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Trunks may be one year older than Goten, but the two are so close that they are like brothers. Blame it on their mothers, but they seem to compliment each other perfectly. And when they're together, you can be fairly certain that trouble is right with them. As kids, they were a humorous pair and devious, troublesome brats (well mainly Trunks, but Goten followed along anyway). As adults, they seem more "mature" and independent though their friendship is still obviously close. And their greatest accomplishment together...a technique Goku taught them when they were kids...FUSION. With fusion, Goten and Trunks fuse into one powerful warrior known as GOTENKS. Gotenks is the only other saiya-jin other than Goku that reached Super Saiya-jin Level 3.

This is the section where you'll find info on Gotenks, see scenes of the partners in crim....err, adventure, and so forth.

Trunks and Goten in the Dragon Ball world are like peanut butter and jelly. The two compliment each other perfectly, their differences giving them the right blend of competition and bonding. Early in life, ChiChi and Bulma seemed to rely on each other in helping to raise these two energetic saiyan hybrids. In that, they were raised like brothers. Gohan, Goten's oldest brother was also a sort of step- big brother to Trunks as well.

As they grow older they develop certain traits that benefit them both individually and when together. Trunks becomes the intellectual and leader of the pair while Goten is the gentle, carefree, naive follower. The trouble and mayhem the two encounter while exploring their world and satisfying their curiousities is mainly due to Trunks' thinking and scheming. Goten is often aware that what they're doing is going to get them into trouble and he sometimes goes as far as to remind Trunks of it. But, Trunks is skilled at manipulating his friend and Goten naive enough to follow.

During peacetime they enjoy their carefree childhood by playing "fight" and being little brats or pests to the adults. Gohan's "girlfriend" Videl ends up being easily manipulated by these two when she's babysitting them. Goten has a knack for throwing tantrums when he feels wronged and continues them until somebody gives in and gives him his way. Trunks simply smooth talks or deceives others into getting his way. But, the son of Vegeta is also the typical spoiled little rich kid. He has to do very little to get what he wants.

Eventually as true in the Dragon Ball world, peace is relatively short-lived. An evil being called Buu is resurrected by the vengeful Babi Dee. The strongest enemy ever encountered by the Z Team ends up overwhelming them easily. Vegeta and Gohan die at the hands of Majin Buu and Goku is dead already. Left to defend the earth is Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks. During Goku's one day visit back to the living earth, he teaches the two little saiyan hybrids a technique that he believes capable of destroying Buu if the two master it. It's called Fusion. A special set of motions are to be followed if fusion is to occur. It's poses and motions are ugly, but done correctly, two warriors of similar power levels can fuse into a single, very powerful warrior. It's very energy expensive and can only be held for under an hour, but according to Goku, the power of this fused warrior should be strong enough to defeat Buu in less than that.

Piccolo continues training Goten and Trunks in the technique after Goku returns to the afterlife. Protesting and whining, the two kids eventually learn the technique. They're fusion is unsuccessful the first two times, forming useless fused warriors that are too fat or too thin and both too weak to fight. Their third try is perfect and they form Gotenks, a strong but arrogant warrior.Gotenks is cocky and inexperienced in fighting and it shows when he goes off to challenge Buu. His little saiyan butt is kicked badly by Buu. Upon their return to Piccolo and the others, Goten and Trunks are promptly scolded by Piccolo and their mothers. Gotenks learns quickly however. He manages to even master super saiyan level 3. The only other to accomplish such was Goku himself. Trunks is very concerned with style however and influences Gotenks' fighting style. Gotenks tries to be cool and stylish always making sure he looks good as he fights. It does nothing for his skill. Buu has to eventually be defeated by their dads, coming back from the dead.

Peace is restored once again after Buu's defeat. Goten and Trunks grow up into teenagers by the end of the Dragon Ball Z series. Trunks becomes a dashing 18 year old and Goten a sloppy looking, but still cute 17 year old. Both have lost interest in training and fighting. Goten is already into dating and girls. It isn't known as to what Trunks is into, but his father has to threaten cutting his allowance and ordering his son into joining a tournament. Goten's already being forced into it by his father. Not much is shown as far as these two fighting, but it is known that Goten is defeated by his four year old niece, Pan in the tournament and he was whining about having drawn Buu (the good half of Buu...the bad half died) before the tournament even began. (Apparently there was a shift in drawing order after Goku and Ubuu left in order to refill the fighting brackets). Nothing is known about Trunks' fights though he had initially drawn a burly gay fighter who had developed a liking to the purple-haired boy.

By Dragon Ball GT, Trunks and Goten are now adults. They are 28 and 27 years old respectively at the beginning of this series. They are beginning to embark on their own lives though obviously close friends. Goten's still busily obsessed with dating and cell phones. He's got a girlfriend named Parisu. A flaky, naive but very pretty young woman, she makes Goten look smart. Trunks has assumed the presidency of Capsule Corporation and appears to be taking it to new heights. He hates his job however. Neither is doing much about training though both appear to still maintain some level of fitness.

Disappointed in the two, Vegeta talks Gohan out of a mission into space to find the Black Star dragonballs. Instead, Vegeta literally drags a protesting Trunks and Goten onto the mission. Luckily for Goten, his cell phone rings and while he's busy chatting about a missed date, a stowaway Pan hits the ignition button leaving him on Earth. Trunks and Goku join Pan on the mission across the universe. It would've been interesting to see how the two best friends would've fared on this mission if only Goten had gotten onto the ship. Anyway, poor Trunks ended up in one pitfall after another on this mission and probably longed for his 'dull' desk job.

As GT progresses, the trio eventually return back to Earth successful only to discover Earth isn't at peace anymore. As one enemy after another shows up to complicate matters (Baby, then Super 17, then the evil dragons), Goten and Trunks stick by each other in combat though neither is an effective warrior any more. Goten mentions fusion once, but Goku talks them out of it. Fusion is useless, especially when Goku and Vegeta have accomplished super saiyan level 4 PLUS fusion. And so, the two best friends remain as such throughout the series though sadly, no longer strong fighters.

By the end of GT, there is a jump of many years into the future. All the known DBZ members are now dead aside from Pan who's over 100 years old. She watches her grandchild, Goku Jr. who's a lookalike of the original Goku and Vegeta Jr. who's a dead ringer for a little Vegeta face off in a tournament bout.It is mentioned that the two families (the Briefs and the Sons) parted ways and no longer spoke to one another. And that is how the series ended.

The end of the GT series is rather unlikely and a cop-out by the writers. Personally I don't believe the two families would ever lose contact with each other and Trunks and Goten's friendship was too strong to ever separate.