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Introspective...the sequel Part 8

Pan and Trunks arrived at the Briefs family residence to hoot and hollers. ChiChi's car was there as well.

"That was quick. Sometimes I wonder if your grandmother has a 'special' engine in that thing that allows her to driver faster than a super saiyan can fly."

"It was your grandfather's model so you tell me."

"I DON'T want to think about it. C'mon, let's go see if we are the attention-getters." Trunks joked as they entered.

Sure enough, they were not just greeted, but rather swarmed by those inside. Bra's mouth was running a mile a minute and Bulma and ChiChi were showing their skills as hens as well.

"Mom, please, slow down! Too many hens clucking!" Trunks yelled, his deep bellow resounding over the higher pitched female voices. It worked. All hushed.

Bulma gleemed with pride. "That's my corporate boy! Commanding an audience with that wonderful voice!"

Trunks blushed. Leave it to his mother to quickly find a way to embarrass him in front of others by bragging.

"Mother please. I don't yell at my employees like that. I only seem to have to use this voice around this house for some odd reason. Now, if you all give us a chance, we'll make a deal with you. Pan and I will explain the whole thing to you but only IF over a full course meal. We're starved!"

Pan nodded. It was indeed good to have a corporate exec for a future husband. She imagined all sorts of potential uses for his job skills.

Almost as if Trunks could read her mind, he replied to her. "See, never give away anything for free. Always try to get something out of it, with more favorable terms for yourself." Trunks coached.


"Well Pan, if you're going to share my life, you're going to have to know a little bit about how to run a large corporation. Afterall, I could end up making you my co-president."


Trunks chuckled and responded no further. Instead, he followed the fresh wiffs of food smells to the kitchen to try for his usual pre-meal handouts. Pan followed, curious.

Ever since Trunks was a little boy, he knew how to pull his mother's strings. Perhaps he'd even done so as a baby, but there was no way for him to recollect those memories. Now a fully grown man, Trunks continued to use tactics on his mother that never seemed to fail.

Cautiously, he peered over his mother's shoulder with a look of curiousity. Trunks was now the tallest member of his family so it was difficult to conceal anything from him. When he was shorter, he used to levitate and peer over her shoulder in much the same manner. Now it just didn't require as much effort. Sure enough, his mother gave him a slice of not-fully cooked meat. It was one of his and his father's favorites. The two would eat steak raw if given a chance. Trunks thanked her and was about to slide the piece of meat down his throat before he realized that he now had another to think about.

Pan licked her lips upon seeing the strip of meat. It was her eyes that he felt upon him just before downing the morsel. He decided this would be time for yet another game. He bent down onto his knees, left the strip of meat half hanging from his mouth and beckoned her towards him.

Saiyan instincts intact, she read his motive. If she wanted some of the meat, she had to fight for it by pulling on the other end in a sort of tug-of-war using mouths rather than hands. How much meat she'd get would depend on how much she could pull from him before he could gulp it all down for himself.

Trunks partially smirked as her mouth grabbed the other half. His intentions weren't what she was thinking. When she tugged, he was sure to slowly slide the meat further down his throat, forcing her mouth to grab meat closer to his own. As this continued, the meat ran out. Trunks' and Pan's lips met. Trunks used his fairly sharp teeth to sever the meat in half, allowing half of it to fall into Pan's mouth, but as it did so, he closed lips onto hers in a quick kiss before pulling back and chewing on his own partial piece. Pan was slightly surprised, but she did enjoy his unique methods of affection. Not-to-mention, he was kind enough to give her some of the hard earned scrumptous meat.

"That was sick brother." Bra said disgusted at the strange show of affection. Both Pan and Trunks stuck their tongues out then smirked.

"If you don't like then don't watch." Trunks retorted before returning to his feet.

ChiChi and Bulma hadn't seen it. They were too busy cooking up a tempest of a meal. A meal which Trunks and Pan couldn't wait to demolish into their stomachs.

Meanwhile, both the phone and door intercom rang simultaneously. Bra grabbed the phone, leaving Trunks to the doorcom.

"Sure Gohan, Videl, come on up. ChiChi's already here." Trunks replied to the doorcom.

Elsewhere on the phone...

"Mom! Krillin and family are on line one. They heard the news and want to come over."

"Sure why not. In fact, we just developed a good excuse for a party anyway."

"Mother, I do believe Pan and I get credit for this 'excuse.' We were going to suggest the Kame House, but here is just as good."

several hours later...

It was another Big Briefs Bash. Everyone gathered as they did to celebrate the victory over Majin Buu and Gohan and Videl's wedding. Once everyone was satisfied with their meals (with these warriors, it was always food first, words later), Bulma gathered everyone with her resounding voice. Once everyone's attention was hers, she handed the floor to her son.

Slightly embarrassed about having to reveal his personal life, Trunks blushed, but began after an encouraging nudge from his fiance.

"Uh, yeah, hi all. As you may know, my mother gathered you all here in celebration of something. Something Pan and I wish to announce now. I, Trunks Vegeta Briefs had asked Pan Son for her hand in marriage and she accepted. The wedding plans are already underway and I'm sure details can be discussed with either my mother or ChiChi. Now, Pan, you have anything to say?" Trunks ended, revealing a devillish smirk.

"I'll get you back for making me do this Trunks." Pan whispered as she took stepped forward.

"I wouldn't have it any other way Pan." Trunks softly replied back.

Pan briefly turned to her fiance and stuck out her tongue. He simply winked which irritated her more, but she had to ignore it, the usually impatient warriors gathered were staring at her.

"Uh, yeah...oh, Trunks already said that didn't he? Heheh, my bad. Well, I don't have anything more to say, Trunks made it obvious and to the point. So, all I can say is...PARTY ON!!!" Pan said with a whoop as those below applauded and congratulated them.

"I knew it was leading to this all along." Pan and Trunks heard in the crowd. It was Yamcha. Go figure the guy actually thought he was some kind of fortune teller now. Pan was about to approach him when Trunks placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked back and met his amused eyes.

"Don't bother Pan. Let him have what little he does. Now, we need to follow my mom to the 'henhouse.' I think they wanna talk dates and times."


"Sorry, I'm being chauvenistic. The gathering of my mother, your grandmother, 18, Marron, Bra, Videl, and any other female that's here that I may have forgotten. They're in the kitchen clucking away and if we're going to have a say in any bit of our wedding we'd better join in. If we don't, they may even plan out our honeymoon!"

Pan laughed. She'd never joined the 'gathering of females' due to her tomboyish ways. She was usually trying to get into the conversations and antics of the males at any festivity. Images of seeing a piece of paper laying out what they were to be doing each hour of their honeymoon popped into her mind. 8:00am: you two had better be up. Fix Breakfast. 9:00am: Eat Breakfast. 10:00am clean dishes 11:00am nice walk...and so on. Most of their hours would be taken up and not include what honeymoons were all about...SEX.

"Yes, I suppose for YOUR sake, we need to get in there."

Trunks looked at her with an eyebrow raised. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You need to make your reservations for sex. They'll omit that you know."

Trunks blushed. "You're not going to let go of that are you?"

"You started it with all that talk of honeymoon on the brain."

"No fair."

"I'm not fair."

"Not again."

"Not what?"

"Pan stop."

"You stop."

"I didn't start."

"Yes you did."

"I did not."

"Hey guys, they're not even married yet and already a spousal spat! They'll definitely have a long lasting marriage. She's eroding his balls already!" Yamcha yelled. The others laughed. Trunks and Pan both blushed and wasted no time entering the kitchen.

Bulma looked at her son's reaction. They had heard it. He was blushing and looking somewhat confused.

"Don't worry son. It'll dawn on you soon enough. The power we women have is stronger than a level four super saiyan, right ladies?"

They all agreed, including Pan.

Trunks said nothing. From his past experiences, he had learned to never challenge a woman's word. Perhaps his mother molded him into that belief, but his father emphasized it by his own actions. The mighty saiyan prince had fallen to such. There was no way Trunks would be stupid enough to try his luck.

"Awwww, don't worry Trunks. You'll get to borrow your penis every once in a while...per Pan's approval." Bulma continued and again, the ladies roared with laughter.

Trunks couldn't believe the torture! First he's humiliated by the guys and now the gals were mincing the rest of his once confident ego. But Trunks was a resourceful, intelligent, and manipulative man. "Pan, I leave you to secure the dates we discussed.And above all else, make sure I have the day off from work. Knowing my mother, she'll make me work half a day at least." He then gave a stern, serious look to each and every hen, err, lady sitting at the table. "I WILL plan the honeymoon myself. It is my right." he finished solidly as he confidently strided out of the danger of the henhouse.

"The cock has spoken ladies. Cluck, cluck to that."

"Hey, that's my soon-to-be husband, grandma!"

"Pan dear, don't worry, we will take you under our guiding wings and help you master the skills needed to maintain the leash on a saiyan. You may have the hardest time with yours. He's got Bulma's brains, Vegeta's pride, and a sexual prowess that's been reinforced by years of women cooing over him. Right ladies."

"Well, I knew I wasn't getting any virgin. Eeesh."

Meanwhile, Trunks rejoined the party.

"The cock should never enter the henhouse when he is outnumbered. He roosts from a distance."

"Way to look out for me. Where was that wisdom two minutes ago Krillin?"

"We figured you knew what your were doing. I mean, you being intelligent and all. " Krillin replied.

Trunks had to look at Gohan for some reason. Gohan was the other extremely intelligent saiyan who had been whipped, not just by his wife, but by his own mother. Gohan caught his gaze and just gave him that goofy Goku grin.

"I'm doomed."

"No. It's not all that bad. They make sure we're fed, clothed, sheltered, and get regular intervals of sex. They attend to your every need and desire. What more could a man want?"

"So, I sacrafice my male pride in the name of being catered to? Hmm, sounds like I do get the better end of the deal...but Pan is..."

"Once they get through with her, she will be a changed woman, just like her mother was. From warrior to wife, you just watch Trunks."

"But I want to keep the warrior in her."

"So make sparring your foreplay."

Trunks groaned. This marriage stuff was sounding so much more complicated than even the most detailed, complex business deal. His eyes coursed the party room and located a green Namek that wasn't Piccolo.

Dende felt his stare and grinned innocently.

Trunks rolled his eyes. This was indeed going to be an interesting chapter in his life. He grabbed a can of beer and downed it in one gulp. He needed to clear his head, not that making his head fuzzy would do such, but it felt right at the moment. He didn't feel like thinking for a while anyway.

to be continued.

Next chapter...the wedding's set and ready. It's the largest wedding ever seen in the West Capital City! Capsule Corp stock is going through the roof! Now what was the deal again? Trunks, you'd better remember your lines!