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Author's note: An asterisk (*) means a character is talking to him/herself. Also, I am neither a T/P or T/M fan. I am simply a fan of the two Trunks' (and Gohan of course) and write 'possibilities' like this one below on occasion just to see how the characters would fit into a given situation. I'm sure a Marron one will pop in my head someday too. It's just a matter of time.

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I don't need no license
To sign on no line
And I don't need no preacher
To tell me you're mine
I don't need no diamonds
I don't need no new bride
I just need you, baby
To look me in the eye
*Yeah and get decked by one angry father and then thrown into the crowd so they can pick over my bones because you're a pervboy! * Trunks thought as the lyrics pounded reality into his soul. He sighed mournfully. Since the blackstar dragonball hunt, he had developed a fondness for Gohan's only child and darling little girl, Pan. At first it was merely friendship and a 'big brother' type of relationship with her, but as the year progressed he felt it becoming a little bit more. After the battle with Super 17 and later the evil dragons of Shen Long, it manifested into a growing pulse within his heart and soul. And a few years after that, Pan blossomed into a beautiful young lady and headed off to college. It was her leaving that gave the corporate demi-saiyan his solid calling. He was in love with Son Pan and there was nothing he could do to remedy the situation.
I know they have a hard time
And your Daddy don't approve
But I don't need your Daddy
Telling us what we should do
*Damn straight! I'm the son of the prince of saiyans afterall! But then again, Gohan's a stronger and more experienced fighter than I am. Ah, I'm still screwed!* his thoughts told the already depressed demi-saiyan. Before her departure, Pan had told Trunks all about the little crush she'd had on him since she was a little girl. She also revealed that it wasn't a crush anymore. She didn't say anymore, but the look in her eyes revealed the words of her heart. Trunks didn't need to hear the words to know what she meant. He was too stunned to reveal his own feelings to her on that day, but swore inwardly that he'd tell her somehow...just as soon as he could find a 'safe' way of doing so. Bonding the Kakarrot and Vegeta bloodlines was going to stress both the Briefs and Son families. There was just too much damn pride and competition on both sides for it to be accepted peacefully.
So I say baby, can you tell me just where we fit in
I call it love, the call it living in sin
Is it you and me or just this world we live in
I say we're living on love, they say we're living in sin
*Oh you stupid song! You just had to remind me of that didn't you!* Trunks cursed to himself while snapping the pencil he was holding in half. The reality was that Pan was exactly half his age. Sure she was a young adult now, but he could practically be her father. Though rare, it wasn't unheard of whereby a fourteen year old boy impregnated a female. At fourteen he wasn't at all concerned about such things, but the math was still there, emphasizing that age gap between Pan and him. Here she was, spending her first year in college and here he was, a 32-year old corporate president. Of course, he'd seen other presidents with young females at their side. It wasn't uncommon for old execs to do that afterall. But, something just didn't seem right about it to Trunks. In his mind, those presidents were just dirty old perverts in a way similar to Master Roshi only with a real female rather than pictures. Trunks was above that. He was still young, handsome, and capable of attracting females within age groups similar to his own. To his family and probably Pan's, he had no reason to 'prey' on Pan as they may term it.
Is it right for both our parents
Who fight it out most nights
Then pray for God's forgiveness
When they both turn out the lights
Or wear that ring of diamonds
When your heart is made of stone
You can talk but still say nothing
You stay together but alone
*Hmm, not totally true to our families yet, but if they get wind of you and I dear Pan, all hell will break loose within our families. Both of our dads will have new reason to train and fight again and I will of course be dead. I can't fight them both and I would be both of their primary targets. * Trunks pondered while swivelling around in his chair to gaze out the window behind him.
Or is it right to hold you
And kiss your lips goodnight
They say the promise is forever
If you sign it on the dotted line
*If we marry before our families find out, then they can't do much about it can they? But that's rushing things a little. We don't even know if that's where our love lays. We haven't even dated or done anything beyond friendship afterall. But of course that's a whole other thing. What will happen to our friendship Pan? We're kindred souls uncertain of the flame within us. Okay, I can't speak for you, but I know I'm still unsure about this unfamiliar ground I'm treading upon. I've never felt this way with any female before. You kindle the flame within me when I think of you. You ignite that flame whenever I'm near you. And yet, where did the spark originate from? Friendship? Love? Destiny? Some saiyan thing we don't know about? I'm still confused, but if that flame is discovered to be from the spark of love, then I will most certainly follow the course it ignites. Perhaps marrying you? Could I handle that? Could I live up to your expectations of me for the rest of my life? Raise a family? Wait, backup there Trunks, first you have to make that family. Are you capable of going that far with Pan?* Trunks thought while continuing to gaze out the window and ignoring his office buzzer.
Baby, can you tell me just where we fit in
I call it love, they call it living in sin
Is it you and me or just this world we live in
I say we're living on love, they say we're living in sin
Living in sin
I don't know where to begin
I don't know where we fit in
Living in sin
* I'm just so unsure of everything Pan. Will you wait for me? Or will you find some strapping young man your own age while away at your studies? If I wait, will it be too late for us? Or will it allow us both to find the true meaning of our souls? Oh but Pan, if it's not you then I fear I will be alone for the rest of my life! I haven't ever felt this way about a lady before and that means odds are, I may never again. You are the only one willing to look beyond my fame and fortune and love me for me alone. I've yet to find another female who will love me for me and maybe I don't want to even look anymore. Oh dearest Pan, I really need to talk to you! Maybe if I---* Trunks' thoughts were suddenly cut off by the sound of his door being opened. He quickly spun back around in his chair and tried to look busy. Only one other person knew the code to his door...his mother.
*At least I didn't fly out the window this time.* Trunks thought before responding.
"I'm sorry mother. I wasn't daydreaming. I was deep in thought about something serious."
Bulma quickly changed her tune. "Do you mean serious as in company business?"
"Not really, the company's fine. Nothing bad's going to happen to it." *Perhaps something good though if I married Pan and she became co-President.* Trunks thought as he drifted into his mind again.
Trunks snapped back out of his thoughts and stared dumbly at his mother.
"Trunks, for a man of your age, you act like a little schoolboy sometimes."
* Didn't you feel younger when you were caught up in love mom? Or is it not love at all between you and father?* Trunks thought. "Sorry. I've just got a lot on my mind today mother."
"Care to share it then? It often helps if you talk to someone. And you know mother is always there for you."
*You might actually like me and Pan together seeing how you want grandchildren so much, but no, it's too risky. Eventhough I trust you to keep secrets from father, I can't risk you gossiping to ChiChi, Videl, or even 18.*
"Sorry mom. I need to figure it out within my own head first. I promise you, I'll discuss it with you if I need to at some point. Okay?"
Bulma eyed her son suspiciously. "Whatever it is, it's got you rattled. You better not be in trouble with anyone or anything are you?"
"Of course not mother. I'm not the boy I used to be."
"But you admit you're still a boy nonetheless."
*Would a boy be contemplating the commitment of marriage? I think not. * "No mother, I'm a man and my concerns are that of an adult. It's just a rather controversial subject right now."
Trunks choked a cough. "No mother, I'm NOT gay. And Goten's my best friend. Fusion has nothing to do with it. Goten and I are as separate as we were before learning that technique."
Realizing that she wasn't going to get anywhere with her son, Bulma decided to leave it be. Unlike ChiChi, she didn't force an issue especially physically. Bulma learned that by backing down, she'd get more fruitful results. Standing up to Vegeta worked, but he was a full-blooded saiyan. It didn't work the same on her demi-saiyan children. Backing down actually brought them closer to her. The last time she had faced off against her son, he had run from the ordeal and it took many months to get him to open up to her again. She'd not make this mistake again. She wasn't going to lose her only son that way.
"Trunks, just remember, I'm there for you if you ever feel like talking."
"Sure mom. Thanks."
Bulma nodded and began to leave his office. She then remembered something and stopped. Trunks just continued to stare at her.
Trunks stood, stiffened up, and saluted. "YES MA'AM CHAIRWOMAN!"
Bulma stifled her laugh as she shut his door. *Hmmm...I wonder if he's finally in love? Oh, I do so hope!* she thought as she made her way to the board meeting on the floor below.
Trunks returned to his seat. *She's on to me. I could see it in her eyes. Pan, I gotta sort through my heart and soul faster now. Are you thinking of me? Please Dende, let her be thinking of me?*
Elsewhere many miles away Pan's attention turned towards a window in the lecture hall. *Trunks, I miss you so much already! Are you thinking of me? Probably not. But maybe you are? The day I left, I could see it in your eyes. Was it love? Can we be more than just friends? Oh how I wish it can be. I'd love to take you away from that stuffy, cramped office and show you how to live once again. From the stories Goten tells me, you were once fun and energetic. That job has dulled you. You deserve more than that. How can you calm your saiyan blood enough to even do such a boring job? It must rage within you sometimes. How do you control it so? Or are you? Maybe I can be the one to harness its fury and show you what life has to offer. I know you need to run your family's business, but I can relieve you of all of its stresses and dullness when you come home. Come home? Did I just say that? Jeez, I'm already thinking of marriage and I'm not even out of my teens yet! Trunks, this is all your fault! But then again, I'm not really complaining. Heh, beware purple-haired son of Vegeta, Pan is on the prowl and she's following her heart. I will not give up until I've hunted you down, won your heart, and taken you for my own.*
And from atop Kame's Lookout, Dende smiled deviously.