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Money Can't Buy Love Pt.2 : Teen Time

Many years later...

Trunks was now eighteen and completing his final year of high school. His mother was holding yet another "Briefs Bash" in celebration of Trunks' acceptance and scholarship into a prominent university. But then again, that was merely just an excuse for Bulma to throw a party, one of her favorite pasttimes. Once again, all were in attendance and even a couple of new additions were amongst them, namely Trunks' little sister Bra and Gohan's first child, Pan. Marron joined her parents in the festivities. At thirteen, she was beginning to morph from girl to woman and was already exhibiting some height and as Trunks and Goten put it, upper level speed bumps.

Like all parties, Trunks and Goten were hanging out together only they seemed ever so slightly more mature. Both were handsome young men now and interested in topics other than toys and pranks...or were they?

Trunks spied a familiar target within the crowd and immediately honed in on him. Goten, the ever loyal partner, followed suit. Once they were within the victim's hearing range, they began their conversation.

"Hey Goten! I'm REALLY craving PORK tonight!"

"Yeah, me too! I could eat an entire PIG!"

"If only we could find some. I know how to barbecue PORK on a spit over an open fire."

"Trunks, I'm STARVING and I want PIG!"

Oolong knew exactly who their target was and grew nervous. While it was likely a prank, one could never trust the unpredictability of the saiyan stomach. Fortunately for him, luck was on his side. Goten's cell phone rang and distracted him.

"Hello? Oh hi! Yeah, I missed school today. I'm at a family gathering. I'm sorry I missed our date tonight too. I would've brought you, but well, these people are kind of scary."

Trunks rolled his eyes. His best friend had gone from cutie pie to horn ball in just a span of a few years. Leaving Goten some privacy so he could talk, he decided that all the food talk had actually made him hungry. With a wink to Oolong, he gave up his little prank and headed for the banquet table.

It was at this time that Marron too, was headed in the same direction. Trunks had turned out exactly as her mother said he would. He was a dashing heartthrob that had it all from looks, to money, to intelligence. Even she fell for his cool, laid-back charm. Her heart raced and her body felt numb. She was like a crazy, giggly fangirl after a rock star. She tried to remain composed however. Trunks had shrugged off every girl who behaved like that. There was no way she'd get close to him if she acted like all the others. To distract herself, she reached for the ladel to get some punch. Trunks too, had reached for the ladel. Trunks' hand landed on her own.

"Ooops, pardon me. Here, allow me to pour that for you Marron." Trunks said politely, his now deep voice adding essence to his sexy charm as he released his hand.

She blushed and nodded as she removed her hand from the ladel. She then held her cup as Trunks poured the punch.

"There. Don't drink too much of this okay? Goten and I added a little uh 'flavor' to it earlier."

Again she nodded. She was speechless. She was happy for that, however, for she feared if she tried to talk, her mouth would trip over its own tongue.

Trunks looked at her curiously. "You're rather quiet Marron. Cat got your tongue?" he asked, trying to find something to strike up a conversation with.

"Uhhhh, no, I just well...well, I gotta go, I promised my mother I'd be right back." Marron sputtered as she quickly departed leaving Trunks dumbfounded. He shrugged it off and looked for the next adventure.

18 had watched the entire meet-up between her daughter and the son of Vegeta. She wasn't pleased with her daughter's actions. Once Marron had reached her, she began to inquire.

"Marron dear, why did you run away from him? He was trying to talk to you."

"Mom, I...I, I don't know. I just felt scared around him. He's so dreamy and popular and I'm just a little girl. He's so much older than me. I don't have anything the girls his age have. "

"But you DO have something they don't. Our family is close friends with his."

"But mom, you don't understand. He is jus..."

Marron was suddenly interrupted when Trunks had made his way over to their table. Bulma had just turned the stereo on and that indicated one was time to dance!

Trunks looked at 18 before returning his gaze to the nervous young lady. "May I have this dance?" he asked softly as he offered a hand to the trembling Marron.

18 gave her little girl a slight nudge towards him. Marron stumbled right into his grasp. Trunks took that as a 'yes' and led her to the dancefloor. She looked back at her mom in shock as the two entered the dancefloor to a bunch of hoots and whoops. The music was fast, so contact was minimized, but she still struggled to find the beat, still in disbelief that she was up there and with him. It seemed like an eternity until somebody decided to interrupt.

"May I cut in?"

Trunks obliged and backed away to allow Goten to finish the dance. As Trunks exited the dancefloor a little tug on his pants grabbed his attention.


Trunks smirked and led the little girl to the dance floor. Trunks had to do very little. The little quarter saiyan seemed amused to just be spun in a circle by Trunks, her legs flailing outward while hanging on to Trunks' arms and spinning.

Moments later the song ended and all exited the dancefloor. A slow song began and Trunks and Goten quickly ran for cover. The last slow song at a Briefs Bash had him and Goten dancing with their mothers. Both made their way to a bathroom and remained there until they deemed it safe to exit.

"Well, I gotta take a leak anyway. Goten, I think we added too much of that stuff to the punch." Trunks said as he made his way to a urinal.

Goten didn't say anything, he was already doing his business at a urinal too.

Once finished they washed their hands and waited. Then an idea formed in Trunks' mind.

"Goten, we can pull an awesome prank in here!" he said excitedly.


"We can reverse the flow of the urinals' water system so when they flush, the water spits outward rather than downward. Guys will look like they didn't make it to the bathroom in time. It'll be a blast!"

"Trunks, I dunno. That sounds mean. We could get into big trouble, especially if it's your dad or my brother. They're stronger than us."

"After we rig these things, we can slip out and upstairs to my room."

"But they can sense our ki's remember? We can't hide from them."

"Hmmm, guess that would be too risky. It would've been fun though. Hey, I got it! Grab a wad of papertowels and run them under the water."


"Watch." Trunks said as he did the same. Once his papertowels were wet enough he flung them upwards over his head. The wad splatted solidly onto the ceiling above.

"Oooh, that looks fun." Goten said as he duplicated the activity with his own wad.

With those two wads just above where one would stand in front of the sinks, they then placed wads over where one stands for the urinals.

"Now what Trunks?"

"We casually re-enter the party."

"But we can't see what happens! How long will those things stay there?"

"As long as they can. They may splat on the floor, but..." Trunks trailed as he noticed his father, Gohan, and Goku helping themselves to the punch. "...but odds are, they're gonna hit somebody. That punch is going to run through their systems as fast as it did ours."

Trunks and Goten sat quietly at a table and watched the three older saiyan males. One was bound to have to use the bathroom. Soon, their expectations were true. They snickered to each other as they watched a potential victim enter the bathroom. Moments later a loud, powerful yell erupted from within the room of relief. Everyone ceased their activities and stared at the bathroom's entranceway. In seconds the proud prince of saiyans exited with a huge wet papertowl wad pasted firmly on the top of his head and water dripping from it ran down his face.


Trunks quietly slinked to the ground and tried to crawl away unnoticed. His own Vegeta-genes told him that he should be one step ahead of his adversary and to assess the situation from a safe, hidden distance. Unfortunately for Trunks, he wasn't paying attention to where he was going and smacked into a pair of legs. He quickly looked up and suddenly...

"EEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! PERVERT!" Marron reacted as she tried to back away and pulled her dress tightly against herself.

Trunks was now solidly red with embarrassment. Were those pink, lacy panties? He shrugged it off and tried to remain focused. He tried to apologize to Marron while at the same time catch a glimpse of his father who had now met his eyes with an icy glare. Bulma was beside her mate and gave him a towel, but he threw it and the offending wad onto the ground and began a slow pursuit towards his son.

"TRUNKS, RUN!!!" Goten yelled quickly before he himself sought cover near his mother and brother.

With a cocky grin, Trunks returned his attention to Marron. "If I die tonight, I just wanted to let you know that I think you looked really pretty tonight." he said with a soft purr as he took her hand in his own and kissed it. "Later babe." he finished as he got up and tried to find an end around to his mother. If he could win her over, Vegeta would yield.

Vegeta knew this was his son's tactic however. He skillfully altered his course through the obstacles presented, each time cutting off Trunks' own and forcing the boy to change direction. And each time, Vegeta grew ever closer to his victim. Vegeta smirked cockily. Victory for him was inevitable.

"Uhhh, dad, c'mon, it was just a joke. I wasn't expecting it for you really. I wanted to get one of the others with it."

Vegeta said nothing and continued his stalk.

"Mom, c'mon, tell him to back down, please?" Trunks yelled in a desperate plea as he quickly realized he was basically cornered.

Bulma remained firm. She knew her mate well enough to know his intentions now even if their usually astute son did not.

Vegeta pinned his son against the wall with his arms and burned his gaze into Trunks' scared blue ones.

"You think it's funny boy? Well, since your little prank hit me by surprise while I was taking a leak, I pissed on the floor. YOU get to clean it up." Vegeta said with a devillish grin.

"Fine father. Let me get a towel. I'm sorry."

Vegeta pushed the boy back against the wall. "No. Not with a towel. With your mouth."

"eeeeehhh????!!! Mother?!"

Bulma knew Vegeta had crossed the line at that moment and she stepped over to them.

"Vegeta, that's barbaric. He will clean it up by hand, but WITH a towel."

Vegeta huffed but didn't try to debate the issue. He simply released Trunks and walked away without a second glance. But he had another victim in mind. He made his way to where the Son family was standing, reached behind Gohan and pulled on some cloth. It eventually revealed one saiyan hybrid named Goten.

"This boy will help. I know they were both a part of it." Vegeta said as he released Goten and then walked out of the party and into the depths of the Briefs family home.

As the two boys left to deal with their bathroom punishment, Marron was still in her own little daydream. Did Trunks really compliment her and kiss her hand? Why? Could there be something more to it? She grinned, maybe there would be, but only time would tell.

end part 2.

Next part...Trunks returns from college a full-fledged man. Will this have any affect on the now beautiful young woman named Marron? Stay tuned.