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Introspective...the sequel Part 4

The next morning, Trunks awoke to the sound of his hotelroom door's buzzer. At first he thought it was the alarm clock, but after careful inspection of the thing (by slamming it against the opposite wall to bust it), it proved to be innocent. With a growling groan he tried the cell phone next, but the buzzing persisted. Eventually his brain began to function and deduced the sound from the door. Slipping on a robe, he groggily answered it.

The hostess was slightly taken aback from the view she saw. A handsome, not-quite-awake young corporate president. Even with his hair mussed up and his eyes only half open, his charm continued to radiate. She'd almost forgotten why she was there until his impatience forced him to interrupt the inspection.

"May I help you miss?"

"Oh, uh, yes, uh, yes. Here sir. It's a gift sent with compliments from one Miss Jynxkat." the hostess replied quickly as she pushed the cart forward. Trunks stepped to the side to allow her to wheel it inside. He then gave her a gracious tip, thanked her, and allowed her to exit. After shutting the door behind her, he returned to the cart. Aromas of various foods could be smelt through the covered tins. A little stuffed cow held a single red rose and a note card. With a smirk, he read the card.

Here's a full cow for ya. Too bad you can't eat this one eh? Meet me same time, same place tonight if you have the balls for a rematch...LOSER!"

P.S. I know you eat meat anytime, anywhere so I'm sure you'll find this to your saiyan stomach's liking.

Trunks chuckled lightly then began lifting the tin lids. Various dishes were revealed including varieties of fish, beef, and poultry.

*Oh you outdid yourself this time young lady. But alas, I will not allow you to best me. I'm the man here. I am not going to allow you to romance me without me showing you what REAL romance is.* Trunks thought as he pondered his next move in this strange game of love.

The food must have helped his brain think because he snapped his fingers as an idea came to him. He quickly repaired his cell phone and began his tactical plan. After making several calls he laid back onto the bed and placed his hands behind his head in satisfaction, a smug grin adding emphasis to his anticipated success.

Several hours later...at the university...

Pan's dorm room was a bustle of activity. Trunks had managed to find out who her roommate was and charmed the young lady into helping him with his little plan. She couldn't believe she was actually talking to Mr. Trunks Vegeta-Briefs of Capsule Corp. fame, let alone learning that her roomy had this oh so eligible and wanted bachelor in her grasp. Ever curious, she assisted Trunks with anything and everything he needed to pull off his surprise. From Pan's schedule, Trunks knew Pan was not due back to her room until late afternoon and after further hack...err investigating, learned that her roommate conveniently didn't have any classes on this day. Once the room was complete, he put phase two into action and called the university's chancellor. Using his powers of persuasion and reputation, the chancellor agreed to go along with Trunks' second surprise and gave him clearance and authorization for his actions on university grounds. All was set, all he had to do now was weasel out of the meetings for the day and make sure Pan didn't weasel out of any of her classes.

Getting out of meetings was nothing for this wily president. Trunks called Capsule Corp. HQ, jetted his vice president over, introduced him to the others, and then excused himself to deal with matters of 'utmost importance.'

Trunks dashed back up to his room, ripped off his suit and donned sweatpants and a rugby-style shirt. He then put on a pair of high top sneakers, added a backwards facing baseball cap ,and finally, some sunglasses to complete his relaxed look. In this attire, he could pass for a student at the university and walk amongst them incognito. He wanted to assist in the preparations, while at the same time sense Pan's ki to make sure she was where she should be.

"Yo, I need to speak with Lexus please." Trunks asked the student desk clerk at Pan's dorm building.

"You her new boyfriend or something?"

"Yeah, something like that." Trunks replied with a wolfish grin.

The girl looked him over while grinding her chewing gum before buzzing Pan's dorm room intercom. "Lexus, company for ya here. A Mr. uh....waitasec." the student said before realizing she hadn't inquired as to who he was.

"Name sir?"

"Trun...uh...Trunce is the name."

"Weird name...oh well." she murmured before returning to her call. "Lexus, Trunce is here."

"Buzz him in please."

"Will do. Haaaave fuuuun and don't do anything I wouldn't do." the girl sang before giving him one last look as she unlocked the door to the dorm section. Before Trunks could enter, she blocked his path. "You seem familiar..." she trailed.

Trunks blushed and tried to further hide under his sunglasses and silently hoped that his hair was completely hidden from view as well. His eyes and hair would give him away in an instant."We're just studying, okay? Lexus is tutoring me in my accounting assignments."

"You should talk to her roommate Pan for that. She's got straight A's in all her mathematics and business courses. But I'm sure Lexus will ac-count for something."

*Of course Pan's got A's in those courses. She's Gohan's girl. And man! Lay off the sexual overtones Miss!* Trunks thought before lightly chuckling, nodding, and sidestepping around the inquisitive girl. This maneuver allowed him to distract her by brushing up against her bosom while giving him a pathway past her and through the door. *Whatta move Trunks! You amaze even yourself! You just put another one into a dead stun!* Trunks snickered while glancing back slyly and dipping his glasses to see the young lady still standing there frozen and contemplating why this boy was so captivating.

Moments later, Trunks reached Pan's dorm room and knocked.

"Who is it?"


Lexus opened the door and let him in quickly. She looked him over and giggled. "Incognito Mr. President?"

"Wouldn't want to tip my hand too soon, right? Judging by the reaction of your receptionist, it was a wise decision not to arrive in business-like attire." Trunks commented as he removed his cap and sunglasses.

"I hope you brought scent masking stuff. Pan's nose is a sharp as a dog's for some reason. She always knows when I've had a guy up here."

"Don't worry. I'm more concerned about another sense of hers, but don't worry, I've pulled off stunts with people with senses sharper than hers before. " he said with a wry grin.

"True to your rep I suppose." Lexus muttered while showing him what she had done so far. "And the deliveries came just as you said. Everything was here within an hour."

Trunks scanned the place with satisfaction. "You did well Miss Lexus. Thank you."

"I just want a front seat to all this."

Trunks snickered. "If this goes as planned, the whole world will have a front seat to this. I still can't believe I'm going to have the guts to go through with this, but ah well, there's a first for everything."

"Females around the world will weep."

"They'll get over it. Males around the world will rejoice."

"Spoken like a true stallion."

Trunks raised an eyebrow. "And how many stallions have you known?" he teased.

"Why would you ask?"

"That receptionist."

"She's this dorm's slut. To her, every boy that visits a girl's dorm room is getting a little action."

Trunks laughed. "Now I know why Pan's father wanted her to commute rather than live within the dorms. Though I may need to ask him how he knows about such things."

"And yourself?"

"I'm familiar with this stuff. I lived off-campus in a private house during my university career, but I'd been invited to 'study-sessions' before. Anyway, enough about that. I need to meet with the chancellor. Could you point me in the right direction?"

"Beemer Hall. Go west from this building one block. It's the building in front of the triangle shaped building."

"Thanks." Trunks said with a wink as he placed his disguise back on. He looked at the door, then turned and noticed the window. "Uh, I don't want to go back the way I came. I'm sure that young lady down there has recovered her senses by now. I'll exit through here if you don't mind." Trunks said while opening the window and looking below.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot your knack for flying out windows. Pan's done that before too. You guys have some really weird genes you know that?"

Just before Trunks exited he replied. "More than you know. Later Miss Lexus. I may need your help a little later."

"I'll be here on-call."

Trunks gave her a small salute before flying off and landing a safe distance below. He found the building he needed a short time later. Removing his disguise once again, he entered the chancellor's office. The receptionist immediately recognized him and squealed before recompsing herself. Trunks rolled his eyes while waiting for her to settle down.

"Mr...Mr. Briefs, wow, I can't believe I'd ever see you in person."

"Is the chancellor available?" Trunks asked, ignoring the fangirl's babble about him.

"Sure, she's uh...hang on, I'll let her know you're here." the flaky woman said before buzzing the chancellor's office com. Moments later the chancellor exited from her office to greet him. Now it was Trunks' turn to be surprised.

"Uh, hell...hello, Mrs. Crabgrass. I didn't recognize you over the phone. Congrats on moving up in the world." Trunks said with a shy blush.

"You've come a long way from those days too, Trunks Briefs."

"I remember all to well. I spent many a lunch hour in your detention room."

"You've matured into a fine young man however. Though given this latest plan of yours, I can see that old habits die hard. But again, courtship and love has a way of turning an adult into child once again."

"More of a game of sorts, but yes, she has a way of getting me into more trouble than I'm used to nowadays."

"And I take it you're ditching some business meeting in much the same manner you ditched classes in school."

"You said it yourself. Old habits die hard." Trunks snickered nervously. He felt like he was being scrutinized once again like he was back in high school.

"Well, I'm only agreeing to this since I know the publicity will be good for the university. Otherwise, this is completely unorthodox and unprofessional for a place of higher education."

"In other words...a business proposition. You get added exposure for the university off of my popularity and status and I get what I want in return."

"So you do indeed have a brain upstairs. Yes. A business proposition."

"Very well. For some reason, it makes no difference to me. She does that to me. I can't think straight and could care less if I make an ass of myself so long as she takes interest in me."

The chancellor grinned gently in a motherly manner. "You are definitely smitten Mr. Trunks Briefs. Cupid got you good. It's the end of an era eh?"

"Don't let me even take one second to consider what that means. If I start thinking now, I'll screw this all up and she'll win."

Mrs. Crabgrass suddenly turned serious. "Win? Is this for real or just a game to you?"

"Oh it's real. But there's a side note to it. This is the first time I've seen a pathway to this destiny. Before, something was always in the way, but this game we started is the perfect lead-in. And it's moving fast enough that we may be able to follow through without any fallout."


"Her dad isn't going to like this one bit and I doubt mine will either."

"She is a little young considering your age."

"Not you too! Age is irrelevent in the game of love. Right? You once taught us that in your English class afterall."

"True, but do you have the courage to stand your ground?"

"I don't care what others think. As long as we're happy with each other, the whole world could be against us for all I care."

"So you're prepared to wage battle for your love?"

"If need be. I'll fight to the death to defend her without the slightest hesitation."

"I hope it never comes to that. Your heart and mind are definitely working here so I suppose you passed."


"I wanted to see if this was true love or just another one of those schemes that thing in your pants came up with."

Trunks blushed deeply at mention of such a personal matter from one of his ex-teachers. "No, that has no say in this matter unless my heart and brain can bring about a honeymoon."

"Trunks Briefs--a man with morals and manners. The world has come to an end hasn't it. You have indeed come a long way in such a short time." Mrs. Crabgrass teased.

"My mother's fault I think." Trunks muttered before checking his watch then returning his attentions to her.

"It is time." he said softly with a trace of nerves dancing in his tone.

"Then you'd better get ready. I'll do my part now." Mrs. Crabgrass replied solemnly as she shook his hand. "I wish you the best in whatever life throws at you Mr. Trunks Vegeta Briefs."

"Thank you. May life be as kind to you too Mrs. Crabgrass. I guess I should consider you my favorite teacher now." he replied with a smirk before departing.

Mrs. Crabgrass watched him leave. "I admire you son. Your dedication and loyalty had better be something that young lady cherishes for he has indeed been smitten deeply by you." she said to herself though directed it out the window in hopes of somehow reaching the young lady's soul."

Elsewhere on campus, Pan sneezed.

End for now. I know I know...another hanger. Heheh. I'm cruel, I know it. I'm sorry. It's just well...it's better this way. ;P

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