The Striated Caracara

This is Johnny Rook, the deviant of the hawk family. He's a bad boy through in through. But his bad ass attitude is also what enables him to survive and succeed in a rather harsh and unforgiving environment.


One of the rarest birds of prey on Earth, the striated caracara, aka: "Johnny Rook" is also one of the most resourceful and mischievious animals in existence.

Johnny Rook is the nickname given to this bird from a time when pirates coursed the seas. It's a suitable name for a thief from the air.

Found only within the Falkland Islands, Johnny Rook is a flying devil at best. He's both predator and scavenger and open to every opportunity presented to him. He's intelligent, fearless, and courageous, thus fitting his bird of prey status with dignity. But dignity is an ironic term for this gangster. Bachelor groups are actually gangs of thugs who were forced to grow up too fast and cast out by their parents early in life. They fight amongst themselves and breeding pairs, always looking for something better.  They love to steal, thwart, and pester. They especially love shiny objects or anything unique to their environment (such as toilet paper or tent strings).

But he's not all that bad. Johnny Rook is a rather tame bird for one so wild and predatory. He has little fear of humans since very few inhabit or visit his island homes. His antics are amusing although sometimes devious and troublesome. His flying skills are beautiful to behold and somewhat amazing. Though it is his skills on the ground that are the most astounding.

His social life is strange and full of ironies. He's cooperative, yet he's not. He's a good parent one minute and a rotten one the next. He's a beautiful soaring bird and yet a menacing demon.  Perhaps his environment does reflect upon him. Storms rage harshly yet when not present, the ground is quiet and serene. Food is plentiful one minute, then scarce the next.

His normal foods are found among the native and seasonal bird colonies that roost on the islands. But, Johnny Rook will investigate anything that seems like potential food.

A bird with a long evolutionary past continues to evolve as it adapts to maintain its existence.





A skilled flier and gifted with the abilities of any raptor, Johnny Rook would rather use  his wit over his wings. Yet another unorthodox trait of this bird.

Don't let this bird's relaxed look fool you. He's probably trying to figure out how to steal something of yours and ruin your day. He has no fear of humans and will attack you if he finds something he wants. If Johnny Rook wants, he will get. His buddies are probably waiting around the bend to mug you. But don't worry, he won't kill you, just pester you until you give up the goods.

He's not all that bad. A beautiful bird who uses his ability to adapt to survive. His intelligence and antics are a welcome sight in the bird world.  He's unique & dignified in his own right. Humans could learn a bit about life from Johnny Rook, both good and bad.