Entry 3: Siuce when did I shrink!?

Our next stop was a planet called Momasu. On approach, it seemed calm enough, until we noticed floating mountains that moved like rapid icebergs. Turns out they were giant animals...a cross between a crocodile and a snapping turtle! Thanks to them, I had another rocky landing (no pun intended). I'm not getting a fair chance to prove my great piloting skills. I may not have flown a space ship before, but I have flown in atmosphere more times than I can count. With every faulty landing, Pan doesn't hesitate to complain about it. Then again, when does a female NOT complain about something a male does? I'm beginning to think that's in instinct in females.

Anyway, once we landed, we couldn't help but feel like we shrunk. Things were recognizable like apples, trees, grasses, insects,etc., but they were a hundred times larger than us! An apple for instance was roughly the size of a standard house! Pan took off in curious exploration leaving Goku and I to find the dragonball. For the first time in my life, Goku seemed to care less about another person!? He told me to let Pan be. It didn't matter, I was worried anyway. By looks, I was the only "adult" on this mission. If something happened to Pan, I would have to answer to her father, Gohan. My father always told me that no matter how sendentary Gohan is, there's no telling how much power he actually has, especially when he loses his head. Bringing news of his only little girl getting harmed would likely trigger such a response from him. I wouldn't stand a chance.

Luckily, Goku and I found the dragonball quickly. Unluckily, an apple dropped on it (and almost me) and then a huge bird took off with the apple containing that dragonball. Of course nothing's going to go THAT smoothly for me. It never does. As we gave chase, I heard a yell...it sounded like Pan! Detouring towards the yell, Goku and I found a bundle wrapped in spider's web and about to be eaten by said spider. I saved it and it turned out to be a queen bee. Feeling chivalrous, even towards an insect female, I carried her upon my back in search of her hive. Her workers were probably very upset without their queen and if they were anything like normal bees, I wouldn't want to cross their path. We ran smack into Pan who was being chased by said worker bees. And, for a brief moment, I could've sworn I saw jealousy cross her face. She was curious about who or what I was carrying on my back. The weak queen immediately recognized her worker bees and took flight. Once they all left, it was time to resume chase for the dragonball. But still, in the back of my head, I began to wonder...was Pan jealous? If so, why? I didn't have time to contemplate it for long, we found a big man (reminded me of the Jack and the beanstalk story) who was cooking a big fish, and accompanied by the big bird, and two big antelope like things. Immediately, Goku's stomach went into overdrive...he had followed the smell of grilled fish which led us to the big man. Anyway, before Goku could release the dragonball, the big man ate the apple, dragonball and all.

Well, guess we have to wait for it to pass through his system. Who would've thought I'd have to wait for a huge man to take a crap in order to retrieve a dragonball!? And of course, after said crap, we'd have to dig through it for the dragonball. What more indignities was I to suffer during this mission? Again, however, luck was on our side...the dragonball lodged into a huge cavity in one of his teeth. So, Goku became a dentist and ripped the tooth out of his mouth. He then pulled the dragonball out of the tooth. Typical Goku...he saved the big man from much pain and got a reward as well. At least he didn't get the grilled fish. I'm often envious of Goku's abilities. I seem cursed with the blood of my father. Nothing ever goes right for Vegeta or myself!

Once accomplished, we boarded the ship once again in search of the next dragonball. Based on the dragon radar and our ship's readings, it looks like we're headed towards yet another inhabited planet. If luck keeps us alive, I'll report on that next.

Until then, TVB out.