Special Note: Since I am unable to create these myself yet, I have linked and credited sites that contain a downloadable of those listed below. All are in Real Player format. I will note otherwise if one is not.

If anyone has a music video, movie clip, etc. that's Gohan-related and would like to be linked here or donated to me, feel free to email me at saiyan_scholar@yahoo.com

"We Gotta Power" --second opening theme song. Features Gohan. Link is to the downloadable at the Temple O Trunks.

"Spirit vs. Spirit"--a music video Meri from Temple O Trunks did. It contains most of the footage from Gohan's transformation into SSJ level 2 for the first time. This is the complete song so more footage had to be added since the actual episode only played part of the song.Scroll down on her page until you reach 'Gohan Transforms into SSJ2"

Note: Temple O Trunks is chock full of great music videos and clips and not just Trunks-related. You may be there a while enjoying all she has to offer ya there.

More to come in the future.