-pic from Videl's Eternal Moments website

Videl's Success Story

I, Videl, daughter of Mr. Satan, wife to Son Gohan, and mother to his little girl, Pan will share with you a few pointers on how I nabbed Gohan. Word of caution, Gohan's mine! Now and forever! Oh yeah, these are in no particular order, but you must remember the repetitive ones. They are important.

-Attend school, preferably Orange Star High and be prepared to attend university as well. Gohan's been predestined to be a scholar and he actually enjoys getting an education
-Convince Gohan to tutor you in chemistry, physics, or english. He got perfect scores in his high school admissions tests in these subjects.
-If you can't get close to him then constantly follow him around so he eventually notices you (this could drive his "ki" senses nuts so he has no choice). Then he'll get used to you and you may be able to move in closer. He's somewhat shy and skittish intially.
-If things get desperate, find something to blackmail him with (hey, the teddybear underwear thing works as does his little secret identities!)

-Be sure to cover for him when he uses the bathroom excuse to slip out of class and never returns

-Get to know his mother and assist her with her daily routines. Gohan's a momma's boy through and through so you have to prove yourself to his mom if you're gonna get anywhere with him.

-Compliment Gohan on his Great Saiyaman costume and tell him his poses are sexy. For some strange reason this gives him ample confidence and makes him happy. He may even do some poses just for you!

-Babysit his little brother, Goten and Goten's best friend, Trunks. (you'll earn brownie points not only with Gohan's mom, but with his mom's best friend as well). This way you have ammunition and a fallback source with Bulma if for some reason you anger ChiChi.

-Speaking of his mom, ChiChi, be sure to stand your ground with her. She was once a fighter too. This may earn you some respect (provided she doesn't kill you first).

-Learn to fight. convince Gohan to teach you extra fighting techniques like flying and all about the concept of "ki"

-Talk scholarly subjects with him. This may be difficult for you if you're not good at such, but there are very few people Gohan can regulalry converse with on these subjects

-Be active in crime fighting and justice. Part of Gohan's driven passion is for justice and righteousness

-Don't get angry with his naivety or innocence.He is the son of Goku afterall, some of that is bound to show up.

-Being wealthy is an added bonus. more brownie points from his money-needing mom and her wanting her son to be well off

-Learn all you can about dragonballs, Shenron, Saiya-jins,green pointy-eared guys named Piccolo and Dende, and powerups. these are regulars in Gohan's life

-Accept in stride, the weirdness of his family and friends. Eventually all that weirdness will seem "normal."

-And finally...once you've got him to the alter and say "I do" be sure to seal the pact by bearing his children .This strange family line has some endangered blood in it and for the benefit of his dad's bloodline, the earth, and all of its inhabitants, Gohan must continue the line. Besides, there's fun to be had in the process. :)

That's all for now...I'll add more if I think of any. If you have any to contribute, feel free to email me them at the addy in my "Contact" section.