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Introspective...the sequel Part 5

Trunks nervously changed into more formal attire...namely his business suit once again. Too fancy and he'd be spotted and swarmed by hovering reporters before leaving the hotel. Besides, he didn't want to tip Pan off to his little plan too soon and anything flashier than a three piece business suit would make her immediately suspicious of something. Once dressed, he made two calls then departed for the university.

Mrs. Crabgrass and Pan's roommate were true to their word. The campus and Pan's dorm room were set up perfectly. Now all the rest was up to Trunks himself. Already many of the reporters that were covering the on-going business conference were now at the university, no doubt following local reporters leads that something big was about to go down there. Many students too, were also gathering, curious about all the strange and sudden festivities in the main campus square. In fact, once the business meetings had adjourned for the day, some of the execs and presidents had also heard the strange rumor that something was about to occur on the nearby university and ventured over.

Trunks had stealthily slinked over to the university and remained in Mrs. Crabgrass' office until the timing was right. With a whispering thrum that only Trunks' sensitive hearing picked up, he knew the show was about to begin. The top secret prototype helicopter Trunks had designed had finally arrived and landed just behind the Chancellor's office building. It was virtually unnoticed with its special engines, design, and camoflaguing technique. Dubbed the chameleon, it was evident why. Trunks was the first to design a cloaking device of sorts made out of special paint mixtures. The helicopter's paint scheme changed to blend in with whatever it was flying near by bending light. It was to be revealed for the very first time today. And it was going to give Trunks the distraction he would likely need later. Now, he just needed to await one final motion.

Elsewhere on campus...

Pan was in her psychology class when a messenger entered the lecture hall. A notice was given to the instructor before the messenger left again. The instructor read the note.

"Son Pan? Is Pan here?"

"Yes. I'm here."

"I have a message for you. Please gather your things and step down here."

"Uh...y, yes, sir. Coming." Pan replied nervously as she packed up her notebook and grabbed her jacket.

Upon reaching the instructor's podium, he informed her of the contents in the message.
"Pan, you are requested to be at the main foyer of Dabner Hall in fifteen minutes."

"But why?"

"I don't know that. This is all the message says. And it's signed by the Chancellor herself."

"Thank you Mr. Turfside." Pan replied as she departed for the requested destination. As Pan neared the foyer of the building that overlooked the main campus square she saw preparations for some kind of celebration. *Hmm, wonder what all this is about? I don't recall any festivity listed for today. *

Meanwhile her roommate, Lexus spied her approach from another building. She immediately ran to the Chancellor's building to inform Trunks. Taking a short cut through the backyard of the building she smacked into something hard.

*What the fu...!?" she said while nursing her head with one hand and feeling an invisible hardness blocking her way with the other. *Now I know I wasn't drinking this morning. Did they drug the doughnuts again?* she thought while feeling the length of the strange hardness until finally, it gave way. Without a second thought, she continued her way to the building entrance.

"Uh, Mr. Briefs. She's there. And did any of you notice some strange phenomonon out in the yard behind this building?"

Trunks smiled. "It's part of the plan Lexus. One of my company's lastest model helos."


"Does a good job at hiding itself doesn't it?"

"Too good. You need to put those colored circle stickers to keep people from walking into it.Luckily I wasn't running or I could've had a concussion smacking into that thing."

"Sorry Lexus. I didn't know you would cut across the lawn. The sidewalk pathway is actually a shorter distance from where you were."

Lexus gave Trunks a sarcastic glare before departing. She had to intercept Pan and keep her at the meeting place. Pan was not known to have a great amount of patience.

Sure enough, Pan was getting a little peeved at getting a message to meet there when there was nobody there upon her arrival. Lexus, out of breath now, made her way over just in time.

"Hey girlfriend!"

"Lexus, what is going on here?"

"Something special."

"So what is this something special?"

"Can't say yet."

"Oh, but you know don't you?"

"Sure do."

"I could beat it out of ya."

"I know, but I don't think you'll have the chance."

"What do you mean by that?"

Lexus smirked and looked up. She could feel the breeze pick up and churn slightly. This told her that the helicopter Trunks had mentioned and she had physically met was likely overhead. And indeed it was, but nobody could see anything other than white puffy clouds and blue sky.

Pan felt it too and followed her roommate's stare upwards. "What the hell are you looking at? And where is this stupid wind coming from? Have you been eating those 'special' doughnuts again?"

"Nope. The show's about to begin." she said without even a glance at her stupified and confused roomy.

"What show? I didn't know there was any show."

"There is now."

"Hmph. Lexus, I swear, you really know how to annoy me."

It was then that the pilot of the helicopter deactivated the special cloaking effect. A flat black painted helicopter with strange angles and curves was now visible hovering overhead.

"What the heck is that?"

"I think it's a helicopter. A Capsule Corp. model at that." Lexus stated with a devillish grin.

People began to gather in droves upon visibly seeing the strange looking helicopter hovering directly over the main campus square. Reporters quickly grabbed their mikes and urged their camera crews to begin filming.

The pilot maneuvered the helicopter to the square below and switched off the power. Inside the cockpit, the pilot gave his passenger a thumbs up and good luck. Trunks nervously smiled back. He patted his jacket one last time, took a deep breath, and prepared to step out.

At the same time, the Chancellor had made her way onto the podium with a microphone in hand. She informed the gathering crowd that something special was about to occur and they were going to be the first to witness what could be the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Of course, most assumed it had to do with the technological breakthrough and design of the strange helicopter that had just landed. Afterall, this university was one of the finest technological universities on the planet. They were accustomed to seeing prototypes of new designs displayed on their campus from time to time. It was this, that Trunks was banking on. He wanted a little privacy afterall.

The vice president of Capsule Corporation had joined the other execs and presidents in curiousity. He was met with a ton of questions about the aviation masterpiece.

"I know nothing of this. This isn't chairwoman Bulma's design. It's gotta be our president's and he's kept it very quiet until today. This is the first time I've seen or heard of it myself."

"But certainly you must know about some aspects of it. Like what kind of paint is that? It allows for almost perfect invisibility."

"This bird looks to have all new aspects to it. It's using technologies that aren't currently utilized in Capsule Corp's latest productions lines. I guess it's one of those 'things to come' designs' that the president wanted to wow all of us with...even his own top execs."

Many of the older presidents 'hmphed' and returned their attentions to the spectacle before them. That young president of Capsule Corp always had them on edge. He was always popping surprises and products out with little to no warning. They presumed it was his way of toying with them and having a little 'fun.' They knew it had to be him since he had suddenly put in a 'pinch hitter' at his place in the meeting. Whenever a Briefs wanted the world to know something, they did it in a very grand way. This had Trunks Briefs written all over it. The only thing was, why here and why now?

Standing at the foyer Pan could sense Trunks' ki. He hadn't mentioned making a product display to her at all and he usually told her everything. She knew more company secrets than the company's own vice president. But why had he sprung this one on her and at the university she attended no less. Worse of all, why was she personally involved somehow? A knot grew in her stomach as her brain raced to figure it all out. Trunks could be a serious enigma when he wanted to. It was a trait that sprung out of his genetic traits to manipulate and deceive. What was he up to this time?

Meanwhile in the helicopter, Trunks tried desperately to dry his sweaty palms. His stomach was churning into all sorts of knots and his mind running laps his feet could never keep up with. This was going to be the most difficult thing he had ever done and in public no less. If he was going to make an ass out of himself, the world was certainly going to see it. Then again, he was accustomed to being humiliated whenever Pan was around. But this time, he was praying the outcome would be a little different. A quick thought that he should've found a way to bribe Dende jumped forward. But alas, he just prayed that the green skinned god would grant him this one day of happiness at least. Then he could torment the son of Vegeta as he wished for the rest of the years to come. Perhaps if successful this day, he wouldn't have to worry at all about Dende's pranks on the Vegeta bloodline for perhaps on this day, the Vegeta bloodline would be forgiven if a union with the always favored Son family occurred.It was time to end this game. And with that, he took one more deep sigh and opened the helicopter door to face whatever fate was to come.

to be continued...

Can we say: ONE-MORE-TIME!!! Heheh, yes, I did indeed do it again. Cliffhanger number two at your service. Don't worry, all will be revealed in the next installment...when I get around to writing it. ;P C'mon, admit it, suspense makes a story all that much more fun!