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Author's note: As I read in one of the reviews, the question posed to me as to whether I'm a Trunks/Pan fan or a Trunks/Marron fan. My answer is this. I'm NEITHER. I write Trunks with anybody I feel like pairing him with. I like the Pan and Marron characters, but they are not critical in my list of faves. And so I'm indifferent and laugh at the strange competition that T/P and T/M fans seem to have. Why bother with all that eh? It's not worth it. Just enjoy the stories for their creative merit. By the way, though this story is T/P, I DO have a T/M one called "Money Can't Buy Love" also ongoing here. Then my other one, "Corporate Calamity" is a T/P/M triangle fic. I'm trying to show just how versatile a writer who's not obsessed with one or the other coupling can be. :)


Introspective...the sequel Part 6 :Talley Ho!

Trunks stepped out of the helicopter to the cheers of the gathered crowd. He waved and immediately spotted the obvious 'suits' amongst them. With a smirk and 'come hither' wave of a finger, he urged his vice president forward.

The nervous VP looked at him with hesitancy. Trunks bent down and patted the ground as if asking a dog to come forward. Not wanting to deal with any more humiliation caused by his superior, he stepped forward. Once he reached Trunks, he grabbed the VP's arm and raised it with his own.

"Mr. President, sir, what are you doing?" the VP whispered.

"You're gonna run this show for a bit while I handle another issue."

"But SIR, I don't know anything about this product!"

Trunks pulled their hands down and smacked a packet lightly onto the VP's chest. The VP caught it as it ran down his chest and into his hands.

"You do now. Everything you need is in that packet including a speech. See, I take care of my own. I wouldn't leave you to the hounds without preparation. Now if you'll excuse me." Trunks replied softly with a wink as he stepped to the other side of the helicopter that was blocked from the crowd's view.

Pan was standing there with a look of curiousity when Trunks first spotted her. She then prepared a verbal attack on him for not telling her about all this.

"Trunks what are you doing!? Why wasn't I informed you were going to make a product announcement here! Geesh, some friend you are."

Trunks ignored her onslaught and remained serious and focused.

"Trunks? Uh, Trunks?" Pan asked suddenly realizing that Trunks was up to something more and it had to do with her.

Trunks reached for her hands and held them gently in his own.
"While this began as a game, it became something more. I've decided to listen to my heart and do what it is directing me to do. Dearest Pan, we've been friends for so long and I've watched you grow. But as you grew my heart told me that our friendship was growing into something more as well. That Dragon Ball hunt we shared gave me an opportunity to discover what that 'something more' was. And so, as I painfully waited for the years to turn you from child to adult, I loved from afar and tried to hide anything more than what could be considered friendship. I don't care about anything anyone says be it our age difference, the bloodline issue in both our families, or how our fathers may react." Trunks softly spoke as he then got down on one knee. " All I care about is what your answer is to me on this day. Dear Pan, I offer you the rest of my life. I know this is sudden, but my heart has lost its patience and my mind no longer sees things clearly. Will you Pan Son, will you be my wife, my mate?"

Pan was indeed shocked and taken aback by Trunks' proposal! She slipped a hand out of Trunks' grasp to smack herself in the face a couple of times to see if it was only a dream. The stinging pain in her cheeks told her that she was definitely awake. Her eyes returned to lock onto his shimmering blue eyes, to sift his soul. Her reality check was true. This was real and he was serious! Years of wondering and childhood crushes came rushing into her heart and soul. Sure she dated other boys and later young men, but always, it was the same. Her heart would always tell her that her true mate was one who could love her for what she was. Most guys freaked out at the sight of a display of her physical strength and power...except one. One guy she would never have to hold back against or hide anything from. One guy who brought out the best in her, and challenged her to bring out even the worst when she needed release from all the hiding and secrets. It was a mutual benefit. There was one guy who was always ready to protect her, to defend her, and soothe her in a time of need. She'd always thought it would be her father, but it wasn't...when it all added up...it all pointed to Trunks. And now, her knight was directly in front of her, on his knees, asking for her to join him forever. Her heart had always wanted this. Her mind had always dreamt of this, and now, her soul demanded her to fulfill this.

"Trunks. How could I resist such a tempting offer?" she replied as she flung herself into his arms. Her reaction caught Trunks off guard and they both tumbled backward leaving Trunks on his back and Pan atop of him.

"Uh, is that a yes?" Trunks asked as he tried to regain his breath. He'd been holding it ever since he'd ended his proposal.

"You big dummy, of course it is!" she said with a mock punch to his cheek.

"Ack, it begins already." Trunks joked. "Hey wait, crap, forgot something!" he said as he realized an important step to this proposal thing. But, when he tried to reach for his jacket pocket, Pan's body prevented it. "Uh, hey Pan, while I thoroughly enjoy you sitting atop me, I need you to get up for a sec."

"I like it here."

"Heheh, you probably do, but I wanna give you something."

Pan obliged and backed off of him, but she remained crouched, ready to pounce back onto him.

Trunks maneuvered into a sitting position and dug into his pocket. He pulled out a velvety box and opened it towards Pan. It revealed a beautiful (and very pricey) diamond engagement ring. The large diamond was surround by three slightly smaller rare blue diamonds.

"The three blues are my heart, mind, and body. The white is my soul." Trunks explained.

This brought out every feminine ounce in Pan. She burst into tears and threw herself back into Trunks' arms. And for many a moment, the two sat there sharing a moment that wasn't going to be the last. Trunks suddenly remembered that there was more to this if the response was a favorable one. He peered from behind Pan's body and nodded to a tear-laden Lexus. She wiped as many tears from her eyes as she could and joined Trunks' VP at the front of the crowd. "Sir, Mr. Briefs would like you to open that little envelope he marked 'open with permission only.'"

The VP sifted through the packet until he found the envelope attached at the end. He ripped it off and opened it. He read it to himself then looked at Lexus in utter amazement and shock. "Is this for real!?"

"THAT was what you were distracting this crowd for. This new product was a diversion so he could propose to the lucky lady on the other side of it."

"That sly dog! I can't believe he had planned all this out and pulled it off without anyone getting wind of it."

"Guess that's what makes him such a good corporate president eh?" Lexus teased.

The VP cleared his throat and returned to his conversation with the crowd. "Sorry for the interruption, but I was just informed of an important development regarding my company's president, Mr. Briefs."

Elsewhere, watching the breaking news...

"What the hell is my little boy up to now? What new development? As if showing an unknown product wasn't a new enough development." Bulma rattled to herself as she glanced back at the tv at the sound of her son's name.

And in another family household, this time at Mount Paozu...

"Gohan dear, the news is talking about Capsule Corp. and Trunks. Perhaps we should watch?"

"Coming Videl. Let me get these books down first. I need them for my research. Actually, turn it up a notch. That way I won't miss anything in the process."

Back at the university...

"Mr. Briefs wishes me to make the announcement of his engagement to Miss Pan Son. Details are not known at this time, but I'm sure he will fill us in when he feels it necessary. But let's hear it for the newly engaged. "I present to you, Mr. Trunks V. Briefs and Ms. Pan Son!"

"That's our cue Pan."

"YOU want ME to face all those people!?"

"C'mon, it's fun. Just follow my lead."

"Trunks, we'll need to work on this idea of fun once we're married."

Trunks snickered and led Pan to the other side of the helicopter. When he waved, she joined and waved as well, the ring Trunks had placed on her finger glistened obviously when she did so. The crowd cheered and offered their congratulations. Some of the single ladies in the crowd wept and felt pangs of the loss of a loved one. Trunks Vegeta Briefs was now officially off the market.

And back to those news watchers...

Bulma squeeled with glee, threw her coffee cup with coffee in it into the air (and all over the ceiling and floor) and bolted into the gravity room. Vegeta stormed out, caught a glimpse of the news, then exited the house with only one word. "Kill."

At Mount Paozu, Videl gasped, ChiChi bolted into their home from next door with speed even Goku wouldn't be able to match, and the stack of books Gohan was holding suddenly plummeted to the floor below. ChiChi and Videl were excited and celebrating until they realized Gohan wasn't joining in. They stopped their festivities and looked at him. If they could read ki levels there wouldn't be a need to gauge his expression. He said nothing, his expression was unreadable, and he was dead serious and unreactive. He simply grabbed a jacket and headed out the door. The house shuddered when he powered up and launched, obviously in super saiyan mode.

"Gohan?" Videl asked to the empty doorway.

Goten entered at that moment. "I'll follow him. I know exactly where he's headed and I think Trunks may need the extra help. Man, I can't believe he's finally taking the plunge and with my niece no less! Cool! Now I can see my best friend and niece at the same time, all the time! That's easier on me!" he replied as he transformed to super saiyan and launched in pursuit of his brother.

Trunks could feel the two strong kis approaching. "Pan, this is where this crowd comes in. Your dad and my dad are on their way here. They, or at least your dad, won't fire into an innocent crowd. But, we can't run. We must face them. I'm sure we both knew they'd react like this. You enter the helicopter. The cloaking device will allow you to slip away to safety. I'll delay your dad and my dad."

"Trunks, I don't want to be a widow before I'm even married! If you're staying, I'm staying. Don't start that chivalrous crap on me now. I'm a warrior too."

Trunks growled under his breath. Of course she'd react like that. Why did he even suggest an escape for her? "Fine then. At least we can get them away from these people. Let's use the helo to relocate. Then I'll send it and the pilot away and we'll power up to draw them to our new location."

"Much better. Let's go."

Suddenly the whine of the engine turbines could be heard. From an external speaker, the pilot spoke. "Please give some clearance. I must take-off now."

The VP and Lexus stepped back and joined the crowd as the helicopter's rotors and blades began to turn. As it lifted off, it engaged its cloaking mechansim and disappeared into the air above.

Elsewhere, en route to the university, Vegeta halted in mid-air. His son's ki was fading and moving into another direction. With a smirk and devillish look in his eyes, Vegeta altered course.

Gohan too, felt the shift of direction in the ki. He also picked up Vegeta's obvious power level and Goten's gaining behind him. With a renewed sense of urgency, he too, altered course.

From Gohan to Vegeta to Trunks and Pan, none were sure of what was going to develop in the next few hours, but one thing was for sure, there was definitely going to be a showdown and the fate of the two bloodlines may be at stake.

to be continued.

See, I wasn't too mean from the last installment. I was actually writing this part at the same time I posted the previous part. Not too bad of a cliffhanger this time, I hope. Cliffhangers are a good way of keeping readers returning though. I'm sure most of you figured out from the hints in previous parts that this was where it was all headed anyway.