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Author's note: This is a little fic idea I've been messing with for a while now. It's my first major Trunks/Marron type fic.

Money Can't Buy Love Pt. 1: In Youth

It was a massive celebration with all in attendance. Majin Buu had been defeated and the Earth could return to peace once again. Bulma had outdid herself as host this time, from the massive barbecue, to the fantastic music blaring in the background. 18 watched her husband mill about chatting with all his buddies as he had probably always had all his life. She felt slightly out of place and so, like the other two solitary warriors (Vegeta and Piccolo), found her seat at a table and watched the others. Suddenly her little girl came crying through the crowd and latched onto her mother's leg.

"Marron, why are you crying?"

"They're meanies mommy!"


Marron pointed to the two boys snickering across the room. Goten and Trunks, two troublesome half-saiyan brats who were quick to sniff out an opportunity.

"What did they do?"

"They called me Oolong's girlfriend because I have pig-tails in my hair!"

18 stifled a laugh despite herself. That son of Vegeta surely had a sense of humor. She also knew that the boy was going to grow up to inherit a fortune. Seeing his future self then revealed that he was also going to have the looks to sport with the money. A perfect combination for her little girl. If she started the encouragement early, perhaps her darling little girl would have a chance for a solid, carefree (rich) future.

"You know Marron, when boys pick on you, it means they've taken interest in you. Maybe Trunks likes you?"

Marron made a sour face. "Mom, he's got boy-germs! He also does that weird super saiyan thing. He scares me. His daddy scares me. Why would I ever like him!"

18 patted her daughter on the head. "Because Marron, he's going to grow up and not be the little brat he currently is."

"He can't change his past mommy."

*Actually, he did...or at least his future self did.* "Marron, don't judge somebody like that."

"Mommy, if I have to like one of them, I'd prefer Goten. He's cute and he only does mean things to me because Trunks says it's cool. He told me that himself."

Goten was an unknown to 18. In fact, he was a surprise to everyone when ChiChi gave birth to him less than a year after the Cell Game. Nobody had figured Goku to secure a future for himself if he and Gohan both died in that battle. What was known to 18 however, was the fact that the Son family fortune was nearly tapped out. The only hope for them was Gohan's interest in Videl, Mr. Satan's daughter. She laughed at that. Gohan was a very smart kid. He was going to tap into what was rightfully his to begin with...the Satan fortune. Of course, ChiChi figured her son would also work his way into a successful life. Perhaps, but she too, was encouraging her oldest son towards that girl of Satan's.

"Goten can do that super saiyan thing too Marron. He has boy germs too. What makes him so different from Trunks?"

"Trunks is just mean mommy."

18 turned her gaze back to the two boys again. They were quietly setting up some sort of spring-loaded trap under Oolong's chair. She chuckled inwardly while felt sympathy for their mothers. Those two had to be a handful and then some. Moments later, Trunks released the trap from a safe distance. It freaked Oolong out and sent him flying into the air in surprise.

"Hey guys! Pigs CAN fly!" Trunks yelled above the crowd before heading for cover. Bulma was on the charge and the boy knew he was due for punishment.

Bulma ceased her pursuit when she realized that she wasn't going to catch her little brat...err, son.

"VEGETA! Punish YOUR son!" she yelled as she stomped towards the seated saiyan prince. Vegeta mumbled some inaudible obscenities before getting up. The woman would be in his face all day until he did so anyway.

Meanwhile Goten had doubled back and sought security in his mother. He cuddled up to her, pleading that it was all Trunks' doing. ChiChi knew it was. Sadly, her youngest son's intelligence was no where near capable of designing such a trick.

18 looked at her little girl again, who was now watching the ongoing events with interest. "See Marron, he may have caused trouble, but that little invention is what he needs to secure his future. Someday he has to run his family's company. That will also mean he needs to learn how to create new and useful products for it. He's practicing for such without even realizing it."

Marron shook her head and gave her mother a serious look. "That's not a product I'd wanna buy mommy."

18 laughed. Her little girl had her moments as well. But she was still going to try to play Cupid between her and Trunks.

Next in chapter 2...Ten years pass and Trunks and Marron are now teens. What does the future hold now? Stay tuned for the next installment.