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[pic unavailable at this time] Trunks' secretary...err, excuse me, Executive Assistant) ...anybody know her name?
She's beautiful, mature, and I'd say slightly older than Trunks. This poor lady is responsible for all the details that are for the corporate president but beneath him to do himself. She makes his appointments, takes his phone calls (some other execs do this too), and has to probably make the excuses for all those missed appointments Mr. President misses when he decides to not show up for work or skips a portion of the day by flying out of his office window. It's difficult to say as to whether she was hired by mom Bulma or Trunks himself. She doesn't go gaga over the hunky president, but she gets the opportunity to see him most thus making her the envy of all other females in the company.
[pic unavailable at this time] Misc. Female employees of Capsule Corp.
Trunks seems to attract the attention of his female employees to the point where they cease their work and call each other to gather in the hall just to catch a glimpse of their studly young President. They whisper to each other about how much of a hunk he is without even realizing that Trunks' sensitive saiyan ears can hear what they're saying, causing him to blush. I'm sure Trunks has been coursed from his mother about fraternizing with the help so most of these females are likely off-limits even if he ever did choose to show interest in any one of them. Not-to-mention if one female was selected by Mr. President, it'd likely cause a war to break out amongst them and then no work would get done in those departments. If that were to happen then chairwoman Bulma would likely scold Mr. President about the drop in productivity and how his bad business ethics have complicated the workplace.

pic credit goes to Shiro-chan. Note, there's a couple of the misc. female employees from above also in this image.

Otoko Sukii
You may recognize this guy from the ending Dragon Ball Z episodes in the tournament. During the tournament, he was the burly guy wearing a leather YMCA dude type outfit. Trunks, an 18 year old then, had drawn a number that matched him with this guy in the first round of the tournament. This guy is obviously gay and has an interest in the purple-haired pretty boy. As the image above shows, by Dragon Ball GT, this guy is an employee of Capsule Corporation and is STILL drooling over Trunks. It is unknown as to whether Bulma or Trunks hired this guy. If it was Trunks, one has to question why in HFIL he did that!
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