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Introspective...the sequel Part 9

A few months passed by after that party.The wedding date loomed ominously close. While both Pan and Trunks were impatient in the waiting, they both knew that things needed to simmer down slightly. For roughly a month after the 'official' announcement, Trunks had to deal with the reverberations at the office, in the stock market, and with the press. Such is the fate of a hot, bachelor corporate president who announces he is no longer going to be such.

Capsule Corporation's share holders were pleased that the company president was going to finally settle down. This meant that as Trunks' personal life became more consistent and predictable, the company would likely stabilize and not flux as it had currently been. Trunks would likely display a greater maturity and responsiblity both at home and at work now. This was good news indeed and gave them the confidence to keep the company stocks sound and profitable.

The press had a field day or rather month. They hounded the company's employees for tidbits, occasionally stalked the president's limo or personal vehicle, and followed leads to family and friends. Eventually, all of this stopped however. Last word out was that lives were being threatened by the mate of chairwoman, Bulma Briefs. Given the reputation of her mate, all took the threat seriously and left the family and friends alone. Bulma wanted to increase security at the company, but Trunks veteod it. He was a super saiyan afterall. Still, he couldn't figure out why or how packages of ladies underwear still reached his hands. If Pan ever found out, she'd read the return address and personally fry the undies in front of the owner then probably fry said owner as well. Trunks tried to shrug off the ladies who were pleading for him to reconsider, but there were more than he knew existed. Rather than feel pride for his popularity, he felt more embarrassed and shy by it all. It took mom, Bulma's stern and solid public reply to these ladies to finally get them to stop. He was a taken man now and there was nothing they could do to change that so it was best to just get over it and move on (yeah, right).

Pan too, was not immune to the public hounding. At the university, she was continuously dogged by press, other students, even teachers who were curious as to how on earth she nabbed the planet's most eligible bachelor. Her grades plummeted due to her lack of studying and always being bothered. She wanted to drop out and let things cool off, but Trunks wouldn't allow it. She could transfer to another school if she liked, but AFTER the wedding. Besides, Gohan would have both their heads if she ditched school. Neither were going to give Gohan anything that could spark that fuse still simmering within him. Sure he accepted the pairing, but it was obvious that he still harbored some hostility too. It was only natural afterall. Gohan was losing his little girl and only child and had to accept that another man would protect and care for her now rather than himself.

Even Mr. Satan was feeling some of the pressure. His dear little granddaughter was getting married to the hottest corporate president around. In terms of hot, it wasn't just his looks, it was what he could do with his company. Satan City would welcome this union as it may bring a greater presence of Capsule Corporation into their town. A booming, successful company like Capsule Corp would bring jobs, prestige, income, and moer growth to a city that already had its own glorious reputation. Perhaps Trunks would consider a secondary headquarters in Satan City rather than just the current distributorships.

And on the other side of the continent, West Capital City was rejoicing as well. The name and affiliation of Mr. Satan could further the city's economic and political prowess. It already had the top company, the top corporate president, and the top inventor. Now it could add the granddaughter of a World Champion (or rather two World Champions) to that. With such, perhaps they'd attract the top scholar as well. He was, afterall, her daddy.

Trunks hadn't said anything about where he and Pan were going to live. In fact, he hadn't even considered that aspect. He was still living in his family's large home and assumed he'd be there for many years to come. It dawned on him in the office when a realtor was discussing rezoning for one of Capsule Corp's distribution centers. Pan was deeply rooted, like all Sons, to Mount Paozu and family. Yet, he was deeply rooted by his family and its business to West Capital City. He didn't feel it right to make her live so far away from her home and yet, he couldn't move far from his either. Mount Paozu was getting rather crowded however. Gohan had moved next door. Goten was also considering being on the other side of next door. Typical momma's boys...they never stray far from home. He smacked himself with a clip board. He couldn't say much about Gohan and Goten because he was one too. Ah well, the problem could wait. The realtor was beginning to look bored at Trunks' nonresponse to his question. Trunks tried to zone back in to work, but as time ticked closer to that wedding date, Trunks was finding it harder and harder to keep his mind on work and his body at work. He was enjoying his speedy flights to the university to catch lunch, dinner, etc. with his beloved Pan. He wanted her to move in with them at the Briefs residence, but again, distance was a factor. Add to that, sharing his bedroom in his 'parents' house just didn't seem appealing either. Besides, her father had paid for that dorm room for her. It was best she used it.

After shooing the realtor out, Trunks had a moment of privacy. Locking his office door so nobody would even consider barging in...ahem, his secretary or surprise attack, err, visit from his mother, he picked up the phone and dialed Pan's dorm room.

"Pan Son here."


"Trunks?! Whatta you doing, ditching some meeting?"

There was no reply from the other end of the line.

"Trunks, your mom will kill you."

"I'm not ditching...yet. I just got out of an appointment with a client. But hey, I was wondering, have you considered where we're gonna live?"

"Now that you mention it, no, but since you brought it up..."

"You're no help Pan."

"And I thought corporate presidents were capable of decisions."

"This is supposed to be mutual."


"I dunno...just is."

"I'll live where ever you live Trunks."

"That gives me nothing to go on Pan."

"I know."

"You enjoy being cruel to me don't ya?"

"You already know the answer to that."

"That's what bothers me."


"Hey, I can be mean too. Afterall, I invented brattiness."

"We'll see who's the royal brat...just wait."

"I'm the royal brat...you're just a low class brat."

"You'd stoop to that wouldn't ya?"

"I did didn't I?"

"We'll see who wears the saiyan tail in our family. Just wait. Now you'd better get off the phone before your mother or sec busts ya making personal calls when you should be doing work."

"You take the fun outta my life Pan."

"I'll put it back in when you're OFF THE CLOCK. Now get back to work!"

"Yes mom, geesh."

"What was that sir?"

"Yes ma'am!"

"Better. I love ya."

"Love ya too, but only if you get an A on the next exam."

"No fair."

"Really? I thought reward systems work very well. Call it incentive."

"What will you give me if I do?"

"It's a secret."

"Trunks, I have half a mind to---"

"Sorry...gotta get back to work, remember. Laters babe!" Trunks interrupted as he quickly hung up the phone.

On the other end, Pan pulled the phone from her ear and growled at it. *Oh Trunks! You're such a damn tease!* Pan thought before placing the phone back on its receiver and returned to her school work.

Meanwhile, Trunks was paged by his secretary. He quickly unlocked the door and was hit by a barrage of appointments, times, schedules,etc. Rolling his eyes, he nodded to his secretary and tried to send her nagging voice to the back of his mind. She was worse than his mother sometimes. Perhaps that's why his mother had recommended her. Once again, as always, he fell prey to his mother's traps. The deepest one however, was accepting the responsibility of taking over the running of the company. He still hadn't quite figured out how she duped him into that. No matter, he couldn't back out now. His secretary told him where he was to be at the moment...the lower boardroom for an 'overview' meeting. Trunks raised an eyebrow at her. He'd never heard of such. She scowled for a moment before telling him that he was pretty much just attending it, not running it so there was no need to worry. Trunks let out a sigh of relief. He could tolerate meetings where he was a spectator rather than leader. It allowed him to relax somewhat rather than always thinking and being attentive.

As he made his way to the boardroom, he passed several departments. There were snickers among the females. This struck Trunks as odd. They never snickered before. Stranger things had happened before though so he just shrugged it off. What he failed to notice was the lack of male employees in the areas he passed.

A security guard stood beside the boardroom doors. When Trunks approached, he grinned strangely.

"Welcome Mr. President. We've been waiting for you."

*Great, another 'late' joke.* Trunks thought as he waited for the doors to open completely. Suddenly there was a huge roar, many cheers, corks popping, and paper shreds flying, not-to-mention several rolls of toilet paper from the men's rooms. Not reacting immediately, Trunks caught sight of the banner glittering in the back or rather head area of the room. It read: "Welcome to the last days of freedom Mr. President." Further inspection revealed the male presidents and execs not only from his company, but from many other companies as well. Gohan, Goten, Yamcha, and several others were also in attendance.

*Well, it could've been worse a lady could've...*

Before Trunks could complete his own thoughts, a large cake was rolled over and a bimbo in a bunny suit popped out of the thing.

*Note to self: take that back.* Trunks thought as he simply smiled and entered what was turning out to be the strangest 'meeting' he'd ever participated in.

to be continued...

How could I write a fic like this without a bachelor party eh? Next chap...Trunks is hearing bells. And Pan's partying too. Wedding bells prepare to sound a new chapter in the life of two saiyan bloods. Ding dong, the freedom's gone!