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Money Can't Buy Love Pt.7 : Don't cry wolf if it isn't there

Trunks' mind was racing as he assisted Marron into the limo. He had to tell the driver a destination, but his mind hadn't arrived at one yet. As he took his seat in the car, the limo driver looked backwards.

"Where to Mr. President?"

"Uh, home please."


"Once there, you are relieved for the night. I can manage the rest of the night on my own."

"Yes sir." the limo driver acknowledged while a slick expression crossed his face as he turned to face the road once again. Trunks had picked up on the expression. It was the "must be nice to get some" look. Trunks gave Marron a quick gaze to see if she knew that expression too. Luckily, she was too busy looking out the side window. With a sigh of relief, Trunks sat back and relaxed somewhat. Sure, he still had the rest of the night to plan, but he'd be in the driver's seat literally. There were many places only he knew about and wanted nobody to know of them aside from those he took there. Such places were often used as escape venues when he wanted to skip out of work early or simply relax and let the world go by.

"We're going to your place?" Marron asked as she began to see familiar buildings.

"I want you to meet my parents." Trunks joked. "We going there, but we're not staying. I want to pick up one of my cars rather than take this limo. Our driver here could probably use some weekend time to himself too."

"How thoughtful of you Trunks. " Marron said though she could tell by Trunks' nervous chuckle that something was definitely up and whatever it was, Trunks wasn't entirely comfortable with it either. Regardless, Marron figured it best to wait it out and see what this half saiyan was up to.

The ride was pretty much completed in silence from that point on. Trunks' brows were hung rather low and his eyes locked on the back of the car seat in front of him. His face was that of deep concentration. Not wanting to distract him, Marron opted to enjoy the views of the city they passed by instead.

Once at the Briefs residence, Trunks thanked the limo driver and sent him on his way. He then led Marron to one of the many lab/garage areas.

"Don't you keep your cars in capsules?"

"Some. Others, we garage just like the times before capsules. Many of the cars in these garages are antiques and ancient models. They don't stand up well to the constant poofing of capsules."


Trunks led her to one of the more remote hangar-like structures. "This one's mine. Naturally my mother gave me the one with the longest walk from the house." Trunks said as he punched in a code and the bay door opened. Upon flicking on the lights within, several vehicles could be seen inside. Most were covered with tarps or cloth covers.

"So, you collect old cars for a hobby?"

"Not really. Most of these were my grandfather's. He collected them for a hobby. I just kinda inherited them. Some though are really fun to drive or fly." Trunks said as he led her to a rather large covered object. He pulled the sheet off it and revealed a shimmering silver bi-plane.

"Wow, that thing's probably older than Master Roshi!" Marron exclaimed in amazement.

"Probably is. But, this brute is a helluva fun thing to fly. It's totally controlled by the pilot. There's no fancy computers or automated gadgets aside from the engine. See, the control panel is all dials and switches. If the pilot makes a mistake, this thing cannot fly by itself."

"Sounds scary."

"That's the fun of it."

"You would say something like that."

Trunks and Marron shared a laugh as he led her to another vehicle. "This one's a bit safer. It stays on the ground." Trunks said as he yanked the tarp off a smaller vehicle.

"Oh, now that one does look like fun." Marron said as she gazed at the sleek, rounded curves of the little roadster.

"This one is exactly as old as my grandfather would've been this year. It was built the same year as his birth."

"Does it run?"

Trunks gave her a mock hurt expression then turned it back into a prideful one. "Why wouldn't it? I'm one of the finest engineers around. My mother may be one of the finest inventors, but I'm the one who keeps the flaws and glitches out of them. These old models are simple compared to our complex modern ones."

"Oh. Sorry there Trunks."

"Hey, no prob. It's not like I get to practice much. Mom keeps me behind the desk most of the time. Very few in the company even know I have these skills. Most think me just a high level executive who's running the family business. They forget that I have the same genes of creation that my mother and grandfather have."

"Probably because you don't look the part." Marron giggled.

Trunks looked down at the three-piece business suit he was wearing. "Guess you're right. Perhaps next week I'll wear some overalls, grease, and stuff a wrench in one of my butt pockets."

Marron giggled. "You'd better not. Those girls in that building would likely have to go home to change their underwear."


"Heheh, sorry, see, I'm not the little angel everyone thinks I am. My mom's genes course through me and my dad wasn't exactly a saint either."

"That's quite true."

"Trunks!?" Marron laughed as she playfully punched him on the arm.

"C'mon Marron, I have fought beside him when I was a boy. I know how he is, or was at least. And your mother, well, I'm just not going to go into her psyche."

"And you're any better?"

"Heheh, I'm in a worse predicament. A mother who was going to gather dragonballs to wish for a boyfriend, and a father who's animal instincts if unleashed, could fertilize a thousand women in a week."

"So where do you fall in?"

"I'm scared to find out."

"You're not innocent."

"Certainly not. But I don't like kinky stuff either. And I certainly can grow bored of sex, instinct or not."

"Maybe you just don't do it right?" Marron teased.


"How can sex be boring?"

"Easy. From a technical standpoint, the motions are the same. A guy has two gears...forward and reverse. Or rather, in and out. There isn't much one can do with a penis from the technical perspective. The trick is the creativity of the rest of the stuff that goes along with the physical act. But, again, the stages of arousal are predicatable and therefore, boring."

"Perhaps it's boring because you think too much into it?"

"The brain is the most sexual of all organs in the body. It even overrides that 'other' brain a man has. One must engage their brain in sex to enjoy all the aspects of sex."

"Not in most males."

"True, but for intellectual males, it does. Run by a conversation with Videl sometime. The number one complaint she has is Gohan's lack of interest in the sack. And, I can relate to that. There's so many other things to do and see with one's brain that sex is merely a means to procreate to us intellectual males. There's so many other ways to get a rush like that and better yet, those other rushes last longer."

"So I guess that means I'm not going to score tonight?"

Trunks choked a laugh. "Not necessarily. One of my greatest turn-ons is a horny female that knows how to demand what her heart and soul wishes to have. I may get bored with sex, but I'll rarely overlook freebies if I'm approached properly. It's like food. Never turn down a free meal. Well, the same goes for sex."

"Hornball. Probably more than half of the females on this planet would offer up free sex to you. You'd sleep with them all?"

"Never. It's all in the delivery and the environment. Very few do it right. Their soul must match their emotion otherwise I'll know they're just out to use me. Of course, the free meals...well, I'm not so picky on those."

"Spoken like a true saiyan."

Trunks laughed. "Here, let's get going before my mother realizes I've doubled back from ditching that gala." He said as he opened the passenger door to the little roadster and offered Marron the seat inside. After she was seated, he shut the door, slid across the hood of the car (cool moves were still a must in Trunks' life) and leaped into the driver's seat.

"Marron, could you open the glove compartment please? The keys are in there."

Marron did so and handed Trunks the car keys. Placing the key in the ignition, the little roadster roared to life then idled itself into a subtle, but powerful purr. The entire car vibrated and shimmied with the engine. Trunks looked over to Marron before stepping on the gas. "Kinda like a washing machine eh?" he asked with a wink.

Marron gasped and playfully slugged him on the arm once again as Trunks laughed then urged the car forward with a little pressure to the gas pedal and shift of the clutch.

Once out of the hangar, Trunks hit a remote that turned off the hangar lights and closed the door. Trunks then hit the gas hard so that the rear wheels would squeal as the car launched itself onto the pavement and sped down the road.

"Trunks, won't your mom wonder what that noise just was?"

"She'll think it was Bra returning from a shopping spree that wasn't quite what she thought it'd be. I saw the headlights of Bra's car just around the corner. She'll get the lecture about squealing tires, not me."

"You are so cruel Trunks!"

"Nah, you should see how many 'ups' she has on me. I've taken flak from her more times than she has for me."

"But that's what big brother's are for."

"Not in a house of royal saiyans. It's 'fend for yourself and screw the others if possible.' Even my mother is learning all too well how that works. My poor father has felt her noose more times than I can count."

The two shared yet another hearty laugh. As Trunks sped through the city streets, the smell of the salty ocean breeze began to fill their noses.

"We're heading towards the shore?" Marron asked.

"Sort of. I figured, you live on an island, so the ocean sounds and smells would likely be a comfort to you."

"But I'm not tense."

*Oh but I am.* Trunks thought. "But the sea has a romantic aura about it at night, not to mention, it's peaceful and more natural than the polluted city streets."

"A city boy with a country charm about him. How quaint Trunks."

"Too much time with Goten at his place." Trunks muttered as he drove along the pier.

"Oh look Trunks, the moon shimmers off the waves giving the sea a silvery shimmer. I'm so glad somebody wished the moon back."

Trunks refused to look at the moon directly. Rather, he gazed at its reflection on the water. "Wishing the moon back isn't necessarily a good thing, eventhough it is pretty." Trunks replied.

"But there's no saiyans with tails so we don't have to worry about--"

"Yes, we do. Tails grow back with little notice. Mine's been snipped several times, as has Goten's, Gohan's--"

"So the moon bothers you?"

"Even without tails, we all still feel some of the effects of the moon. If I stare at it too long even now, without my tail, I could become irritable, aggressive, and well, uh---" Trunks trailed, a bright red flush forming across his cheeks and nose.

"Uh what?" Marron encouraged. Trunks was so adorable when he was embarrassed!

"Horny. Damn moon triggers a reproductive instinct in me. My father says it'll go away once I have a life mate and brat of my own, but until then..."

"So that explains Goten."

"No, nothing explains Goten." Trunks chuckled.

"Got me there." Marron giggled.

They drove on for several more minutes before Trunks found a secluded location away from all boats and businesses. It was a private portion of beachfront that revealed a beautiful view of the cityscape across the bay. He parked the car on the beach.

"This place is beautiful Trunks! What perfection and in a city as populated as this one. How rare!"

"It's mine. It was my grandfather's hideaway, but after his death, it became mine. I've kept it as pristine as I could by buying up the acres of land several kilometers in all directions. At some point, I'm going to offer it to the people as a nature reserve, never to be deforested or corrupted by human buildings or structures. But for now, it's my little escape from reality."


Trunks offered his hand and took hers in it. He led her down a barely noticeable path. They walked for several minutes into the depths of the wooded land before coming upon a little domed hut made of palm leaves and bamboo shoots.

"It's not really a human structure, it looks human, but it's entirely made of items from this forest. It's only temporary and I or a typhoon could tear it down in an effortless instant. " Trunks commented as Marron looked upon it with amazement.

"You built this Trunks?"

"Saw some tribal humans do it on a learning channel. I figured I'd give it a try. Not too bad considering I built it alone rather than having assistance like they did."

"Do you run around naked with berry paint on your body too?" Marron curiously teased with a coy wink.

"You wish would be my command m'lady." Trunks replied with a bow.

"Oh I see. Well, I don't command it...yet."

Trunks said nothing,but inwardly sighed with relief. He opened the little makeshift door of palm fronds and offered her a step inside.

"There's no bugs in here is there?"

"Dunno, haven't been here in a while."

"Then YOU go first."

"As you wish." Trunks laughed as he entered. Suddenly he let out a fearful yelp and ran back out. In turn, Marron screamed in panic.

Trunks turned around and laughed. "Sorry. Everything's fine in there. No bugs, not even a spider web."

Marron began to fume. Here was the Trunks she knew well. The goofball who was always looking for an opportunity to play a joke or have fun at another's expense.

"Don't scare me like that Trunks!"

"Do you honestly think a saiyan would run from a spider?"

"I don't know. Perhaps if the saiyan is weak." Marron taunted back.

"Touche m'lady." Trunks replied with yet another bow. He asked for her hand again and they entered the little hut together.

"It's quaint."

"This way, we won't get rained on or have bugs interrupt."

"Interrupt what?" Marron purred softly.

"This." Trunks said as he placed a blanket on the ground, grabbed two capsules from his jacket pocket and popped them open with a 'poof'. Appearing on the blanket was a beautiful picnic collection!

"Okay, who cooked and when did you prepare all this?"

"I cooked and well, I always carry food with me. I never get enough to eat especially when I'm in the public eye, so I always bring extra food. It worked out perfectly that we left the gala. Otherwise, I would've found a way to sneak into a spare room there to eat this stuff."

"You cooked?"

"You sound surprised."

"You cooked?"

"Hey!'s a secret."

"Only if it's good."

"I'm an excellent cook! I watched my mother enough when begging for handouts in the kitchen as a boy."

"Now that I believe."

"The food's good, trust me."

"Trunks, your name and trust don't go together very well."

"Fine then, just try it then. I have enough trust in my food to let it speak for me."

Sure enough, Marron found the food to her liking. Who would've guessed that such a studly male like this would've learned a more feminine trait!? Perhaps the son of Vegeta wasn't as shallow and stereotyped as many made him out to be? Maybe, just maybe, this hybrid saiyan was more than even she thought him to be? Potential husband material? She had no idea why that popped into her head, but it was there, and maybe it was there because her heart wished it to be rather than the training her mother gave her brain?

to be continued...