Pan, is the only child of Gohan and Videl and an integral part of the "Son" family. She's her grandpa's little girl and enjoys training and doing all sorts of things with her Grandpa Goku. She's one quarter saiyan, three quarters human, but her blood and mind are more saiyan. She loves to fight and is not afraid to show it.


Pan does have saiyan blood. She is the only female prospect with such. This could aid in increasing the percentage of the dying saiyan bloodline rather than decrease it.

It would unite the Kakarrot and Vegeta saiyan bloodlines thus forming a more permanent bond between the two last surviving saiyan bloodlines.

Pan's fighting spirit may reawaken the dying one in Trunks. She's energetic, lively and bold. Something the bored, routine, dull Trunks could use in his life.

Pan is the strongest female on Earth. What better for the royal warrior bloodline.

Pan would love Trunks for who he is, not for what he has. Pan has fame and fortune from her Grandpa Satan so she doesn't need to search for a male with such. This is perhaps one of the greatest pros towards this matchup. In the GT series, Trunks seems shy and very reserved around females and doesn't appear to date either. Perhaps there's one too many females out for his fame, fortune, etc. and would be there to use him, not love him.

Trunks could be worryfree. Pan is very independent and capable of taking care of herself, especially in a skirmish. One less "worry" on Trunks' mind, the better (though he'd probably worry anyway).

Pan's tomboyish demeanor would allow Trunks to not hold back. They could romp and spar roughly and both could likely agree on a movie or sporting event to watch. Pan does show some hint of femininty however, so this may not hold true as she matures, but perhaps he could bring out her spunk from time to time and in turn, she could allow that boy in him to show itself more.


The age gap between these two is rather large. They are 14 years apart.

Like above, there's also a chance of having the saiyan blood diminish tremendously should Pan and Trunks' human genes dominate.

Pan is a "Son". The rivalry and competition between the two surviving saiyan bloodlines is very strong and may prevent this matchup since it would nullify and blend their families.

Trunks and Pan are very close as friends. Their friendship may even be like that of big brother/little sister thus preventing any chance of going beyond friendship.

What would marriage be like with these two?

Like all the bonds with strong females (Bulma/Vegeta, ChiChi/Goku, Videl/Gohan, 18/Krillin), Trunks would likely be rather submissive around her. But perhaps that is what he needs seeing how he sits at the top of the ladder at work. But then again, he's still the son of Vegeta, he may test his leash a little, perhaps just to tease and rile Pan. The two began as close friends and perhaps as a brother/sister type relationship. They spent an entire year together cramped up in a spaceship with Goku. With this, perhaps they know each other well enough to be able to "play" fight and push each other's buttons if only for a little "adventure." Their saiyan blood would keep them looking for a challenge and this might be one way to do it.

Should Trunks hold his ground against her, a furious battle would ensue mentally and maybe physically. It would be somewhat like Vegeta/Bulma. The battle would be short-lived however as the aggression turns more to passion. Battles would likely end behind closed doors. But most battles would likely have Trunks backing down if only to shut her up, just as Vegeta appears to with Bulma.

Both are spoiled and always got their way as kids. Two spoiled brats married would mean compromise would be difficult. Odds are they'd have to settle for both ways in the situation, unless of course, Trunks backs down which is likely given the pattern Dragon Ball males have with strong females.

They'd likely love each other however. Like Gohan and Videl, Trunks and Pan could possibly find true love since the draw they'd have for each other is everything they have in common. All materialistic traits are out of the equation (fame, fortune) which allows them to love each other for who they are, not for what they have.

What would a kid from this pairing be like?

A child of Pan/Trunks would be difficult to guess, but one thing's for sure, it would be spoiled and well loved. It is likely to have average to above average intelligence since both Trunks and Pan have descended from intelligence in their parental lines (Bulma's a genius and Gohan's a scholar). The kid may or may not possess a fighting spirit. It would depend on the amount of saiyan blood and how Trunks and Pan raise it. Remember, Bra, Trunks' little sister is half saiyan and possess no desire to be a warrior nor is she expected to be such. Trunks might even become protective and territorial. His saiyan blood would allow him to defend his family and home from any possible threat. That is of course, if his wife doesn't beat him to it.

My takes on this pairing?

Personally, I could envision this pairing. To me, age is not a factor if the two people truly love each other. As the dictim goes, "love conquers all and knows no bounds." AND there is one other couple already existing in the Dragon Ball series with what appears to be a large age gap. That is Trunks' grandparents, Dr. Briefs and his wife and so, the age gap issue doesn't matter in the Dragon Ball world either.

The only thing that bothers me is that I like to stick to the Dragon Ball series/manga as canon. The GT series does reveal that Pan and Trunks do NOT appear to pair up. It is unknown who either take as mates, but it is not each other. Then again, I find the ending of GT as a rushed "cop out" by the writers. It seems like the GT series was to end by a certain date, no ifs, ands, or buts and so the ending got slapped together.

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