Entry 2: Planet of Merchants!?

Where was I? Oh yeah, time to recount the chaos that was called planet, Imega. More like planet money-mongers. But of course, there was a reason behind the inhabitants' behaviors. We landed on their planet in need of repairs (okay, we crash-landed...but it was still a landing in one piece). Our directional control rocket was gone. So, after detecting life forms in an area not too far from our landing area, we opted to head over towards them in hopes that they were civilized and had some form of technology. We entered a sort of semi-modern city, where the entire street was filled with merchants. We were obvious non-natives and were quickly swamped with things to buy. So much money was spent on things we didn't even need. We had only come for ship parts. Those merchants were worse than a thousand rabit car dealers! Luckily there was a hotel nearby. Goku and I decided that we would rest for the day and deal with ship matters after a good rest. Come to find out, the hotel was as money hungry as those merchants, just more discrete about it. We escaped from the hotel only to end up in the rain with no parts and no desire to return the ship without them. Pan and Goku began to argue, then suddenly she fell backward and ended up in someone's home. We apologized, they fed us (eventhough they were extremely poor), and they told us about the goings-on with their planet,etc. Turns out the place was run by a greedy dictator named Don Kia and he was sucking every drop of money from the residents. And naturally Pan volunteered us to deal with this dictator and save the inhabitants of this world. This was despite the fact that I mentioned that we shouldn't meddle in other planets'/peoples' affairs. Strange how people listen to my every breath at work in Capsule Corporation and yet, these two, don't hear anything I say!

Anyway, our meddling turned out for the best. As we broke into Don Kia's fortress, we also found our ship that had been stolen from its resting place (we also lost our only dragon radar to a little metal-eating robot, but more to come on that in a minute). We had no choice but to fight. Without our ship, we'd be stranded on this kami-forsaken planet with these people! The crap I deal with back on Earth is nothing compared to this! After several battles and skirmishes with the local military/police and some strong guy who knew about saiyans, we eventually retrieved our ship and displaced the dictator. Y'know, I never thought I'd see myself on a wanted poster...it was unnerving to say the least. At least I didn't inherit my dad's dormant evil gene.

So a recap...we saved the residents, we usurped a dictator, we retrieved our ship, Goku got a good fight in and he got more food, I got the replacement parts to fix the ship, Pan got an ego-boost (she thinks she's the leader of our little group), and everything is well again...until Pan reminded me about the dragon radar. She had found that little robot again and was in the process of trying to beat it out of him. I grabbed the robot from her (how can she treat an artificial intelligent being like that?!) and tried to see if I could retrieve our dragon radar with a bit more finesse. As I was looking the robot over, it suddenly slid its backside open. It revealed the dragon radar screen! The little robot had integrated the dragon radar with itself! Swell, now he has no choice. He's coming along with us. Now, if I can just keep Pan from bashing him. She's so disrespectful to machinery. I wonder if that's why men always complain about women and their incompatibility with machines? I'm not being sexist, but Pan isn't helping her gender any.

Now, with the dragon radar showing a blip, we will head off towards it in hopes of finding our first black-star dragonball. What could go wrong? Hasn't enough gone wrong already? I guess only time will tell.

I need to fly this ship once again so I'd better end this entry here. The next one had better sound better than this or I'm going to be complaining not to Dende, but to the great Kaio-shin himself. I've done nothing in my life to deserve such treatment!