Entry 5: Para Para PISS OFF!

As if suffering the indignity of wearing a dress isn't humiliating enough, this trio of goofs had to add the icing to the cake! Let's back up first. This strange dude with a blue face and red tight-fitting outfit steals the hard-earned dragonball right out of our hands. Naturally, Pan, Goku, and I high-tail it to our ship and continue in hot pursuit. Only one major problem. Ous ship sucks! It has no speed. It has no agility. And worse yet, it has a backseat driver (ahem, Pan)! My mind was racing as to how to compensate for the ship's shortfalls and still catch the definitely more advanced alien ship. But all the while, Pan had her big mouth open as she jabbered 'do this' , 'don't do that' instructions to someone who she thought was listening (namely me...who obviously wasn't). Now I hadn't flown a space ship prior to this one before, but I did come prepackaged with some flying skills of my own.

With my great piloting skills I managed to keep the alien ship within sight and maneuver at high speed through an asteroid field without smacking into one. Not bad for having to fly what amounted to a brick with tentacles. If mom ever reads this, I'm sure she'll punish me in some form, but hey, you'd think she would have at least put weapons or extra thrusters on the thing having not known what could be lurking about in the unknowns of the universe. Geesh, and she says she loves me!? Then again, she'll give me the line, "If you could think that up, why didn't you add them Mr. Genius Too?" Yeah, whatever. I'll leave it at that. No sense in picking over already dried bones.

So anyway, where was I? Oh yeah...we tailed the ship into what seemed like a planet or at least a massive asteroid thing. It was relatively hollow and cavernous and flyable within. So, we entered...into a trap. These giant worm millipede type things attacked us. They could even take a saiyan sized punch or blast! So what were we to do? Now Goku isn't the smartest guy around, but he managed to find their weakness...their rears. They had no protection on their backsides. It was rather interesting to practice knot making skills using giant massive worms.

Once the worm things were defeated, it was then that the trio of blue faced red tights dudes showed themselves to us. Tired and ticked, we readied ourselves for a fight. But these three had some other tactic in mind. They threw off what we thought was chest armor and placed them onto the ground. Turns out these things were not merely armor, but some sort of stereo system. They commenced with the music leaving us stupified. As the music played, they performed some extremely stupid dance. What were they up to...a dance contest for the dragonballs? Soon after, our little robot friend fell under their spell and began mimicking their dance moves. Pan fell to it next, followed by me, then Goku. Oh Dende I didn't want to dance those stupid, ugly moves! But I have to admit, the tactic was lethal. We couldn't stop, couldn't defend ourselves, coudn't go super saiyan, couldn't ki blast, nothing! We were left wide open to their pummeling of us of which they didn't hesitate to give. Worse yet, we couldn't stop! The stupid dance was exhausting us. We were in serious trouble.

That was when we discovered allies in the strangest places. The worm things also fell under the dance spell. It was enough of a distraction to cause fear to the Para Para brothers and cease their music. With no music, the dance trance wore off almost immediately and our strength returned. We captured the Para brothers with little effort. I'd personally like to smack them and put them in some humiliating situation like the dance they made me do, but honestly, I don't these three can be humiliated, especially if they created such a stupid dance.

Pan and Gill searched their ship for our stolen dragonball. While in there, she obviously messed with some buttons because the ship suddenly blasted off. Great, she's off to who knows where while Goku and I are stuck with a trio of singing, stupid looking dance brothers. Gohan's gonna kill me if anything happens to her!

After a quick interrogation of the Para brothers, Goku and I learn that the ship is likely on autopilot en route to its return destination, Planet Rudo.

We blast off after her, but I already know that this ship is never going to catch her. With the Para brothers in tow, I know we will find that planet, but how long the journey is, I was unsure. Pan was on her own until then. Dende protect her. She has a knack for finding trouble without even looking for it. And Gohan will never let me live it down if something happens to his little girl.

Now, I must get back to flying this thing. The planet proximity alarm is going off now. Perhaps we're nearer to this Planet Rudo than I thought. And yet my thoughts are entirely focused on Pan. I sure hope she's okay and not causing herself more harm by finding more trouble than she can handle. Crap...she likely already has. Well, here we go then...

Trunks out.