's the current president of Capsule Corp. It is also speculated that she is the daughter of Trunks, and her son, who's a spitting image of a chibi Vegeta is Trunks' grandson. The only other possibility there is that the woman is Bra's daughter, but general speculation is that since Bra was such a minor character throughout the series, that the woman is likely Trunks' since he played a more major role in the series.