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Gohan has seen many battles and discovered many skills thanks to his mentors Piccolo, Goku, and himself. He's molded into one of the strongest and smartest of the Z warriors. It was also thanks to Gohan for changing the course of the Dragonball series forever when he was the first to discover that there were levels beyond the standard "super saiyajin."

This section will mention the battles and enemies fought and some of Gohan's skills through the series and movies.

Gohan's Powers

Gohan's powers actually reveal themselves while Gohan is just an infant. While ChiChi and Goku were taking a walk with Gohan in a stroller, Goku let go of it and it began a speed descent down a hill and a high speed approach to a tree. Goku couldn't catch up to it in time. The stroller is smashed to bits but Gohan was thrown from it. As his toss sent him careening into the tree, Gohan's hidden power surged and the tike plowed right through the massive tree. Goku witnessed the whole thing before catching his son. He never told ChiChi what really happened.

Later in life at ages 4 and 5, the threat of the Saiyajin prompts Piccolo to kidnap the kid (after he witnessed that hidden power surge when Gohan whomped on his Uncle Radditz). Piccolo put Gohan through a harsh and intense program by leaving him to fend for himself and deal with any danger. Once Piccolo felt Gohan had developed enough independence and confidence, he trained him. Gohan's warrior days had begun.

In back-to-back skirmishes with bad guys, Gohan continues to strengthen his abilities from fighting saiyajin like Vegeta to confronting a form of Freezer on the planet, Namek. He is still unaware of that hidden power within him. When it releases, he has no recollection of it. But now he has a general interest in the warrior ways eventhough he must now balance them with his studies.

The turning point for his power (and for the DBZ series itself) was the Cell Game. While training for it with his dad in the Room of Spirit and Time, Gohan finally turns Super Saiyajin. He is the youngest to ever do so at this point (Goten and Trunks steal this away from him later when they do so possibly as early as toddlers). Goku sees all the potential in his son, but keeps it to himself until the time of the Cell Game. During the Cell Game, Goku goes first. Gohan watches quietly and intensly. Suddenly Goku simply surrenders and to the shock of everyone, even Cell, Goku names Gohan the next participant. He had used his fight with Cell as a way to show Gohan Cell's fighting style. Gohan struggles in the fight for a while struggling with his own lack of confidence and having little desire to fight. He even tells Cell the story of his hidden power and that he can't control it. Cell decides he wants to see this power and pushes Gohan to an anger level never seen before. After Cell crunches Android 16's head, Gohan's power surges and he passes Super Saiyajin and enters level 2. His gentleness and innocence is gone from his expression. He shows no mercy to the Cell Jr's or Cell himself, even playing with him to make him suffer more pain rather than killing him quickly. This mistake gets Goku killed and Cell more powerful than ever. In a massive Kamehameha battle, Gohan eventually defeats Cell, but paid a high price for his mistake. His father can't return. But Gohan is the first saiyajin to reach level 2 and holds that title for some time. He has surpassed his father as strongest in the universe and at only age 11.

Years pass and Gohan stagnates in his training and powers. He doesn't train but rather focuses on his studies and helping his mother and little brother, Goten. He does develop an alter ego to help fight crime in Satan City as the Great Saiyaman, but these little skirmishes with normal humans do nothing to help Gohan's training or strength. He suffers during the Majin Buu conflict until the end when thanks to the elderly Kaio-shin he releases from the Z-Sword, he attains a level that surpasses his limits. He becomes the Ultimate Warrior or Mystic Gohan. With a strength and power greater than Super Saiyajin level 3, Gohan is obviously the strongest in the universe. Unfortunately, that huge power is dangerous even if Gohan was the most qualified to never abuse it. If he had gone Super Saiyajin while in Mystic mode he could destroy himself, the Earth, and a good portion of everything else. So, he gives it up and returns to the strength and powers he had prior to the powerup.

As the years continue to pass, Gohan stagnates once again. He doesn't seem to train much in peace time and even gets married to Videl and begins a family. His daughter, Pan shows massive strength and ability for being only 1/4 Saiyajin, but as for Gohan himself, he's only seen to powerup into Super Saiyajin and perhaps level 2 in his prime adult years. He's given in to peace and lives the life of a scholar and family man. His warrior side progresses no farther.

Gohan's Battles

note: many of these are still under contstruction. I will also fill in details of each encounter as well.

Saiyajin Conflict :

:This fight is the first hint of Gohan's instinctive ability to fight. With no control, his hidden powers surge forth in an effort to help his father.With a powerlevel reading above even his father's, he head-butts Uncle Radditz in the chest, staggering the Saiyan and weakening him enough for Piccolo and Goku to defeat. Gohan was just 4.

Nappa: Gohan's now trained by Piccolo and Nappa is his first since this training. He's pretty much a scaredy-cat and pushed around. Piccolo straightens him out though it's obvious Gohan isn't strong or experienced enough to battle this burly Saiyan. He eventually takes to the sidelines.

Vegeta: The mighty Prince of Saiyans isn't actually defeated by Goku. He's defeated by Gohan who goes Oozaru (giant ape) once his tail has grown back. Out of control, Gohan as an ape attacks all around him, including his father. Eventually Goku gets him to focus on Vegeta and the Saiyan can do little to stop him. With a slice of the tail while Gohan, the ape is in midair, he begins to transform back into a boy, but not before falling on top of Vegeta and squishing him on an impact with the ground. Vegeta, near death, retreats to his capsule and departs.

Namek/Freezer series:



Ginyu Force (including Capt. Ginyu in Goku's body)



Garlic Jr. :

ChiChi (possessed): A possessed mother is even worse than a regular, angered one. At first Gohan was uncertain as to what had happened to his mother. He knew that she was angry at him for sneaking off to Roshi's and not completing his studies, but he hadn't expected her to get physical. Gohan refused to return the blows his mother threw at him and while still in shock and disbelief simply dodged and tried to avoid or block whatever blows that came too close.

Garlic Jr.'s henchmen:Though only about 7 years old, Gohan proved he was a force to be reckoned with against Garlic Jr's goons. Eventually though Gohan grew tired of the grueling battles against them and the goons got some good licks on the boy. But Gohan was relentless. When Garlic Jr. showed himself, Gohan stood his ground and even managed to land a blow on the evil leader, giving him a cut across his cheek.

Piccolo ("possessed"):Being forced to fight his first mentor and "second father", Gohan was no match against this Piccolo that wasn't quite himself. After nearly suffocating at the hands of his mentor's choke hold, Gohan nearly meets his demise. Luckily Piccolo is a fantastic actor and had merely pretended to be possessed. He wouldn't allow Gohan to die, but he had to make it look convincing and feel convincing, even to his little student.

Garlic Jr: Garlic Jr. usually had his goons and the possessed Piccolo doing all the dirty work, but when he confronted the young, angered Gohan, Gohan lashed out at him. Confident that he had dodged the boy's attack, Garlic Jr. grew enraged when he suddenly realized that the young warrior had connected, giving him a cut on his cheek. Having remembered him from before (in DBZ Movie 1--the then 4/5 year old Gohan defeated him with his hidden power), Garlic Jr. didn't attack himself but rather sent his goons back at the gutsy boy.


Piccolo & Goku (training): Two on one, Gohan takes on both his mentor and father in a desire to get stronger so he can fight beside them against the menacing Androids. Pummelled, but not a quitter, Gohan impresses both father and teacher in his strength and courage.

Androids 17 & 18:Gohan didn't get an opportunity to fight these guys before Cell absorbed them, but he DID fight them in the future timeline (Mirai Gohan). In the future timeline, all Z warriors are dead except Gohan who was forced to grow up quickly and wage battle alone. He tried to save lives and reduce the destruction caused by the androids while at the same time making sure he remained alive so that he could buy time for Trunks to grow up and gain fighting skills. Gohan had the super saiyan level and possibly ultra saiyan, but never reached level two like his regular counterpart. His fighting skills were supurb,his technique flawless, and he could evenly match and even slightly gain an edge when battling one android at a time. Whenever he gained the upperhand with one, the other android would join in to turn the tide and force Gohan into retreat. Eventually the androids got the better of him and on one rainy day, Mirai Gohan was killed at the hands of the androids leaving Mirai Trunks alone and the last warrior alive to even stand a chance at beating them.

Cell Game:

Goku (training): The training in the Room of Spirit & Time is intense and difficult for Gohan. Goku is relentless as Gohan urges him to push him to his limits. He gains strength and speed quickly as well as attaining super saiya-jin level 1. He surpasses his father's level during the training and Goku sees that his son's hidden powers could be very useful in a fight if only Gohan can release his anger enough. Goku also knows that his son is the only chance the Earth has in defeating Cell for not even he has reached a level high enough to defeat Perfect Cell.

Perfect Cell: This is the greatest fight for Gohan in his entire life. His father gives up in an effort to give Gohan a chance. Goku has all the confidence in the world that his son, if he can release his hidden powers, will defeat Cell. Initially the fight doesn't go well for Gohan. He matches Cell in speed and skill, surprising Cell, but his head is not in the battle. In fact, he tries to talk Cell out of fighting, says the battle is meaningless, and that he doesn't want to kill him. He even reveals the story of his hidden powers to Cell. This provokes Cell to anger Gohan. Unsuccessful in talking Cell out of fighting, Gohan seems less motivated and allows Cell to pummel him. Cell, frustrated that he hasn't released Gohan's fury, turns his wrath on Gohan's friends with Cell Jrs. These mini-Cells are very strong and are too much for the Z Warriors. This works,but better than expected for Cell. Gohan's hidden powers surge and he attains super saiyan level 2 in a desperate attempt to keep Cell from hurting his friends more. Gohan's expression is cold and without mercy in this form. He doesn't speak, he simply acts, destroying each Cell Jr. all by himself, some of which killed in a single blow. Turning back to Cell, Gohan clearly has the upperhand. He has Cell at death-point, but decides to toy with him a little more to make him suffer longer thus going against his father's words. This ends up being a deadly mistake. The desperate Cell decides to self-destruct and take everyone and everything including the Earth with him. Goku steps in and teleports himself and Cell to King Kai's place. The explosion of Cell kills Goku, King Kai, Bubbles,and Gregory. Cell, however, regenerates. Goku's death was in vain, but very permanent.

Resurr. Perfect Cell: After regenerating, Cell returns to the battlefield. Seeing him return, stuns all the warriors. Before any can react, Cell fires into them through a cloud of dust. He hits Mirai Trunks dead center in the chest, killing him. This infuriates Vegeta into attacking, but in vain. He's quickly put down by this more powerful Cell, who had consumed more Goku cells during the explosion. He also has Goku's teleportive ability now. Cell releases a death blast to finish Vegeta off for good, but Gohan still in level 2 intercepts the blast and takes its hit. He pays a price for it. With a gaping, bleeding wound on his upper left arm, Gohan must now fight a stronger Cell with only one good arm and less strength. The fight progresses to a massive "Kamehameha" battle with the two blasts hitting each other and shifting based on each fighter's strength. Gohan hears his father's voice urging and cheering him forward. The other Z warriors attack Cell from behind, trying to weaken him enough to tilt the battle in Gohan's favor, but have no impact. Only Vegeta, who eventually joins in distracts Cell enough for Gohan to resurge his energy and destroy Cell for good.

Majin Buu:

This is Gohan's first serious battle since the Cell Game. He's rusty, reckless and missing some strength since a good portion of it was stolen out of him by Majin Suppobitchi while he was in super saiyan level 2 at the tournament. Dabura is the King of Evil and a formidable fighter and matches Gohan's ability mentally and physically. Gohan tries to resort to some underwater blast tricks to try to shift to an offensive, but nearly gets himself with one of them. Dabura reveals a sword and gets a few of Gohan's hairs before Gohan in super saiyan mode, breaks the blade. Gohan struggles as the battle progresses and begins to get frustrated and careless. Dabura maintains the upperhand until he suddenly quits, saying he has found a warrior among them that he can possess. Gohan never gets to finish this fight as a result.

Majin Buu (fat)

Majin Buu (evil): Once Buu attains his true form, he's no match for even Goku's super saiyan level 3. Luckily, Gohan is still alive and thanks to some training and a power-up by the elderly Kaio-shin, Gohan is now the "Ultimate" warrior and ready to fight Buu. This ultimate level is also called "Mystic" and it is stronger than super saiyan level 3. It's a manifestation of Gohan's "hidden powers" that he can now fully control. Gohan no longer needs to powerup into super saiyan due to this mystic level so his hair remains black. There's no hesitancy or gentleness in Gohan's expression or fighting style. He even sports Vegeta's devillish smirk and uses profanity that'd make the saiyan prince proud and his mother quake. His fighting skills are solid and powerful and each impact sends Buu reeling or buckling. Buu only gets the upperhand and defeats Gohan thanks to a sneaky trick that allows him to absorb others. He first absorbs Gotenks (stupid Goten & Trunks are too damn careless) and Piccolo so that he can gain power and intelligence. This proves a perfect combination against Gohan. Overwhelming Gohan, he eventually absorbs him as well.



Possessed Goten (Baby): Sensing his brother isn't who he seems, Gohan challenges Goten to a fight, if only to get him away from his family and friends. Baby uses Goten's abilities well and eventually coaxes Gohan into powering up into super saiyan. While he's powering up, Baby sneaks out of Goten and takes over Gohan's body. Note to ladies: this is one battle scene where Gohan fights shirtless. He may be a dork in GT, but he's still got a body.

Piccolo: Piccolo, ever present when there's commotion, tries to stop Gohan. With a huge blast, Baby-Gohan easily defeats his old mentor and takes him out of action permanently.

Vegeta (Gohan possessed by Baby): Vegeta can't even enjoy a little shopping trip with his daughter. On their way home, Gohan intercepts them and blasts the car, frying all of Bra's shopping goods. She's pissed, but Vegeta sends her away before Gohan can blast her. Now, a showdown at the windmills occurs between Vegeta and Gohan, and a late arriving, but still possessed Goten. It's obvious Vegeta's holding back, trying to figure what's going on with the Son brothers. But the exchange of blows and damage takes its toll. This proves costly as Vegeta gets impatient and begins to powerup. Goten and Gohan work as partners as they begin to weaken (and piss off ) Vegeta. Baby eventually snags Vegeta's body and finally has the means necessary to take on Goku.

Goku (Gohan now slave to Baby who's in Vegeta now): Both possessed brothers as well as Baby-Vegeta face off against a confused Goku who's still trying to figure out what's going on on Earth since he just returned from gathering the Black Star Dragonballs. Goten and Gohan prepare to take on their father before being interrupted by Mr. Satan and Buu. Mr. Satan informs Goku about what's going on, but before he attacks his sons, Baby-Vegeta intervenes and takes over the fight.

Super 17: The merging of Android 17 and Mirai Android 17 proves deadly. Nobody, not even Uub or Vegeta make an impact. Gohan tries a Kamehameha blast in super saiyan mode only to have Super 17 just stand there through it. He and all other saiyans (except Goku who's stuck in hell thanks to a trick) get beaten to a pulp until Goku finally arrives on the scene.

General Ruudo(in dead form): The machine general, Ruudo pops up on Earth as the dead from Hell escape. Gohan ends up facing this menace and immediately finds himself on the defensive and getting beaten...badly. Before Ruudo can turn him completely to metal, Uub, Trunks, Goten, and Pan arrive and save Gohan. Gohan mentions after this skirmish that if he has to be saved by the next generation than perhaps it's time for him to retire from fighting.

Dragonball Dragons: The dragonballs crack and release a non-Shenlon looking dragon. This dragon then splits into seven mini-dragons, each one representing a dragonball an energy force (like fire, ice,etc.). Most of these are taken out by Goku with use of Super Saiyan level 4, but the dragon from the one-star dragonball proves too much for even Goku. The others attempt to join in by donating their powers to recharge Goku's level 4, but end up also getting in the way of blasts,etc. Most of the time, Gohan and the others are on the sidelines while Goku fights. Gohan's not much use here either aside from donating some energy to his father and getting the women (Bulma, ChiChi, Videl) out of harm's way.



Garlic Jr. goons

Garlic Jr.


raging forest fire




Cooler's Ginyu type goons

Cooler (Freezer's brother)


big metal robots


mom ChiChi
Android 13

8: Brolli

misc. tournament opponents:
As a reward for studying so hard, ChiChi allows Gohan to have a "break" by letting him join in the current World's Strongest Tournament. Gohan's 13 and Mr. Satan is the reigning champion here. In a free-for-all where all contestants battle each other at the same time to narrow the field, Gohan easily plows over the pathetic normal humans and is simply enjoying his chance at "playtime." Once the field is narrowed the one-on-one begins. Gohan's opponent is a huge normal human who he sends flying out of the arena with ease. This now gives him one of the four spots in the final. Of course it is during this final, where each contestant is sent on a different path to face another opponent where Bojack and his gang disrupt by pretending to be the opponents and then killing one of the four finalists. The other three: Gohan, Mirai Trunks, and Krillyn end up in a battle for their lives before Vegeta, Yamcha, and Tien intervene to also try to help. All are defeated by Bojack's gang except young Gohan who's now beginning to seethe with rage after seeing his friends pummeled.

Bojack's gang: Fighting 3 on 1 is what Gohan now faces as he tries his best to simply keep from being pounded on. Even in super saiyan mode, the odds seem stacked against the young saiyan. As time and the fight progress, Gohan begins to lose interest in the fight and tries to simply cease. Piccolo steps in to help his exhausted student only to get levelled himself. Upset and sick of seeing all his friends being hurt, Gohan's energy builds back up.

Bojack himself: After being nearly squeezed to death in a massive bear hug by Bojack, Gohan's ready for death. But, his father's spirit enters the living world and lands a hit on Bojack, releasing his son from the evil goon's grasp. Goku catches his son and lays him on the ground along with a few given words of encouragement. Gohan listens and gathers himself. With a massive powerup, Gohan goes super saiyan level 2, slices all of Bojack's gang to death, then shoves a fist right through Bojack, leaving a gaping hole in Bojack's gut. A shocked Bojack can't believe he's going to be defeated by a kid before Gohan finishes him off with a massive blast.

10: Brolli: The "legendary" and insane saiyan returns in attempt to get revenge on Goku after his last defeat. Goku is dead however, and a 16 year old Gohan must take his father's place and defeat the lunatic. With his girlfriend, his little brother, little Trunks', and later Krillyn's lives at stake nearby, Gohan seems to hold back in power during his fight. He matches Brolli's ultra saiyan powers and meets him blow for blow, but Gohan never tips the scale by becoming level 2 (or at least it doesn't appear that he's level 2). Exhausted, Gohan ends up in a suffocating bear hug by Brolli. It takes a now conscious Videl to try to attack Brolli with a crystal to give Gohan back his focus and will to fight, but it still doesn't seem to be enough. Eventually, with the help of the dragonballs that Goten, Videl, and Trunks had gathered, the eternal dragon appears in the form of Goku and aids Gohan and Goten in a massive perfect, "Kamehameha" attack that eventually defeats Brolli once and for all.

11: didn't appear

12:dead people (including Frieza):All hell has broken loose on Earth literally as old enemies and familiar evil faces begin terrorizing Satan City. Gohan's on the scene in his Great Saiyaman outfit and he and Videl are making sport of the goons with ease. Gohan's even practicing his bowling techniques with a ki blast as his ball and goons as pins(he even gets a strike!). That is until he's interrupted by a very familiar bad dude named Frieza. Frieza at first doesn't recognize Gohan so he throws off his glasses, cape, and bandana while posing and saying some corny lines to introduce himself. After, Gohan powers up (possibly Mystic, it's hard to tell here), flies through all the goons Frieza sends at him and blasts Frieza back to hell in one ki blast into his stomach.

13: Hildegarn monster (1/2 body): With only legs and a tail, the half-bodied monster is destroying the city. The Great Saiyateam is on location however and quickly engages it. Videl wisely gets out of the way when the fighting turns out more serious than expected. Gohan powers up to Mystic level, denting a few buildings himself as he does so and gains an advantage over the monster. His battle is interrupted however, by Tabion whose song on the flute forces the monster in retreat for the time being.

Hildegarn monster (full body): In full body and strength now, Hildegarn proves no match for even Gohan's Mystic level. Even his quick speed and agility isn't enough and he is quickly sent careening into a building and knocked unconscious. He plays little role in defeating the monster after that.

*note: Some images contained on this page used with permission from VIDEL'S GOHAN SHRINE

Bring it on, son!