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About this site's Webbie:

Many people ponder the being behind this site. The most often asked question is am I male or female? I'm female, but my likes,etc. are more like that of a male. For example, if I had to choose between playing football in the cold and mud with the guys or staying in the warm house doing makeovers with the girls, I will rush out of the house so fast you wouldn't see me leaving.

My age...I'm older than I look. Though I have no pictures of me currently posted, I often shock people who ask. I've been a fan of anime since the late 70's. My favorite cartoons as an elementary age kid was Battle of the Planets and Star Blazers. As a high school student they were Voltron and Robotech. I have enjoyed the depth of characters and plots that anime offers moreso than regular tv and movies for most of my life. I love anime and I enjoy this series. Besides, once one is in the workforce, one really needs a break from reality from time to time. I have very little opportunity to express myself creatively at work and I enjoy the opportunities to break away from stress and worry. You kids will learn soon enough. School is nothing compared to the working world. I used to think just like you when I was in school too.

And since I'm that old...no I'm not married and I have no rugrats...ahem, kids of my own. I enjoy the freedom of solitude and have no intention of ever getting married or having kids. Why would I want to clip the wings I enjoy flying with? And no, I'm not lonely. I have relatives & friends when I feel the need for company.

Do I have other websites? I sure do. I have a Voltron-related one called the KAEX Central Station (http://www.geocities.com/strikewolf/main.html) which is a focal point to my 200+ member mail list for that series. And my other site is devoted to the eerily beautiful anime/manga called "Please Save My Earth". It's called "Rin's Playground" (http://members.tripod.com/Zaites/)So, when I say I'm busy here at this DB site, it is sometimes real life and it is sometimes the need to devote some time to these other sites or both.

My favorites:

favorite color...blue and black (they tie)

favorite food...steak grilled over an open fire

favorite movie(s)...American Pie 1 & 2, & Evolution

favorite tv show...Smallville (Lex is such a hottie. I don't usually find baldness attractive, but this time, it's different)

favorite restaurant...Outback Steakhouse

favorite fast food restuarant...Kentucky Fried Chicken

favorite sport to watch...American football...mostly college (ACC & Big East)

favorite sports I do...mountain biking, downhill skiing

what did I last ask Santa for...a million dollars, but I must've been bad because I never got it. ;P

There, a little info about the zany lady who runs this place. In real life, many say I don't say enough about myself. So, here's a snippit of me in cyberspace for the entire world to see. Take that y'all! (sorry...this Yankee's been in the South a bit too long)

If you have any other questions you may like to ask me, feel free to email me at the above addy. I may (or may not) reply depending on the nature of the question. ;)