Entry 1: Leaving Earth (and already the shit hits the fan!)

Well, here I am, in the darkness of space. And to think, just this morning, I had awakened and went to work at Capsule Corporation as I usually do. As I tried to leave work, there was my dad, mid-air, dead in my path of escape. I was dragged home, protesting, forced onto this damn mission, and ended up leaving my best friend behind because a certain someone (Pan!!!) decided to stow away and hit the launch button as soon as Goku and I entered. We weren't even seated when the ship launched. My ass is still sore from the high gravitational pull that kept it cemented firmly to the floor until we exited Earth's atmosphere. Thanks a lot Pan. There will be payback. Goten, I hope you're happy. You get to get on with life and date while I'm stuck on this damn mission. How is it you always weasel you way out of things you don't want to do!? It's not fair! I have the worst luck.

Okay, back to this current situation. We are several hours into the mission now and as I said, trouble has already started. Pan stole the main control key, shoved it down what could only be a training bra (sorry Pan, but be honest, you have nothing there yet young lady). Anyway, being the gentleman that I am, I gave up. I wasn't going to pry into a lady's bosom (or lack thereof) to get a key. Yes, if I had retrieved the key, I would've turned this ship around and sent ourselves right back to Earth. Gohan and Videl must be extremely worried by now. I'd like to at least call back, but Pan has staked out her territory around the control console. I'm not dumb enough to challenge a possessed, half-crazed 14-year old quarter saiyan female with an agenda. I'll wait it out. I can't believe all Goku did through it all was eat! Oh well, I respect him too much to yell at him about it. Eventhough he has the body of a little boy again, he's still mentally an adult...I think. I respect my elders, even if they do look like someone I should be babysitting.

Just mere moments after that little incident, the ship lurched and began to back-fire. I looked out one of the observation windows and to my horror, the directional control rocket had detached and was floating away. I had to crash land this ship somewhere! There was no way we could continue without directional control. We'd end up off-course and splatting into some god-forsaken piece of space crap. Anyway, we did land or I wouldn't be typing this entry right now. Once I finish this, I will order us outside and see what this planet is all about. Hopefully it's civilized and has parts. Any parts will do. I can create a new engine from scraps if I have to. I guess I need to thank my mother for my genius intellect and ability to create and repair machines. Oh yeah, that ever mature Pan...well, she cried for her mommy and daddy all the way down. Just thought I'd add that. I know she'll read this at some point and I need something to tease her with.

One quick addition. After the crash, the ship now rests upside-down. I tried to land nicely, but our speed was just too fast. Needless to say, stuff moved in the ship. I just noticed a small kicked-in dent on the wall. It's exactly in the same spot as where the directional control engine was. A cart had been there before the crash...almost as if it was intentionally placed there to hide it. I wonder how that dent got there? I have my suspect already. I'll ask that certain someone (Pan!!!) about it later. Well, time to check this planet out. Hopefully I'll be back safely so I can add another entry into this thing...otherwise, I'm going to be upset that this wasn't my living will instead.