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Introspective...the sequel...the next part

The next day, Trunks had to leave out-of-town for a business conference. Luckily for him, the conference was being held a block away from a university campus...the very one Pan was on. While in his hotel room, he used his laptop computer to hack into the university registrar records and downloaded Pan's schedule, her dorm building and number, and her school computer account address. After such he decided to send her a little email via her private account.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
To this be true,
I can stick like glue.
P.S. Your place (Ashford Hall, 210) or mine (Hiltford Hotel, 715)?

Trunks had conveniently sent it during her computer class knowing Pan would be on her school account. Sure enough, Pan noticed the little letter symbol arrive on her screen. After peeking to see where the instructor was, she opened it and read it.

*Trunks is here?! Hmmm, how strange. Oh wait, I heard about a big business conference here in town. Guess he's a part of it. How'd he...that little sleeze, he hacked into the university's system! Then again, it IS a Capsule Corp product.* Pan thought as she emailed him back.

You're in for it now buddy! Neutral setting. Doody Woo's Grill. It's half a block to the right of the hotel you're at.Meet me at 7pm. If that's inconvenient give me a time. Btw, hacking into state property is a first class felony.


Trunks heard his computer beep, indicating an incoming message. He put down most of the remotes his room came with. "Why do rooms come with so many remotes? There's only a tv, lights, and..." he interrupted himself as he hit a button and it flipped several panels in the ceiling and wall. Mirrors replaced the missing panels, all of which were around the bed area. "Eeessh, kinky. Mom would love this place." he muttered before heading to his laptop.

Upon reading the message, he emailed her back.

7's fine, but perhaps I shouldn't pay since you're convinced I'm a felon. And what're you doing playing with your email when you should be paying attention in class hmm?


Pan seethed and suppressed giggles at the same time. *Just how much did he hack of mine from the records division? I hope he didn't get my grade reports or that uh, written reprimand I got for roughing up a couple of frat boys.*

Pan impatiently waited for the hours to pass before she could leave to see Trunks.She hadn't seen him in months and they only communicated via mail. Trunks was there on legit business so her father wouldn't be suspicious either.

Meanwhile, Trunks too, was feeling time moving too slow. He continuously glanced at the clock while trying to listen to the first of a series of meetings. His mind was distracted as well. He just couldn't focus on the blabber when Pan was dancing on his soul.

*Should I tell her how I feel now rather than play this game? Wait, that could be bad. Too quick and my mother, my father, but mainly her father, would skin me alive and have me for lunch. Ah, but what they don't know won't hurt them. Wait! What am I saying?! Am I nuts! They'll know. They always know. Sometimes I wonder if Dende gives them clues in their dreams. Or am I just paranoid? No, I just worry too much. Pan even says I do. But, oh man, I think there's more to our friendship now. We're pulling a Gohan/Videl. They fell prey to their own game. Will Pan and I?*

"Mr. Briefs? MR. BRIEFS!!!"

At the sound of a loud voice bellowing behind him, he snapped out of his thoughts in a flurry of activity. He'd forgotten he was balancing his chair on its two rear legs and so, when he flung backwards, he toppled along the same path, knocking the bellower down as well. They landed in a rather peculiar position.

"Mr. Briefs, do YOU mind?"

Trunks shook the cobwebs from his own head before realizing how he landed. He looked up at the guy and realized that his head was laying in the guy's lap. He blushed,but sought a good comeback, if only to try to save face. "Uh, heheh, somebody told me that you were in dire need of some lovin' so well, I figured I could be your teddybear?"

This of course sent the entire room into a roar of laughter. Trunks quickly placed himself and his chair back into an upright position and awaited the continuation of the meeting.

"Perhaps I should report you to your MOTHER." the guy retaliated.

"Perhaps I should report you to your WIFE." Trunks calmly retorted.

The guy huffed before returning to his speech. "And now, can we return to business Mr. Briefs?"

Trunks was beginning to lose his patience and temper with the old coot. "Why are you asking me? I'm not your mother."

Again the other members laughed. Leave it to the young president to break the stiff ice and send some relief to the overstuffed old birds. They always welcomed it.

The guy continued to huff, but he took that as a yes and began his rambling spiel once again. Once could actually hear other members groan in boredom. In a matter of time, however, the torture was over and all quickly exited and retired for the evening. Trunks received showers of compliments and thanks for the little bit of comic relief he had caused before he too, could depart. He pressed the elevator button and tapped his foot on the floor impatiently. The damn thing wasn't getting there soon enough! He located the stairwall and once the door shut behind him, he launched into the air and up the stairway. Once on his floor, he glanced at the elevator's status. He'd beaten it as he figured. With a satisfied smirk he entered his room. A quick check of the clock revealed that he had less than an hour to get ready, find the place, and meet Pan. No problem for the master of speed changing! In ten minutes he undressed, showered, and redressed. He made sure to spend several more minutes making sure every strand of hair was proper and parted. Satisfied, he opened one of his suitcases and pulled out a small box. Placing it in his jacket pocket, he departed once again.

Once outside he scanned the area. *She said right. Hmmm...my right or her right? Leave it to a female to give directions. Ah well, I've got plenty of time. I'll try one and if it's not right, I'll know it's the other right. Heheh, geesh, there goes that strange humor of mine again.* Trunks thought while choosing his right. Luckily, his first choice was the right choice. :)

*Hmm...Doody Woo's. What kind of name is that anyway?* Trunks thought as he glanced at the strange sign above the restaurant. *Oh well, it could be worse I guess.* Suddenly he was grabbed from behind. He quickly spun and prepared to blast the assailant until he realized who it was. "PAN!"

"Grrrrr, Trunks you nearly blasted me!"

"You snuck up on me! I thought you were a mugger!"

"Didn't you ever learn how to seek 'ki'?"

"Don't start Pan. Anyway, how are you?"

"Fine aside from the near heart attack. And yourself?"

"Nearly had a heart attack myself. Guess we're in the same boat eh?"

"Enough small talk. Let's get inside. I'm STARVING!" Pan said as she grabbed his hand and dragged him inside.

Once they were seated, Trunks looked the place over. "Qaint little place."

"They have the best grilled fish."

"Fish? Oh yeah, you're a Mount Paozu girl. I should've guessed." Trunks laughed before taking a few more sniffs. "No, there's more than fish here. I smell beef over fire."

"Leave it to the son of Vegeta to go for red flesh eh?"

"You like it too."

"Because I always ate it at your place."

"Mom had to cook those fleshy dishes or dad would've gone out and killed his own."

"And you?"

Trunks was about to answer, but held back when the waitress returned to take their order. Trunks ordered both the fish and beef ribs for himself while Pan just chose the fish. Once the waitress left, Trunks answered.

"Give me a day or two without meat and yes, I'd probably seek it out too. But, I'm not very good at that hunting stuff. I can't fish very well either. Odds are I'd have to hit it with my car or a submarine."

"You wouldn't. "

"Not with my best car or sub."

"Trunks! You're cruel to animals?"

"No, but they always seem to be cruel to me. I really don't get along well with them."

"Strange, I thought your grandparents had like a zoo or something in that house of yours."

"They did, but I never entered that place unless it was an absolute emergency. And that little black cat my grandfather's had creeped the hell outta me. My mother says sometimes it would climb up on my crib and stare at me when I was a baby. So, I was traumatized by the thing early in life."

"Awww, poor Trunks. Afraid of a little pussy cat?"

*Pussy?* Trunks thought. The delay in his response gave him away.

"Trunks! Oh, wait, I said the 'p' word. Who would've thought even YOU would fall prey to that word. I thought YOU were above such weaknesses."

"Hey, I AM a man you know. It's instinctive. That word is a cue word of sorts."

"Glad I'm not a guy. I'd hate to be so pathetic. It's just a word."

"I'm sure there's a similar response system in females too. You all are just good at hiding it."

The waitress soon arrived with the food. Trunks licked his chops as she set the large rack of ribs in front of him. She looked at him for a moment as if she knew him from somewhere before, but then departed when she felt the deep stare of his female companion.

"Geesh Trunks how can you deal with that? That would drive me nuts?"

Trunks looked at her while gnawing on a rib. "You get used to it." he replied between bites. For several minutes they remained silent and ate their meals. Saiyan didn't like to be interrupted while eating anyway. But, then again, it only took them minutes to polish off their dishes.

Trunks sighed and gnawed on the now meatless bones. "Guess I should've ordered the whole cow."

"Oh that would've went over real well Trunks."

"It would've. Could you imagine how much they'd had made tonight if I had."

"Speaking of which, you attending that business conference?"

"Uh-huh. Dunno why. They're just going over the same old stuff that we hear in regular meetings at the office. They just word it differently and attach some fancy name to it. My turn. How's school?"

"Not all that challenging. I think some of my father's smart genes actually made their way into me. So how's everyone back home?"

"Pretty much the same I guess. We haven't had a get-together in a long time so everybody's doing their own thing I suppose. Mom still talks to your grandmom on the phone now and then though."

"How's Bra?"

"I need to get her to visit you sometime. But she hasn't changed. Still shopping. She gets VIP treatment at all the local stores and malls. And, she's keeping dad busy with all the guys trying to date her. He gets a secondary workout just pummeling the idiots."

"Sounds like everything's normal then."

"If you could call it that. Say, when's your first class tomorrow? I wouldn't want to keep you from your studies or anything."

"You should know Trunks. I assume you downloaded my schedule to know exactly when and where to contact me today."

Trunks blushed. "I have it, but I didn't pay attention to anything other than what I needed it for."


"Honest! Look, are you going to answer my question or not?"

"You really are a boss man aren't ya?" Pan teased. "Well sir, my first class is at 10AM. I don't have any assignments due for tomorrow and I can easily catch-up on my reading."

"And your bedtime is?"

"I DON'T have a bedtime."

"You should. Be nice to your brain. Anyway, why don't we do something?"

"Like a date?"

"If that's what you call it, but don't expect me to put out on the first date."


"Hey, it's mandatory for me to say that on all 'dates.'"

"Well, I don't put out at all, so you have nothing to worry about. You really do worry too much, you know that?"

"You never let me forget."

"That's right."

"You nag too much."


"You sound like my mother."

Under the table, Pan's leg connected with his shin bone.

"Oooowww! Geesh. If you're going to be like that maybe we should just call it a day."


"Bone basher."

"Worry wart."

"Bit..." Trunks caught himself before finishing. Already he could sense Pan's ki escalating and so he quickly changed the subject. "Bi-the-way, what do you want to do? A movie? A walk? More local cusine?"

Pan leaned over the table and spoke in a whisper. "How about we go to your place, tear our clothes off, and have sex in the shower."

Trunks' face went red. "I...I ...no...Pan! What would your father think of you talking trash like that?"

"What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him."

*Didn't I just have this conversation with myself? C'mon Trunks, remain a gentleman...eventhough you really want to fulfill her wish.* "I got it, why don't you give me a tour of the campus?"

Pan returned to her seat. "I guess we could do that."

Trunks looked her seriously in the eyes. "You were just joking about that right?"

"Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't. C'mon, let's not hog this table any longer." she replied as she stood.

Trunks paid for their dinners and followed Pan out of the restaurant. "Pan, all of a sudden you seem so gloomy. You KNOW that we can't do that. You're a smart girl. You know what kind of compications would arise for you, for me, for us."

*I just wish I could get a-'rise' out of you. You have no idea how long I've wanted you. How long I've had to wait just to grow up eventhough everytime I saw you I was tortured with the same vision.* Pan thought before altering her mood to a more cheery cast. "Maybe it's PMS. Yeah, that might be it. Mood swing."

Trunks couldn't debate it. He'd seen it regularly at home. He learned to read his mother's and sister's moods and correlate them to certain 'times of the month.' Pan's was unknown to him. It was possible she was telling the truth.

"Hey Trunks I got it! Miniture golf."

"I suck at golf. Why hit a ball only to chase after it, put it in a hole, then do it all over again, eighteen times."

"Not real golf. Miniture golf. C'mon, you've had to have played that before?"

"I think Goten and I tried once, but we found a way to cheat by physically moving the obstacles so the ball would go straight in. I didn't see any rule about not moving them."

"You moved the obstacles. But those are a PERMANENT fixtures on mini-golf courses."

"They are!? Oh, guess that's why we got kicked out of the place and told never to return."

"Okay, it's settled then. We're going miniture golfing. There's a place just a short walk from here."

"Lead the way. But I warn you. I suck at golf. It's the one place all the other presidents can best me."

"Good. Then I'll feel like a winner."

Within moments they arrived at the course. Trunks looked at the little putter and colored ball he was given and sighed. Why did he let her talk him into this? He ended up doing the most humiliating things whenever she was around. Well, at least he wasn't in drag.

They walked over to the first hole. Trunks walked over to the hole and tried to calculate the angle of the trajectory the ball would have to travel after exiting the cannon.

"Trunks, stop being so scientific! This is supposed to be fun!"

Trunks gave her a dirty look as he set his ball down at the start pad. He then ever so lightly tapped the ball. It shot through the cannon, hit the fence, bounced upward, and hit a car in the parking lot. The car's alarm began to blare. Trunks blushed. "Ooops,still too much on it. Told ya I was terrible at this."

"You'd think you'd be able to handle a shaft with precision." Pan muttered as she glanced around. "Let's just skip this hole and find one that's out of the way of other obstacles."

Trunks shrugged and followed her. *Shaft? Maybe we should've went bowling. Her mind's definitely in the gutter and she's dragging me there with her.*

"I'll go first this time Trunks." Pan said as she set her ball down and looked carefully at the turning windmill. The ball would have to pass through it, but only if the blades didn't block the entrance. She hit the ball just as a blade began to clear the entrance. Her ball made it through and right into the hole.

"Hole-in-one!" she yelled.

"That looks easy enough." Trunks muttered while setting his ball down. He tapped his ball the same way Pan did, only he was a few seconds off in timing. The ball hit a blade and returned to him. "This bites. Is this a do-over?"

"No, that's one stroke already. Try again."

"I don't like this game."


"Hmm, maybe it's my technique. I know a game I'm really good at." Trunks said as he got down on his hands and knees, turned the putter around and eyed the windmill. He then tapped the ball using his putter handle like that of a pool stick. The ball cleared and found the hole on the other side. "No problem."

"That's illegal Trunks."

"Is not. There's nothing in the rules saying you have to use a specific technique." Trunks retorted while tapping the little scorecard/rulebook.


"Am not."

"Are too."

"Let's do something else then."

"Like what?"

"Like this." Trunks said as he quickly bent down and brushed his lips across hers in a gentle kiss.

Surprised Pan stepped away.

"Payback. You stunned me back at the restaurant with your little sex talk. Now I return the favor. Ha! Now which hole next?"

*Mine.* Pan thought as she stood there still stunned.

"Uh, Pan? Hello? C'mon, it wasn't that bad. Get over it." Trunks said as he headed for a new hole. "Pan, you coming?"

Pan shook herself out of it and followed him to his choice in holes. He had already set his ball down and was preparing his shot. Since he was on his hands and knees, Pan saw her new shot at payback. Just as Trunks prepared his 'pool' shot, Pan poked him on the ass with her putter. Trunks lurched forward and fell, stomach first, on the fairway. His ball shot out-of-bounds and landed in some shrubbery.
"Pan, that was low." Trunks muttered while returning to his feet and rubbing his rump.

"Payback's a bitch, isn't it?"

He didn't say anything. Instead he headed for the shrubbery and began looking for his ball. "Damn, I can't find my ball."

"Did you check your pants?"

"My wha-? HaHa. Very funny. I'll get you back, just wait. Now, help me find the GOLF ball please?"

When Pan leaned over to check a portion of the bushes, Trunks pushed her into them. "Check closer to the ground in the middle."

Pan growled while fighting with the shrubbery. She DID find his golf ball, but she now had plans for it. While Trunks was busy looking the other way, Pan lobbed the ball at him. It smacked him between the legs. "There, add another to your collection." she giggled.

Trunks buckled. "Thanks a lot. Now I know FOR SURE we aren't doing what you said at the restaurant."

While these two were goofing off, the employee decided that these two were not going to finish their golf game. He walked over to them.

"You two will have to leave please." he demanded nicely while asking for their putters and golf balls.

Trunks and Pan left laughing. Once away from the place, Trunks playfully slapped her on the shoulder. "Now I'm thrown out of yet another one of these places! Thanks."

"You started it. That low blow of a kiss you gave me."

"You started it by accusing me of cheating."

"You were."

"I wasn't. I was creatively constructing new methods of hitting a golf ball."

"Fancy word play doesn't scare me Trunks. You cheated and that's all there is to it."

They both laughed again as they made their way to main street once again. Trunks looked at his watch. "Pan, it's probably best we both call it a day. If you like, we can meet tomorrow, but only if your homework's done."

"You sound just like my dad now."

"Somebody better. You're so immature."

"Oh and you're not?!"

"I have complete control over my behavior."

"Well so do I" Pan said as she slowly levitated and stole a kiss from him.


"Now we're even Trunks! Good night. I'll email ya tomorrow."

"This is just the beginning young lady. You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into." Trunks replied as he waved and departed. As he placed his hands in his pockets, he realized he'd forgotten about the little box. *Oh well, this can wait til another time. The game's afoot and I'm leading.* he thought with a satisfied smirk.

*Heheh, oh Trunks, YOU have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.* Pan thought as she returned his wave and departed in the opposite direction.


What's next? I dunno. I haven't written it yet. Stay tuned .;)