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Introspective...the sequel Part 7

Trunks pointed to a region for the pilot to land. Once there, he immediately shooed the pilot off, telling him to doubleback and return to the university, pick up the vice president, then return back to Capsule Corporation. As the helicopter became a spec in the sky, Trunks surveyed his surroundings, then looked back at Pan.

"This isn't going to be easy." he said softly.

"Is anything ever easy when it has to do with you?"

"You have a point there, but our dads are really fired up. Their powerlevels are both above my strongest right now. That's not saying that either of them are finished in their powerup either. Goten's also en route though I have no idea why." Trunks said as he powered up slightly, but not enough to encourage a fight. The purpose was to draw the two fuming fathers to them, not send them on a warrior frenzy.

Pan searched the kis. "If we're meant to be, we'll get through this." she replied, also powering up.

"Leave it to the Son bloodline to rely on destiny. Pan, as much as I want to believe that, I believe in MAKING my own destiny. I'm confident we were meant to be and so, I will make this happen." Trunks said with an ounce of pride though inwardly he was praying to Dende. His father's pride and confidence-driven tactics rarely proved successful, but they often set worriers at ease. He hoped this would be so with Pan.

"Leave it to the son of Vegeta to boast prowess. Trunks this is not where your strength comes in. This is where your wit and intelligence comes in...traits from your MOTHER. If I ever welcomed your manipulative techniques with words, it would be now."

Trunks managed a sly smirk before the first visitor arrived on the scene. It was his father.

Vegeta landed some distance away, obviously gauging the situation first. He just stood there on a rocky outcrop with arms crossed and a serious pout on his face. He said nothing, but rather just stared at them.

*That's it dad. Stay with your classic maneuvers. I can predict you then and focus on the main unknown, Gohan.*

Just as Trunks completed his thoughts, Gohan landed much closer. He stared at his daughter as if to ask 'why', but quickly turned his angry gaze onto Trunks. His expression read 'challenge' and Trunks knew he had to be very careful. As his father once said, 'there's no telling what Gohan is capable of if he loses his head.' Out of respect and acknowledgement of Gohan's strength, Trunks avoided direct eye contact with the older man. Hopefully this would cause Gohan to powerdown slightly out of honorable respect for the youger man's admittance of inferior strength.

Gohan did acknowledge Trunks' display, but only slightly. Before he spoke, he glanced at Vegeta, standing above and behind them. The royal saiyan remained unchanged. Gohan took this as his opportunity to deal with the situation first. It was best afterall. Vegeta had shown he could attain the same powerlevels as Goku, even super saiyan level 4. He was a very dangerous man, especially if given a chance at battle and Gohan preferred to keep the situation as even as possible. Vegeta acknowledged Gohan's right to dissect the situation first. It was a respect he had for the oldest son of Kakarrot ever since the Cell Game.

Goten arrived at that time as well. He powered down and stood off to the side, some distance from his brother. His choice of location revealed nothing about which side he would be on should it come to that. He made it clear that he was just observing for the time being.

Trunks noticed his arrival and a flicker of hope if the situation became physical was now possible. With Goten, they could use fusion. Gohan, having lost his mystic powerup, could be overpowered since he was now limited to level 2 at his peak. Vegeta, without Bulma's machine could not attain a level any higher than level 2, or 3 if he had actually worked on it. Gotenks had attained level 3. They would be even. But, of course, this was only assuming Goten would side with his best friend and niece.

Once all the saiyans knew their place, Gohan stepped forward to face the couple-to-be.

"Pan, step aside please. I wish to speak to Trunks alone."

"No dad. I won't. What you say to him, you also say to me now."

Gohan growled. He hadn't expected his little girl to be so brazen and to him no less. He didn't acknowledge his daughter any further,but rather focused on the lavendar-haired man before him. It was now that Trunks' blue eyes met Gohan's dark ones. He had to show his strength and courage now. He had to show her father that he too, could protect and defend her. By standing up to her father, perhaps, he would prove worthy. Gohan did admire the balls of the act, but he was going to test Trunks from another angle...a match of intelligence. Gohan didn't care much about the physical strength of a mate for his little girl. He cared most about his intelligence and common sense. Trunks had already proved common sense...to an extent. He did lead them away from innocent people and he did know enough to associate with Pan away from his and Vegeta's cautious eyes. This meant Trunks was at least thinking. Now, the question was how much and from which location of his body...heart, mind, or prick.

"Was this planned?"

"Define 'planned.' No, I did NOT plan to fall in love with your daughter. It just happened, over time. No, I did not expect her to return the feeling. Yes, the proposal was planned. It was the next logical step for us both once I realized that we were on the same track." Trunks replied sternly, but calmly.

"Sneaking this relationship behind our backs proves you were aware of the consequences of your actions. Yet, you did it anyway. Why?"

"Love does strange things to a person. You, Gohan, should know this better than anyone. I give no excuses, but I knew this is exactly how you and my father would take it. I wanted to be sure that what I was feeling towards Pan was honestly true love. I would have never found out if you and my dad caught wind of us too early and tried to pry us apart."

"You knew from early on that Pan had a crush on you."

"And I did nothing to provoke it. Not until recently. If Goku was alive, he could bear witness to that."

"You're stripping my daughter away from her family."

"No Gohan, you're wrong there. You are stripping her away from it by being over-protective and not allowing her to make her own decisions. She's not a little girl anymore. She's an adult and a woman now. You have to accept that. She's grown up. It's natural for her to seek independence from family so that she may start one of her own."

Gohan growled deeply. Trunks did indeed know what he was doing and was actually proving that he cared about what Pan thought and did. This meant that Trunks too, had matured much more than he usually let on. He wasn't the sarcastic, smart-ass, spoiled brat that was out to better just himself anymore. He actually was putting Pan ahead of himself. As much as Gohan despised it, Trunks was indeed Pan's knight in shining armor. And now, he was here to whisk her off on a lifetime ride with him.
"If it's true love, then I can't deny my daughter happiness. But Trunks, heed my warning carefully. If you EVER, no matter at what point in life, if you ever hurt my little girl, I will be sure that you meet your demise slowly and painfully without worth of a saiyan's death. I could give a shit what your father or family thinks. I would make it my personal goal to send you to your grave even if it takes me to my own. Understand?"

"Gohan, I would never do such a thing. If there's one thing you should know is that I uphold honor and respect. I am not my father's son. My mother taught me better than that."

Gohan's expression remained serious, but he broke his gaze on Trunks first and turned to look at his daughter. "Are you sure this is love and not lust or bits of a little girl's crush?"

"Daddy, I've never been so sure in my life. I've dated other guys before and never have I felt this way before. Trunks brings out the best in me and allows me to live how I wish to live. I won't have to hold back or hide anything.I'll never have to worry about him thinking me a 'freak of nature' because of my warrior blood. I can be myself and that is something I desire most out of life itself."

"Are you sure you're ready?" Gohan asked softly as he bent down to Pan's eye level.

Pan stepped forward and hugged her father. "Yes. More than you know. Dad, let me out from under your wings. Trunks' are more than strong enough to carry me now. Please?"

An unseen tear scampered quickly down Gohan's cheek. " I have little choice in the matter dearest Pan. I will support your choice in a mate, but don't ever forget who your family is."

"Daddy, I would never ever forget." Pan replied as she began a light sob.

Trunks stepped over and behind her. He had no idea why he did such, but he felt it suddenly felt so right. Pan released herself from her father's hug and turned around to grab Trunks in a tight hug. She buried herself in his chest, not wanting to look back at her father. It was hard enough knowing that it was final...she was leaving her loving home for good.

Up on the cliff edge, Vegeta gruffed. His delicate saiyan hearing picked up the entire conversation. If Gohan could find reason to approve then there was no argument to pursue. Gohan had as much pride in his bloodline as Kakarrot did and if he could be satisfied in this, then Vegeta could find a way to approve for his bloodline's sake as well. It did do him some good to know that his son had chosen the currently strongest female found on the planet Earth and that she did indeed have saiyan blood. Pan had impressed the royal saiyan from early in life with her display of power, spunk, and courage. Yes, she could indeed be worthy of being a part of the royal bloodline. A slight glimpse of the future danced on his mind. A thought of offspring from these two and of the potential opportunity to make strong warriors out of them. The children of this pair would have the best chance of obtaining such. Gohan, a half saiyan and Videl, a pure human produced quarter saiyan Pan, who possessed more warrior traits than Vegeta's half saiyan daughter Bra. Yes, Trunks, the new prince of saiyans and Pan, the quarter saiyan with the full heart of a saiyan would produce potentially strong saiyan traits in their children. And Vegeta vowed that he would be there to polish and shine those traits should they show worthy. Without even a single word, Vegeta departed. This was his way of showing his acceptance of the mate choice.

His departure was noticed by the others below. Gohan looked at Trunks, who was the best at reading his father's actions.

"I guess we will have no opposition from him." Trunks replied softly as Pan's eyes met his own.

Gohan's gaze followed Vegeta's departing form then noticed Goten approaching.

"Well, I guess this is it. My best friend and niece are indeed getting hitched to each other. Our mother's will be pleased and all giddy with wedding preparations now. All I wanna know is how much food is gonna be there eh?"

Trunks stood and prepared to thwap his long time friend but instead placed a hand on his shoulder. "If you wanna eat at the wedding, you're going to have to earn it. I ask this of you Goten. Will you be my best man?"

"No fair. You're going to make me put on one of those fancy penguin-type suits aren't ya?"

Trunks, Pan, and Gohan laughed at Goten's comedic approach.

"Do what I'll do Goten. Wear comfortable stuff underneath.That way it won't be all scratchy and stiff."

"Okay. It's a deal then.But I better get lots of food after." Goten replied as he shook his friend's hand.

"Probably more than you'll be able to eat Goten."

"Cool! Now, if there's not gonna be a fight, I have better things to do, like eat. Later guys!" Goten said with a wave as he launched and sped off towards home.

"Speaking of food. I left Videl slaving alone over the stove again preparing a meal that I'm now late for."

"Mmmmm I miss mom's cooking. The university dining hall just isn't the same." Pan added.

"Then join us at home." Gohan suggested as an eyebrow on Trunks' face raised. Gohan didn't miss the expression and knew what it meant.

"That is unless you wish to eat with the Briefs." Gohan immediately corrected.

"Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of getting all the families together at Kame House for the official announcement of our engagement." Trunks suggested.

"It has been too many years since we've all done that hasn't it? Well, it's a good excuse for such." Gohan replied.

"It's settled then. I'm sure our moms have already called each other to collaborate on the situation anyway. I'm sure something's in the works as we speak." Trunks replied with a wink.

Gohan laughed. "Yes, they probably are. Well I'd better get home then before they have my end of things already planned out. I want a say in what I'm doing this time. Afterall, this is MY little girl all this trouble is for."


"Be good dear and you too Trunks. I'm going to have a hard time considering you my son-in-law, but stranger things have happened."

"I'll take that as a compliment, I think." Trunks said as he and Pan waved and watched Gohan depart leaving the two alone once again.

Pan slapped Trunks shortly after.

"OW! Hey, what was that for!?"

"Are you actually going to wear comfortable stuff under your clothes while I have to stand in a scratchy bridal gown thing!?"

Trunks smirked. "Well actually, I was thinking about that. I know a way we could BOTH be comfortable. Let's wear nothing at all. It's only NATURAL afterall and besides, we'll be one step ahead of the game for our honeymoon."

Pan smacked him playfully. "You pervert! I can't believe you sometimes! It figures you'd be thinking beyond the moment where we officially announce our love to each other!"

"I thought I already did that."


"Actually you're right. Our 'official' announcement of that will be when we're making love on some deserted beach under the shimmering beauty of moonlight and sounds of crashing waves."

"TRUNKS!?" Pan giggle-yelled and thwapped him.

"I'm just teasing ya Pan. Eeeeesh, is this what life's gonna be like with us? Scary thought."


"You like saying my name don't ya?"


"That's my girl. See, I win. Now let's get outta here. All that talk about food has made me hungry."

Pan stopped and grabbed him by the tie. She applied pressure and yanked him down to her level with it.

"You win? What's that supposed to mean?"

"This game of love we've been playing. I've won your heart." Trunks choked out.

"I can still kick your ass in mini-golf!" Pan shot back.

"That's because you're a natural with balls and a shaft."


"Hey, What can I say? I'm REALLY looking forward to our honeymoon."

"Keep this up and the only honeymoon you'll see is me in the bed with you locked out."


"Aaaarrrragggghhh! Trunks, we REALLY need to work on that sick sense of humor you have." Pan muttered before changing the subject. "Let's go, I'm hungry too."

And with that, the two headed towards Western Capital City...Pan's soon-to-be new home.

end ch.7

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