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"Troublemaker Extraordinaire"

Present Trunks is first revealed during the Android saga as a newborn baby. He's ugly and cute at the same time. He's bald with only a single lock of purple hair in the front. He cries alot, he pees alot. Not much more he can do at this age. He takes his first steps during the end of the Cell Game and was attempting to speak before it.

The series then skips many years and Trunks is next seen as an 8-year old. He's cute, arrogant, devious, intelligent, and full of pride. He shows his Vegeta-genes well at this age. When paired up with his friend, Goten, (Goku's second son and a year younger than Trunks, having been conceived just before the Cell Game) trouble brews at an all time extreme. The two sneak into all sorts of mayhem and are constantly testing their mothers' patience with them. In a couple of movies, Trunks is seen using his "mooning" technique to rile an enemy.

Both Trunks and Goten surprise their families (especially Vegeta, Gohan, and ChiChi) by achieving super saiyan at an early age. They'd kept it a secret from them for some time.

Trunks achieves the Jr. Championship during the Tenkaichi Budokai held at that time defeating best friend, Goten. The two then steal the identity of an adult fighter and enter into the adult's competition until disqualified while fighting Android 18. They also eat an entire full-saiyan meal then run out of the restaurant without paying the bill. The bill gets stuck with their family and friends.

Later, during the Majin Buu incident, Trunks and Goten end up being the last hope for Earth and its inhabitants. All others including Vegeta and Gohan are dead. Goku, allowed to return to the living for one day, teach Goten and Trunks a technique he was taught in the afterlife called fusion. The two brats find it rather stupid at first, but eventually master it, forming a very strong, but very cocky and inexperienced, Gotenks. Gotenks learns in leaps and bounds as he surprises everyone, including Piccolo with his ascension into Super Saiyan Level 3. He is the only other besides Goku to attain it. But he's rebellious and cocky and a handful for Piccolo, who must continue their training after Goku returns to the afterlife. Their first attempts at combat with Buu end up in disaster for them thanks to running off without proper training. Goten and Trunks get prompt scoldings and spankings by their mothers for that. They had also once fallen back asleep when Piccolo was telling them to start the day and train earning a scolding and slap across the face from him. Mr. Popo also feels the little brats' wrath when he busts them eating a meal they helped themselves to without permission.

By the end of Dragon Ball Z, Trunks is 18. He's a very attractive teen and less interested in training. He has good manners and seems very mature and gentlemanly even at this age. His father has to order him to enter the next tournament with the threat of slicing his allowance in half. Goten is 17 and very much into dating eventhough Goku is forcing him to train and enter as well. It is unknown how Trunks fares during this tournament though his drawn opponent, who is gay, is later revealed in the Dragon Ball GT series, working at Capsule Corporation under Trunks' presidency and still gawking at Trunks. Goten loses to his 4-year old niece, Pan. Throughout this however, Trunks and Goten's friendship is still seen to be as strong as ever.

Trunks also has a sibling. A younger sister named Bra. She's one year younger than Pan and 15 years younger than her brother. Kinda makes you wonder if the Briefs and Son families had a competition going there or pure coincidence? Trunks and Goten are a year apart as is Pan and Bra.

Baby Trunks also appears in movies 8 & 9. Chibi Trunks is in movies 10, 11, 12, and 13. Trunks attains his sword from a warrior named Tabion in movie 13.