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So here's where it all began...

This site is primarily designed to house my fanfics & fanart along with information about my favorite characters in the Dragonball anime series.

I know there's "elite" sites,etc. out there and I am by no means even trying to compete with them. I have no interest whatsoever in the immaturity of such a competition. We are all fans afterall. There's no reason to squabble over who's better or who has this and that. It doesn't matter. We all have sites about this series because of our enjoyment of it. If all the sites were like "soandso's" then what a bore that would be because there'd be hundreds of sites that all show and say the same exact thing. How lame. So, please, don't send me emails saying such things, they'll be a useless waste of time on your part since I'll gladly hit the "delete" button. Again, I did this site because I enjoy creating websites and I wanted to share some of my stories and art with other fans. I do provide links to several sites that pertain to my favorite characters, have some neato stuff that I can't place on my site, or have some decent information on the series itself since this is basically a "character shrine" rather than a general series site. And please no emails saying I'm obsessed with cartoon characters. Animation (specifically anime) is a hobby to me. I enjoy watching it and letting my creativity flow within its realm just like anyone who enjoys watching sports, painting,etc.

Also, this site's upkeep and progress is a 100% SOLO effort by me. I have and want no affiliates, aides, partners, etc. to help me maintain this site and I like it that way. This is mostly for security & fairness issues and I'm not in a competition for hits, amount of info or sections, and so forth like I see in several Dragonball sites. I don't play favorites so I do not accept any affiliates. And with such, I may never be an affiliate of any other Dragonball site since a prerequisite for many is the amount of hits your site receives on a daily basis or the pressure to be forced to maintain your site according to your affiliate's standards. Who would've thought quantity would rank above quality. Anybody can "fix" their hits just to brag about how popular their site is. Well, anyway, I will never take on an affiliate on this site either. You may ask for me to enter your site in my Links page, but that's it (unless you've donated some material here, then your site's link may get extra exposure as I credit it and you where I use your material besides the links page), but only if I'm accepting submissions to links. Like I said before, this is a 100% effort by me alone. I don't have a ton of time to work on my site, and my stories, and my art, etc, etc. Please be patient and respectful of my efforts and not send stuff when I'm not accepting such. I will only end up deleting it. Good things come to those who wait. If you do, your stuff will get added.

I can't believe you've read my ramblings. Well, if you have, I thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed your visit to my site and my rendition of a shrine to two of the hardest working, smart, handsome, and strong saiyans around! They may not have Goku's heroism or strength, or Vegeta's pride and commitment to training, but they are functioning in society like none of the others are...they are holding jobs!


I wish to thank the webmasters of sites who gave me permission to use some of the images displayed within this site. I have included a special link area within my LINKS section specific to the sites where some of the images are located. I also want to thank those who I haven't been able to contact about images who haven't griped about me "stealing" them. It's just I've gathered so many images prior to producing this site for my own personal viewing over the past year and I've forgotten where some of them came from. I will continue to search sites to ask for permission,etc., but if you see one of yours and I haven't asked, please let me know (click here). I'll either remove it if you want me to or give you proper credit and a link to your site. Many pics, however, have been scanned by myself and are out of my personal collection of resource books, tapes,etc. so I may have some that you have as well. So please do not take any of these images without my consent. If they're mine, I'll likely give you permission, if not, I'll refer you to the webmaster you need to ask (if I know myself).

Also, if you have anything to contribute or offer (like movie downloads,etc.) feel free to email me and let me know. I'm more than willing to display anything Gohan or Present Trunks oriented and will give you credit for such. Just don't send me anything in the sections that specifically say "not accepting" until that message disappears. This is a courtesy to you. It means I don't have the spare time to display it within a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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