The Wo-man Behind the Capsule

After my first interview with Mr. Briefs himself, I decided to try to get to the heart of the man. As any smart lady knows, the root of a man, is firmly planted at the foot of his mother. Under most circumstances, a man will seek out a future mate that resembles his mother, be it in personality, looks, or both. And so, perhaps to learn more about this enigmatic corporate bachelor, I had to take a slightly different, but rather fruitful angle. This interview is the result of that. Without further adieu, I bring forth my conversation with Mrs. Bulma Briefs, ex-president, now chairwoman of Capsule Corporation and mother of current Capsule Corporation president, Mr. Trunks V. Briefs.

Mrs. Briefs, you are the current chairwoman of the company in which your father started. How much do you control and how much do you leave to your son who is its current president?

Please, just call me Bulma. Mrs. Briefs reminds me too much of my mother. Now, onto your question. Trunks runs the company from nearly every aspect, particularly the daily aspects. I focus primarily on research and development now, much like my father did. On occasion, I pop into a meeting to check up on the latest numbers in profits, overhead, productivity, and such, but my son has a firm grasp of running a corporation.

But from what many have learned, Mr. Briefs has an air of distaste for his job. Is this so?

Trunks dislikes anything that dictates what he has to do and where he has to be. I learned that early on in his life. It's genetic. He ditched school in much the same ways I used to. His father's traits only worsen him. Trunks also has a need to be "free" as he puts it. Roughly translated, he has a need to fool around.

Fool around? That phrase can be taken in several ways, Mrs. Bulma. Care to elaborate?

Heheheh, I KNEW you'd take it the more perverse way first. My son doesn't do such things. Fool around for him is more like flying nowhere, or doing nothing other than what he feels like doing. While I dislike his actions, I understand his reasonings...sometimes. Being a corporate president is a highly stressful job. Trunks' personality isn't designed for paper pushing and constant communication. He has a solitary streak in him like his father and a casual style like his grandfather. But he's good at the job whether he likes it or not. He also knows that running the family business was his 'destiny' of sorts, way back when he was just a boy. The family business is as much of him as his fingers and toes are.

Speaking of personality, he is extremely soft-spoken and gentle while at the same time, aloof and extremely laid-back. I am familiar with his "warrior" background and that he is also one of the famous "golden warriors." How can be such opposites?

I'm sure you're famililar with Son Gohan, the scholar. He too, has a similar background. I don't really know how they manage it, but both Gohan's mother and myself knew that firm control of our sons very early on was vital. Trunks however seems the most passive and gentle of the golden warriors, even to the point of being shy. He really shouldn't be. He never was as a boy and teen. It's strange even to me. But, I won't push the issue with him. If he wants me to know, he'll tell me.

I'm just dying to ask this question so I'll come out with it now. What type of woman would you like to see your son marry?

Ahh yes, the infamous question when one's son is single. At this point, I just hope she IS a female. I don't know what's keeping my son from finding a mate, but an heir for the company is needed soon. It takes a while for a child to be conceived, born, raised, and educated. The longer Trunks waits, the longer he has to be in that position of running the company.

Heheh, uhh you hope that she IS female?

Well you see, Trunks is rather aloof and very open-minded. I do sometimes question his sexuality. He and his best friend Goten are extremely close. I wouldn't put it past them that they tested some of their "patented moves" on each other before daring to make the same moves on some female. Though if he is bi, it's likely only with his friend Goten. I don't see Trunks look at females OR males and shows very little in terms of a sex drive. If he has one, he's damn good at keeping it quiet if his own mother can't sense it.

Aheh, okay. I'm not going to touch that one too much. But honestly Bulma, what type of uhhh, "mate" would you like to see your son have?

One like me. Trunks is too much of a momma's boy. I've raised him that way. His mate is going to have to take care of him in much the same way I do. She also has to be stern and aggressive with him if she's going to curb his stubborn side. Being both spoiled and stubborn, Trunks isn't going to take too well to the term, compromise. In fact, it's those traits that make him a good fit as president of the company too. He doesn't take 'no' for an answer and if he wants something, he gets it.

I see. Street rumor often pairs your son with Pan Son, the granddaughter of Mr. Satan. Any opinions on that one?

She's a bit young for him, but then again, in the corporate world, top execs often take younger wives. There's a bloodline dispute that may pit their fathers against it however. It's too complex to explain to you now however. Personally, Pan has the spunk, flair, aggressiveness, and strength to control my son. They share many things in common. And, Pan would love him for him since she's set financially and she has her own status in society. It would be good for Capsule Corporation as well since Mr. Satan by repute is well known and backed. But, really, those two have been friends for far too long. I don't see them crossing the line in fear of their friendship altering as a result. Trunks used to babysit her. He may think of her as a step-sister of sorts.

Makes sense. Okay, onto his infamous 'hooky' runs. Is it true he de-clothes in mid-air amidst the clouds?

*blushes in anguished embarrassment* I suppose it's true. Rumor has it, small fishing boats have picked up tan suits within their trolling nets before. And, Trunks does purchase new suits quarterly.

Any idea where he goes?

That is a mystery even to me. I know you reporters have been trying to figure that out ever since you found out he flies out the office window. All I do know is that he doesn't return least not until it's time for dinner.

Yeah, he was pretty vague about that topic as well. Guess he wants to keep this matter a secret for now, even from his own mother.

But mother can ALWAYS find out. All I need to do is simply send his father out after him. Or perhaps Vegeta does already know since he is able to intercept him frequently when necessary. I'll allow Trunks this little "escape" for long as Capsule Corporation doesn't suffer in productivity, morale, and so forth. The first slight dip in profits, overhead, or employee morale and I'll be all over him like white on rice.

Guess for Trunks' sake, let's hope CC doesn't suffer any economic backlashes. Onto another work-related topic. Who chose his secretary, him or you? She's rather attractive in her own way. Does Trunks even notice? And vice versa, do you think his secretary notices that her boss is a very attractive man?

She was chosen by me. In fact, she's been with the company longer than Trunks has been running it. Her father was a research partner in the company with my father, Dr. Briefs. When Trunks first assumed presidency, he seemed to notice her, but once I and his father informed him of the punishments for fraternizing with fellow employees, he backed off and grew used to her. And in turn, I discussed with her, the penalties if ever she tried anything with my son. She's aware of his attractiveness, but is able to ignore him and do her job without distraction, unlike so many of the other female employees.

So Trunks IS a distraction at work?

Yes. I figured with the conservative customized tan suits and eyeglasses, his attractiveness would be toned down a bit. It doesn't seem to help much. They [female employees] seem even more entranced. Perhaps it's because they already know what he looks like without the suits and glasses.I guess it's just something that has to be lived with.

Do I detect a hint of pride in your voice?

Well, he IS MY son.

Heheh, ok. I get it. Where do you see your son in five years?

Hopefully settled down and married with children. Heheh, but I don't have high hopes for that. As each year progesses however, he does seem to spend more time at work and less out the window. Perhaps age is finally wearing down his reckless, immature spirit a little.

Mr. Briefs reckless and immature? I find that hard to imagine.

Oh dear, you haven't experienced him on a daily basis! If he's not fully awake or alert, he's a grade A clutz. He trips over imaginary wires, his own feet, or anything else his body can find to stumble upon. He drops things as if his brain doesn't control his hands. Off work, he's so much like a boy, that many people who run across him doubt that he is that young president of Capsule Corporation. He loves to play or rather romp. He and Goten will gab like little girls or get into little sparring matches like two boys fighting over the same toy. He'll whine and moan if his little sister eats the last muffin. And he'll do the weirdest things in anticipation of a little 'fun.'

"Fun?" In what way?

He's an amusement park junkie. He's been addicted to amusement parks since his very first visit to one. He also likes to, what's the phrase they use...ah yes, 'dine and dash' though I haven't heard him do this since his late teens. He'll dodge trains at the last minute, see how many traffic infractions he can get in a single night, play pranks on family and friends, and so forth. But strangely enough, his "fun" does have limits. He dislikes clubbing, bars, big social events.

Mr. Briefs a "bad boy", hard to imagine!

It's his father's fault. Anyway, so long as he's like this, I have little hope for him finding a mate and settling down...unless the lady is shares similar habits. And if that's the case, I'd fear for what their kids would be like. My grandchildren would be the ultimate brats.

Okay, now I recall in my interview with your son, a question about the building. He was quick to mention the "design" as not being his own, but rather yours. Any input into this?

The design was meant to send a message to Capsule Corporation's competitors. In business, there's still and air of sexism. Female executives are not taken as seriously as male ones. Half my problems with other companies may have been due to what I lacked between my legs so to speak. Male presidents were uncomfortable and meetings were awkward. Many business deals are made "off the job" or rather in bars, on golf courses, even in the men's bathroom. I had little access or comfort within such places. So, Capsule Corporation often didn't get the contracts or deals it could've, if only because it was helmed by a female. I was so excited that my son would soon take control of the company and ached for a little "revenge" of sorts. To let the competitive companies know that Capsule Corporation was soon to become a serious power player once again, I had the new building built. The penis and balls shape sent the message that a male was once again going to be in command. The huge building, its shape, and Trunks' youth and warrior reputation sent a very serious message. It sent shivers to competitors, made new allies and partnerships, and put some presidents' tails between their legs.

So the design wasn't that perverted afterall. There was a reason for it. Heheh, I like your approach.

Why thank you. I do put thought into everything you know.

*afterthought* I think I have an idea where some of Trunks' ego came from.

Well, I need to wind this interview down, but one final question Mrs. Bulma. Is your son going to express his interest in inventing and creating such as you and his grandfather?

He already has, but not on the primary production line. He's modified several appliances in our home. He's even modified some of my modified works. He takes an active role in Capsule Corporation's "appearance" from logos to marketing and advertising. He likes to repair things or modify them. Trunks has two cars that are so modified that they hardly look like our production models anymore. Though the bulk of the modifications seen cosmetic aside from the slight boost he's given to the engine. Now don't get me wrong, he doesn't build street rods or racing type cars...he just seems to have a need for satisfying his definition of "cool."

So perhaps there is a chance we'll see some designs and models from the young president someday?

At the rate he's's difficult to say. He can't get out of his current position until a suitable replacement is created. And his current position allows little time for creative endeavors on such a large scale. I gave it to him plain and simple after he assumed presidency...give me grandchildren and those grandchildren will be his ticket out of that position.

Heheh...and once again, we return to the grandchildren issue. I don't know who to pity or him. Thank you so much for the interview and your time Mrs. Bulma. You have perhaps shed a bit more light on your enigmatic, charming son.

You're quite welcome. Perhaps we'll do this again sometime.

Perhaps we will.

And thus concludes yet another interview as I am still left wondering about the young president of Capsule Corporation and his rather 'colorful' family.