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Money Can't Buy Love Pt.6 : Punch...and a little caviar?

Trunks tasted the punch and made a sour face. "Ewwwh, this is too bland and sour." he commented as he reached inside his suit pocket and pulled out a flask.



"You carry alcohol around?"

"Only to things like this. I can't stand the taste of alcohol by itself, but again, this punch isn't faring much better. The two together should make a lovely union." Trunks replied as he nonchalantly poured the flask's contents into the punch.

"What did you add?"

"Peppermint schnapps for that minty fresh cool zing. Want some?" Trunks replied in mock commercial fashion.

"Just a little. I want to be fully alert through this gala."

"I wish I wasn't. These things are actually very dull. A bunch of corporate executives, share holders, and politicians all gabbing about money and how it comes and goes. Occasionally there'll be an announcement of some corporate merger or takeover as well, but again, boring. My mother loved the extravagance of these galas, but I find them--"

"Boring, I see. You're a powerful commodity in the business market, why not suggest some place else?"

"I hardly think these guys could survive it."


"Look at them. Most are in their fifties or above. If I suggested a gala at an amusement park, I doubt these guys' hearts would handle the rush of a roller coaster or the thrill of the haunted house."

"You got a point there."

Just as Trunks and Marron were conversing quietly by themselves, they didn't remain unnoticed for long. Two prominent CEO's from neighboring corporations introduced themselves to the young couple.

"I didn't expect to see you here with a companion Mr. Briefs. Ain't she a beauty."

"Mr. Kaylar, this is Marron."

Mr. Kaylar reached for Marron's hand and kissed it. "Delighted to meet you Miss Marron. I am Regule Kaylar, CEO of Sither Incorporated."

The other CEO did the same. "I am Mackey Blitz, chairman and CEO of Blikle Distribution. Mr. Briefs here is a primary client and has our distribution centers running at optimum capacity thanks to his company's production schedule."

Trunks laughed. "Hey wait, is that a good or bad thing?"

"Both I suppose. An old fella like me has trouble keeping up with you young whippersnappers who run business faster than a bullet from a gun."

"If you two don't mind, I'd rather talk shop another time. "

Meanwhile Mr. Kaylar had helped himself to the punch. "Spiked it didn't ya boy. Ah well, my heart can handle a bit more alcohol before the old gal completely stops on me."

Trunks chuckled but tuned his hearing elsewhere. Upon hearing the music stop and a new song begin, Trunks immeditely saw his opportunity.

"Marron, may I have this dance?"

Marron blushed and nodded coyly. Placing an arm in his offered one, she allowed him to lead her to the dance floor where they could have a little more 'privacy.'

Swaying to the tune of a slow song, Trunks could have a private conversation without interruption.

"Sorry about that. Most of the older presidents/CEO's are perverts. To them, their wives are old and crusty and they yearn for the young, tender flesh of youthful females. I didn't even want one of those guys to envision themselves with you mentally."

"How chivalrous of you Trunks."

Trunks blushed slightly. He also knew in the back of his head that he really didn't need the wrath of Krillen or worse yet, 18 to add stress to his already over stressed life. Eventhough, with his super saiyan strength, he could easily best either of them, it was a respect thing. Unlike his father, he didn't like to physically earn respect. He rathered it occurred from the mental standpoint.

The dance was peaceful and pleasant. Once over, Trunks knew the price he paid for that as well. While the dance floor prevented them from being interrupted, it also had open view. Those who didn't know the young president of Capsule Corp. had arrived yet knew now.

As they made their way off the dance floor and over to a table, they were engulfed by the welcomes of other executives, politicians, and other various guests. Capsule Corporation was a powerhouse in business and economics which also gave it power to sway politics. Trunks' skill and popularity didn't help matters any. Nearly everybody in the room wanted to try to be on the good side or on the acquaintance list of this corporate president. Inwardly, Trunks cursed his mother for doing this to him, but then again, he also cursed himself for his always successful charm and wit. Now his own creativity and ingenuity had to come into play if he was going to get more time to be alone with Marron.

"Wow Trunks, you know all these people?"

"Sure. It's part of business."

"I don't think I'll know this many people in my entire lifetime."

*You will if you share the rest of it with me.* Trunks thought as he gave her a gentle smile.

"Sir, is it true that Capsule Corporation is going to place an expansion center in Satan City?"

Trunks slowly turned to see a rather attractive female ZTV reporter at his side. A smirk developed across his face as he recognized her. She was the top anchor for ZTV and an old class mate of his. In fact, it was she whom he lost his virginity to. It was only this reporter that snatched "exclusive" reports about the goings-on at Capsule Corporation.

With a playful nod 'hello' Trunks replied. "There are plans for expansion into Satan City. I have spoken personally with Mr. Satan, and we are both in agreement. Forecast trends show at least five hundred new jobs created and over two billion zeni in annual revenues to Satan City as a result. It will allow Capsule Corporation to shorten its delivery time of products in the east while boosting Satan City's economic and population growth. It's win-win all the way around."

The ZTV reporter nodded in agreement but her eyes trained over to Marron and for a moment flashed fire. Though she and Trunks were just friends now, she couldn't help but feel a little possessive of him. In turn, that translated into jealousy whenever he was seen with another female.

"And whom is this lovely young lady gracing our presence today?"

"Cynthia, this is Marron. Marron, this is Cynthia, top ZTV news anchor and a former class mate of mine."

"A pleasure to meet you. I watch you on tv all the time." Marron replied.

"And you're from?"

"She's from a small private island just south of the Mount Paozu region." Trunks interrupted.

"A private island eh? You sure are lucky. Sounds like a great escape."

"But one heck of a commute." Marron added.

"Well Trunks, thanks for the input on the Satan City expansion. I'll leave you two alone now."

"You're welcome Cynthia." Trunks replied as she departed and dashed towards her next newsmaker across the room.

Trunks observed Marron, who seemed a bit uncomfortable after the ordeal.

"Trunks, I don't fit in with all these high class people."

"Sure you do."

"They speak in ways I can't fully understand. Like just now, her eyes shot daggers at me. Why?"

Trunks blushed. "I'm sorry Marron. She uh, well, her and I back in high school used to be an item."


"Yeah. Actually more than an item. I lost my virginity to her, but that's beside the point. Hey, wanna get out of here? I made my presence here so my mother should be satisfied enough."

Marron nodded. Now Trunks had to begin thinking quickly. He only had a few minutes to set up an entire night of perfection. A night that hopefully, would alter his life in the positive. If ever he needed to call upon his charm and skill at wooing the opposite sex, it was now. Unfortunately for him, he hadn't done that in a very long time and those skills had gathered dust. Lightly fingering the box in his jacket pocket as he stood, he took a deep breath then smiled and escorted Marron out of the gala.

Marron was unsure why Trunks was being so nice and gentlemanly to her. Sure, since he was an adult now he had matured tremendously from his childhood days, but generally, he tried to pull at least one joke or snide remark to her. This night or rather this entire day was flowing much too smoothly and perfectly while in the company of the son of Vegeta. And for Marron, this meant that something was just aching to occur. But what? She had to remain on her guard.

to be continued...