Destination Earth: Chapter 2: The Hunt Begins

Finding a secluded woodland surrounding, Veleet sought a place to rest and gather her thoughts. Upon seeing a beautiful waterfall with plenty of ledges, she dove towards it, but halted mid-air upon seeing the area already occupied.

*A Namek!? How strange. Why is he not with his kind on New Namek? Is he a rogue or outcast? I can feel great power with this one. Warrior-class definitely. I'll play cautious and see what kind of information I can get out of him.*

Piccolo had sensed the oncoming presence as she had taken flight from her half brother. He could feel the being drawing ever closer until he knew it to be right on top of him. He broke his meditative state, but remained, cross-legged, hovering just in front of the diving water.

"Namek, state your name and reason for being here?" Veleet asked in a strong tone yet careful not to sound too commanding.

Piccolo opened his eyes and took in his first look at the newcomer. Saiyan for sure, but female. This was a first, but still, a saiyan was a saiyan and like the others before her, Piccolo detested nearly all but the select few who currently resided on Earth. Further inspection told him that she bore more flashy attire than the previous invading saiyans. Her style, mannerisms, and looks carried the stench of the Vegeta bloodline.

"I have no quarrel with you, saiyan. Leave me in peace and I will do the same."

"Not good enough Namek."

"Why are you here?"

"I asked you first."

"I live here."


"None of your business."

Veleet smirked. This Namek had an attitude. Still, she feared no Namek. "You're of a pathetically weaker race than I, why do you challenge me so?"

It was Piccolo's turn to smirk. "Because I am stronger than you and you' are bothering me. Now be off."

Veleet laughed. "Stronger than ME?! Oh Namek, how deluded are you!?"

"Look lady, I prefer not to destroy females, especially those of a race practically extinct. But push me farther, and I will have no choice."

"You'll pay for your insolence Namek!" Veleet yelled as she prepared to strike. Suddenly something caught her fists from behind and held her tight.


"I'd prefer it if you'd leave the Namek alone, please. He doesn't like to be bothered. And he IS stronger than you, Miss."

She craned her eyes back to catch a view of who held her captive. It was the young hybrid male. Kakarrott's oldest son. In his level 2 super saiyan mode, Gohan assured that the saiyan female stood little chance in protesting any longer.

His scent was beginning to drive her instincts wild. Her urge to reproduce triggered by this young man who was obviously entering his own sexual peak, whether he knew it or not.

"Let go of me!"

"Only if you leave."

"Why did you follow me?"

"I didn't. It was coincidence that you and I were headed in the same region. I'm here to see the Namek."

"You're friends with this insolent scum?"

"He's my mentor and friend. It is you who is scum if you think so low of another being who has never done any harm to you."

"He insults the royal saiyan bloodline!" Veleet spat.

"The royal saiyan bloodline has no high regard on this planet. Vegeta already learned that rank is useless here. We work as a equals."

"How weak! Unhand me NOW! I wish to rid myself of this pathetic scene."

Gohan released her, but kept alert, ready to react if she tried anything slick.

Veleet gave him one last glance though she had no idea exactly why , before speeding off to find another secluded area...if there was one.

Gohan watched her depart until her ki felt very distant. He then sighed, powered down, and landed on the grass below, out-of-breath and somewhat dazed. Piccolo noticed this unusual reaction in his student.

"Gohan? What's wrong?"

"I-I don't know. Being that close to her put my body in a nearly uncontrollable rage. It took extreme concentration to keep myself in check. My body wanted to pin her down and ravage her."

"Saiyan breeding instinct?"

"Maybe. I guess I should ask Vegeta if there's such a thing. This could become a problem."

"Then avoid the situation. She is not as powerful as she thinks she is. Her bark is worse than her bite. We can summon the others and chase her off this planet."

"We can try, but I have a strange feeling that the situation is going to find me anyway. Her body was reacting as well. I could feel it in her ki. I think I know her purpose for being here. She wants to breed, being probably the last of her gender and all. She said when speaking to Vegeta, she's found no other saiyans aside from here."

"She encountered Vegeta?"

"She's the half-sister of Vegeta."

"That explains much. It is genetic. Needless to say, you avoid her as much as possible. You sense her ki, you fly the other way, understand? I'll talk to Vegeta and see if there's anything we can do about the problem."

"YOU talk to Vegeta?"

"Gohan, don't start."

Gohan shrugged, but dropped the subject. It was wise not to argue with Piccolo anyway. "I'll return home. Hopefully I intercept Goten and keep him quiet. I don't want my mother worried. I'm sure Videl's following him as well. Bulma said it would be wise if we stayed out of the city for the time being."

"That would be wise. And your mother on a rampage would be worse than three hundred Cell Jrs."

"Take care Piccolo. I'll see you again soon."

"I'll keep in touch."

With that, Gohan flew off. Sure enough he intercepted Goten, or rather Goten had been detained by Videl, who was apparently on her way to the Son house as well. Gohan met up with the two and took Goten aside for a moment.

"Don't tell mom about that new saiyan, got it?"

"But brother why? She's kinda cool!"

Gohan covered his little brother's mouth. "I said not another word about her, got it!"

Goten nodded.

"Good boy. If you keep quiet about it, I'll make sure to get you that toy you saw the other day at the store."

Goten's eyes lit up. "Really? You promise?"

"I promise."

"No take-backs?"

"No take-backs Goten."

"Yay! I'll be quiet!" Goten said as he sped off and excitely flew circles around Gohan and Videl as they continued the flight to Mount Paozu.

"Gohan, what did you do to Goten?" Videl asked as she watched the little boy flying all over the place.

"Just made a promise with him and if he keeps it, he'll get a toy he's been wanting."

Videl playfully slapped Gohan on the shoulder.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"I can't believe you'd bribe your little brother like that."

"He needs incentive to know when to keep his mouth shut."

"If he has to be rewarded to keep his mouth shut then obviously there's some sort of secret you are hiding too mister."

Gohan gulped. Leave it to Videl to figure out everything with only the smallest tidbits of information.

"I'll tell you once I find out more. Don't worry."

"Oh that was good Gohan, you tell me not to worry. Are you aware that now I AM worried."

Gohan wanted to slap himself, but sought a change of subject as fast as possible. Goten proved to be a perfect distraction.

"Goten, get back here."

"But I gotta pee."

"Not there. Hold it. We're almost home."

"But I gotta pee really bad brother!"

"Hold it."

Goten looked at the enticing swimming pool below than back at his brother. "You're mean." he replied as he pouted, but joined the two young adults in the continued flight home.

Videl decided to side with little Goten. "Yes, your brother is being a meanie isn't he?"

Goten found new fire in the ally he now had. "Yes! If my pee pouch explodes it's all his fault!"

"Bladder Goten. It's called a bladder." Gohan corrected.

Goten shrugged. It made no difference to him what it was called. All that mattered was that it was full and he needed to empty it.

Meanwhile, Videl wasn't going to let Gohan get away that easily.

"Gohan, what shouldn't I be worried about?"


"Don't play ignorant. Only your brother can pull that off."

"I'll tell you once I know what's going on."

"Don't keep secrets Gohan. We promised each other that--"

Gohan cut her off. "I know and I'm not. I honestly don't know what's going on."

"Gohan, I know that hitch in your voice. You know something."

Gohan sighed. He had no other recourse. Videl was a piranha when it came to investigations. She gnawed on anything and everything with lightning-quick pursuits. Watching Goten, Gohan waited for the youngster to be safely a bit of distance away, though he wasn't completely sure if Goten's acute saiyan hearing would pick it up or not. Seeing Goten suddenly fascinated in a termite mound, Gohan now knew that Goten would be too distracted to listen.

"Videl, you can repeat none of this to ANYBODY, got it. Don't even repeat it in your sleep."

"What? Is it THAT serious?"

"I-I don't know yet. I really am being honset with you when I say I don't know much about it."

"Go on."

"Remember that full-blood saiyan I said arrived here."

Videl nodded.

"She ran across Piccolo. I was on my way to see him too so luckily my timing was good. She was about to get into a scrap with him."


"And so I grabbed her to keep her from striking."


"So, my body reacted."

"Lust for battle?"

Gohan lowered his head and avoided eye contact. "I-I don't think so. I'm not entirely sure why yet. It just did. It was all I could do to keep myself under control. I wanted to..." Gohan trailed, his face flushed with embarrassment.

"You wanted to---what?"

"Videl, let's not discuss this any further, please?"

"Gohan, you can't bottle things up. That's not healthy."

"I'll explain once I know more myself. I need to keep away from her until Piccolo can find something out from Vegeta."


Embarrassed beyond comfort, Gohan sought a way out. Once again, his little brother saved the day. Gohan dived down to where Goten was peeing on the termite mound.

"Brother, I'm sorry, I had to go and these bugs aren't nice so I figured--"

"Well, hurry up. Those things will crawl up your pants soon and bite you in the butt."

"EEEeeeeehh!?" Goten said as he tried to levitate while peeing, but it was proving to be a difficult trick.

"Goten, shake it off and let's get going. And don't get a single drop of pee on your clothes. If mom finds out you were peeing in nature again, she will be very upset."

"Wha--ugh." Goten said as he finished and checked his clothes for any spills. Satisfied that he hadn't dribbled on his gi or shoes, he followed his brother back into the air.

All the while, Videl watched their interaction from above. She was worried now. Gohan was vague and quickly dropped the subject just as he was getting to the informative part. That wasn't good. He was obviously distressed about it and purposely keeping why that was, hidden from her. The mention of that female saiyan again, also agitated her. From the moment he had mentioned her, she felt a pang of jealousy for some reason. There seemed to be no connection between that saiyan and her feelings, or was there? Was Gohan interested in her, perhaps not voluntarily, but rather instinctively? He did say she was related to Vegeta which ruled him out. Was she seeking a mate? If so, Gohan would be the only saiyan-blood of age to be such. This began to unnerve her. Did saiyan females possess some essence that could draw males of their kind into mating interest much like a doe in heat? Silently she prayed Piccolo would reach a conclusion soon. Then again, Vegeta may be of little help to the Namek. Vegeta only talked when it suited him to do so.

Lost in thought, she didn't see Gohan and Goten return to her.

"Earth to Videl? Attention Videl?" Gohan asked as he waved a hand in front of her face. It didn't work. Gohan tried a more aggressive tactic. Gently, he leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Surprised, Videl lurched backward and snapped out of her thoughts.

"Wha--why'd you do that Gohan?"

"What? Kiss you? You left yourself wide open. You shouldn't let your guard down like that Videl. It's dangerous." Gohan lectured though red in the cheeks. Before Videl could reply, Goten and Gohan had already started their flight once again. She had to play catch-up.

"Hey you two wait for me!" she yelled as she sped off behind them.

Elsewhere, Veleet found solitude and solace in a cave not far from Mount Paozu. She was unaware that she was close to the young half-breed's home. Gathering her thoughts, she tried to formulate a way to nab that lowly son of Kakarrot. It was for the good of the saiyan race afterall. She gnawed on a bone of her meal she'd killed along the way...namely a small careless deer. She then chucked the bone into the fire she had burning.

"Son of Kakarrot, you WILL be MINE. You won't be able to resist me much longer. The more I make contact with you, the harder it will be for you to control yourself. Body will take over mind and you will fall into my web. It IS the saiyan way." she commanded to the stone walls.

to be continued in ch.3: Stalking Prey