Destination Earth: Chapter 1 Saiyan Betrayal !?

Meanwhile, on Earth, Gohan was dealing with yet another 'situation' in class. Sure he and Videl had partnered up to become the Great Saiyaman 1 and Great Saiyaman 2, but that still didn't give Gohan a free ride out of class.

"I reeally need to use the bathroom." Gohan whined.

"No." the teacher firmly stated.

Gohan sat down defeated. Sharpener gave him a look of victory. Gohan was both a friend and rival and to see him defeated at his own game was just another amusing diversion for the buff blonde young man. Gohan met his gaze, but then turned away and tried another tactic. He beeped Videl a 'distress' call over their watch communicator. This was his signal to her that he was having difficulties ditching class. Videl, who was waiting impatiently in the hall burst back into the classroom.

"Sorry Miss Kochira, police business and we need Gohan's intellect on this one." she said as she grabbed the half-saiyan by his shirt and dragged him out of the room.

"Thanks Videl."

"Don't mention it. Let's get going." she replied ad they ran down the hall, transformed, and lept out of a nearby window. Gohan followed closely behind her. He'd often let her lead since she knew every nook of Satan City while Gohan still checked a map from time to time.

"There Gohan, there's the stampede, running west down 23rd street." Videl said while pointing downward at a herd of frightened cattle. Gohan looked at the cattle then ahead of them, trying to sift through a variety of options.

"Videl, where's the nearest cul-de-sac?"

"Two blocks to the left."

"Okay, you flank them on the right. I'll take the rear. We'll direct them there."

"A city-type box canyon. That'll work...I think."

"You think?"

"Gohan, that's also a residential area. What's to stop them from going through a few houses?"

Gohan thought about it for a moment. "Videl, there's no other way. And I'll prevent them from harming any homes."

"But there's only one of you and I'd guess about forty of them. You can't be everywhere at once."

"Trust me."

"You're going to use special powers again aren't you?"

Gohan didn't say anything. He dove down behind the herd. Videl had no choice but to follow suit. She immediately assumed her side beside the rushing herd, to prevent strays and steer the herd in the right direction. Eventually the cattle ended up just where they planned. Gohan, using super speed ended up in front of the cattle and blocked any who tried to depart via a shortcut through a house while Videl instinctively slipped behind them to prevent them from backtracking. Shortly enough the trucks with experienced cattle hands arrived on the scene and herded the cattle into the trucks and safely away from the city. Videl and Gohan then returned to Orange Star High.

Elsewhere in Western Capital City...


Trunks cringed and lobbed the device forward to his best friend Goten. "I don't have it dad!" he yelled behind him while still in a full run.

Goten caught the thing and stopped. Trunks slammed into the back of his best friend and sent them both careening onto the floor with a splat.

"OOOOFFF...GOTEN WHY DID YOU STOP!? RUN! GEEZ! He's gonna catch us for sure now. GET UP! GET UP!

"But Trunks. This is your dad's. We shouldn't take other people's things."

Trunks yanked the thing out of Goten's hands. "You have no concept of fun do you?" Trunks muttered as he used his free hand to drag his friend back onto his feet. "Now let's get outta here."

The two boys took off at high speed once again and just as Vegeta stormed into the hall.

"Shit! FLY GOTEN!" Trunks yelled, but Vegeta had already snagged the youngest son of Goku.

"Kakarrot's other brat. You're as weak-minded as your father." Vegeta muttered before he eyed his own son.

Trunks had indeed stopped and turned to look back. His best friend was now in his father's lethal grasp. If he tried to help, he'd be toasted for sure, but if he continued, he'd be turning his back on his best friend. With a growl, he closed the distance between his father and himself.

"Here dad. Here's this stupid thing. Dunno why it's that important to you. Mom has plenty of these made already. Missing one wouldn't hurt y--"

Trunks was interrupted into silence by his father's cold, merciless stare.

"Pathetic brats." was all that came from the proud prince's mouth as he snagged the device from his son and plopped Goten onto the floor. He then casually returned to the Gravity Room without another look or word.

"Woah Trunks. We got off easy that time. Good thing your dad was more into his training eh?"

"Hmph. We could've taken him."


"Goten, all we needed was fusion. Gotenks would've wiped the floor with him."

"EEEEEeeeeeehhh! Trunks you feeling okay?" Goten inquired as he placed a hand on his friend's forehead.

Trunks slapped his hand away. "Now we gotta find some other type of fun. Geesh, I'm so bored already." he whined while scanning the area. "Hey, I got it! Let's go bother my grandma! We'll get cakes and cookies for sure!"

Goten's eyes lit up and sparkled. He loved sweets, especially Mrs. Briefs homemade sweets. Both boys took off in a run towards the kitchen. Suddenly, they stopped dead in their tracks. In the Gravity Room, Vegeta had done the same. All had picked up on a strong yet strange ki. It was growing ever stronger. Goten looked at Trunks. Trunks shrugged and both took off back towards the Gravity Room. They slammed into Vegeta as he exited, who seemed to be in a trance-like form. They stared at the royal prince and awaited his response. Vegeta however, was focused inwardly, seeking the identity of this strange new ki.

As Veleet's pod entered Earth's atmosphere, she veered towards a large city and crash landed in a quiet, secluded forest area to the east and several miles from the city. As she stepped out, she tapped her scouter for any possible power readings. It registered nothing obvious. If saiyans were on this planet, they were able to hide their power levels. With a shrug of indifference she decided to launch into the large city. Perhaps raising a little ruckus would attract some saiyans, IF the Nameks were even telling the truth that saiyans were indeed on this planet. Afterall, what saiyan could resist an opportunity for a little battle and mayhem?

Upon arriving into the city, Veleet immediately blasted a few buildings and pesky humans. She wondered if Vegeta could even be on the planet now. And if so, why hadn't he eradicated these weak pests? This planet was not fit for saiyan occupancy and obviously didn't show typical saiyan structures and culture. Something was wrong. With a sense of urgency to attract a saiyan, she stepped up her attention-getting actions.

Vegeta felt the house shutter and shimmy. He could hear the blasts and feel the ki. He still couldn't believe it. It was definitely saiyan! Without even looking, he ran through the two boys and departed in search of this mysterious saiyan.

Goten looked at Trunks. "Not Brolli again. He's been killed over how many times now?"

Trunks watched his father depart before answering. "I don't think it's Brolli, but I do think it's a saiyan. C'mon, lets follow sneaky like!"

Back in Satan City...

Gohan gulped and snapped his pencil in half. It was faint, indicating some distance, but it was unmistakable. There was another strange saiyan amongst them on this planet and was raising hell somewhere! Videl's attention was grabbed by his jittery, impatient movements. From the look in his eyes, she knew it was something serious and the twitching of his muscles told her that it meant battle. She then looked at the clock on the wall. Class wouldn't be out for another twenty minutes. Returning her gaze back to Gohan, she knew he wasn't going to last that long.

Gohan remembered an incident where he unknowingly caused an earthquake. He would try the trick again. Summoning his ki, he allowed his feet to nervously and repeatedly tap the floor. Soon the earth beneath them began to shake. As students and the instructor sought cover under their desks, he lept over his desk and bolted for the door. Videl followed in close pursuit...until Gohan stopped her.

"No Videl. Not this time. I go solo on this one."

"But Gohan..."

"This is serious. It's nothing you can help with."

"At least tell me what it is."

"Another full blood saiyan has arrived."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Remember what I said about full blood saiyans? They're not like my family or Trunks'. They've been trained for battle and killing."

Videl understood well. She remembered Brolli all too well. "Fine. I'll stay. But if you get hurt, don't come running to me, got it."

"Don't worry. I don't think this one's a super saiyan." Gohan said with a wink before blasting off into the great blue yonder.

back in Western Capital City...

Vegeta followed the smoldering buildings until he saw a fresh blast. Immediately he bolted and intercepted a blast just before it hit an office building packed with people. After deflecting the shot, he landed and eyed the shooter with impassive curiousity.

Veleet was shocked! Vegeta actually saved the pathetic humans from harm!? What was going on?

"Vegeta, I see you're still alive. But I dare say brother that a few of the screws in your head have been knocked loose."

"Veleet? Ah yes, it is you isn't it. What brings you here and how did you survive the destruction of our homeworld?"

"I was off world at the time. I returned to nothingness. From that point on, I wandered endless tracts of space seeking whatever was left of our kind."


"I found none. Not until today. I had heard rumors from occupants of beaten planets that saiyans existed as 'hereos' of a planet called Earth. That a saiyan had indeed defeated Frieza. I had to find out for myself."

Vegeta said nothing and just stared with his arms crossed across his chest.

"How did this happen brother? How could you live amongst these, these pathetic weaklings? A hero? What has happened to you!?"

Vegeta snuffed a growl. "I AM NO HERO of this damn planet or its inhabitants! I am Vegeta, prince of saiyans!"


"So, these pathetic weaklings make for excellent slaves. I have some that even serve my every need."

Meanwhile in some bushes a short distance away...

"Dad? What are you saying? Slaves?" Trunks muttered in shock, trying to understand his father's sudden turn against everything he had strived to maintain.

Goten looked at his friend with concern. Vegeta had turned before, but only under the possession of evil influence. Was it some magic this female saiyan had? Silently he prayed that his father or brother would show up before the situation became chaotic.

Veleet laughed. "You've grown soft Vegeta. I guess it is I who will rightfully ascend the throne. You've lost your edge and no longer even practice your very culture or essence."

"Veleet, I warn you. Do NOT cross me. I have attained unimaginable power since I've been here. I have ascended beyond even the lengendary super saiyan. I am the greatest saiyan ever!" Vegeta boasted as he readied himself to prove it.

It was then when Gohan entered the fray. He landed a short distance behind Vegeta who immediately held out a hand in a gesture that Gohan was to wait his turn, if it even existed.

Veleet eyed the newcomer with renewed curiousity. He smelled saiyan, but was not of pure blood. So, saiyans were indeed breeding with the weakling humans.

"Who's this saiyan?" she demanded to know.

"Kakarrot's brat." Vegeta answered.

"Kakarrot? The last child of Bardock?"

"The same."

"So Kakarrot's still alive as well? But he was sent to destroy this planet. What magic does this planet have that causes saiyans to lose their way here?"

"Kakarrot's not alive at present. And it is NOT magic. A trade-off of sorts. By coexisting with these humans, saiyans here have attained great power and strength--more than could ever be attained with our most current methods." Vegeta replied then pointed to Gohan. "He too can attain super saiyan."

It was then that Trunks thought it his cue to enter.

"AND I CAN TOO!" he replied as he ran towards his father.


"I live in this city too father."

Veleet interrupted them at this point.

"Father? This boy is YOUR son Vegeta?"

Vegeta nodded ever so slightly.

"YOU have mated with these humans too!?" she asked in shock.

Goten ran out and over to his brother. Veleet didn't miss him either.

"He looks like Kakarrot."

Goten looked at her with an angry glare. "I am GOTEN, not Kakarrot. People need to stop sayin' Kakarrot! It makes me mad. My dad didn't call himself Kakarrot either. His name's GOKU! Got it!"

"Goku? Yes, I've heard this name mentioned before. This 'Goku' is the one who defeated Frieza. Is he here?"

"He IS or rather WAS Kakarrot." Vegeta said with a venomous tone.

"Kakarrot was labelled a third class saiyan. His power rating was one of the lowest ever for a saiyan child. How could this be?"

"Lady, you sure don't know much do you?" Trunks said as he approached her and walked around her, looking her over in every way. "Hey Goten, she's still got a tail."

"Really? Lemme see!"

It was then that Veleet realized none of the saiyans in her presence possessed their tails.

"What have you done to yourselves!? You have removed from yourselves the pride of the saiyan race!" she asked in shock and disbelief.

Trunks and Goten looked at her like she had lost her mind. They never remembered having tails. In actuality they had tails, but ChiChi and Bulma were sure to have them permenently removed shortly after they were born.

"The young man and I lost our tails in combat NOT by choice." Vegeta answered.

"It matters not. You have become a freak brother." she replied while cautiously backing away. Once a safe distance, she turned and retreated. There were too many strange things occurring and she needed to sort through it all before progressing any further with her plan.

Vegeta did not follow. He would have done the same. Both were taught to 'know what you are up against before dealing with a situation.' She'd be back. He knew it and refused to waste precious energy in a chase. Without answering his son's questions, he returned to his previous activity.

Gohan watched Vegeta leave. Trunks and Goten immediately began throwing questions at him. He couldn't answer any of course. But, there was something about the female saiyan that bothered him. Brother? That's what she called Vegeta. He had a sister? He never said anything about family other than his father. And what was this strange feeling he had within himself? It felt like a kindling urge. It was an urge he was very uncomfortable with and fought hard to keep supressed. It was the instinctive urge to mate. But why now? And why her? It troubled him greatly. But, for now, he recomposed himself. He had to get Trunks and Goten back to the Briefs residence and then return as fast as possible back to Orange Star High. Surely Videl would be worried about him. But glancing at the clock, Gohan realized that school was nearly out. Videl would be out and about no doubt looking for him.

to be continued in chapter 2: The Hunt Begins