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Introspective...the sequel?

Trunks let out a deep sigh as he plopped himself into the plushy executive chair. He had successfully ditched his exec "groupies" and gave his secretary specific instructions that he was not to be bothered for at least ten minutes.

*This isn't working. No wait, isn't it I who isn't working? Heheh, sometimes I humor myself.* Trunks thought as he rubbed his tired eyes. Habit caused him to glance seductively at the window to his office. It was always his bringer of freedom, his release from this mundane life, his temptation for trouble. If the window was a lady he'd...

The idea of exiting and freaking some pigeons out was momentarily lost when his phone rang. Instead, it was he who was a little freaked, having been ripped from his relaxing thoughts. Recomposing himself, Trunks took a deep breath and answered. "Yes? No, don't, wait, I'll be there, just give me a sec." Trunks said to his secretary as he slammed the phone back onto its receiver and dashed out of his office. Remembering that he was the role model for his fellow employees, he slowed down after tackling an obstructive mail cart the now surprised mail room employee was once strolling. With a quick apology he continued on his way to his destination...the conference room. He'd completely forgotten once again that there was board meeting. Of all the meetings, this was the deadliest one to mess up with. The leader of board meetings was none other than his own mother, or rather the chairwoman. He burst into the room, interrupting the current conversation within it.

"Excuse YOU!" Bulma announced with a scowl.

Trunks blushed. "Uh, heheh, sorry about that. I had to detour. Lunch gave me indigestion."

Bulma just rolled her eyes. The other members may fall for that excuse, but she knew her son all too well. She motioned for him to take his seat. He quickly did so and began to thumb through the various paperwork in front of him. Bulma slapped her metal pointer onto the table in front of him. He ceased his exploring of papers and looked up at her dumbly.

"We're not on those yet, Mr. President." Bulma said calmly, but with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh...I'm getting ahead of myself. Sorry. I'm so used to multi-tasking. Please, carry on moth...err, chairwoman." Trunks replied adding a nervous chuckle.

And Bulma did just that. She rambled on about profit margins and overhead and her voice began to drone in Trunks' head. He just couldn't stay attentive in meetings that were all serious and had no breaks for nonformal conversations. His mind began to wander once again, but his multitasking ability came in handy. To his mother and the others, it looked as if he was paying attention and taking notes. He was writing something in his notepad afterall.

The meeting hummed on for roughly another forty minutes before even Bulma's own attention span began to wane. She concluded the meeting, asked for input from the president (of which he had none at the time), then left the room, allowing the others to do the same after her. Trunks ended up in some small talk with a few of the members before finally escaping himself. He returned to his office and was once again alone. The meeting ended twenty minutes early thus allowing for a gap in his appointment schedule. He welcomed it with open arms.

He set his paperwork and other materials from the meeting aside, but then decided to open up his notepad once again. He reread what he had wrote.

My knees start to shake,
when you're in sight.
My mind is filled with wonder,
my heart with fright.
When will this feeling stop?
When did it start?
How can I listen to my mind,
without believing my heart.
I'm so confused.
What should I do?
I can't think of anything,
except you.
Should I ignore you,
or just give it time?
I can't think straight,
my heart controls my mind.
Satisfied with his work, he tore it out of his pad and sealed it in an envelope. Opening a drawer in his desk, he found the other portion of this little scheme of his. He pulled out a small stuffed white tiger that had royal blue eyes. With a ribbon, he tied the letter onto one of its paws. With a quick peek into his secretary's room, he was assured that all was clear. Putting the animal with letter into a box, he slipped out the window with it and headed out of town. He flew as fast as he could without powering up and landed in South City minutes later. He then found a nearby post office and mailed it. He returned to his office "unnoticed" with five minutes to spare.
He gave no indications that the package was from him and mailed it out of town so the receiver might not catch on rightaway. He wanted to "play" a little. Perhaps the recipient of his little "gift" would accept his little game.
A few days later at university...
Pan decided to check her mailbox after class. Usually she only checked it once a week,but she felt the need to check it twice this time. In it was the package.
*Hmmm, it's postmarked from South City with no return address. I don't know anybody from South City.* she thought as she shook the box then placed it next to her ear.
*It's not hard and it's not ticking so it's likely no bomb. Maybe I have a secret admirer!? I've never had one of those, but maybe I can finally tell my friends that I too, have been the recipient of such!* she excitedly thought as she dashed to her room. Once there, she quickly tore into the box.
"Awwwww! Whatta cutie you are! Somebody knows I like cuddly stuffed animals!" She then noticed the letter the little messenger was carrying.
With a wolfish grin, she placed all the clues together. The letter and tiger's eyes gave the sender away (as he hoped they would).
With an excited whoop, she headed for a nearby gift shop. She quickly found what she was looking for, a little stuffed crocodile. She purchased it and a little notecard and dashed back to her room.
On the note she inscribed:
I sought for Love
But love ran away from me.
I sought my Soul
But my soul I couldn't see.
Then I sought You
And I found all three.
She then added a little message.
Who's the hunter and who's the hunted? Or is the hunter and hunted the prey? Be wary and on guard fellow predator, we're not alone in this forest. Creatures of same blood may not like this little romp of ours.
She then mailed out her gift and did place her return address on it. Its destination, Capsule Corp. HQ Attn: President Trunks V. Briefs
Once again, a couple of days later, the mail employee Trunks had tackled delivered the mail to his office. With a dumb grin he handed Trunks the little brown box as well as a heap of other mail. Once the mail dude had left, Trunks opened it. He finished reading it just as his mother barged into his office. He quickly tried to hide the little stuffed croc by shovelling it backward, but his mother saw the thing smack the window behind him and fall to the floor. Trunks blushed stupidly.
"Another fan gift?" she asked curiously.
"You know how they are."
"Just remember if you get anymore ladies underwear to save them for Oolong and Master Roshi. That way, we already have their holiday gifts. You're such a lady killer Trunks. I'm proud of you!"
Embarrassed, Trunks' blush grew redder. "Mother, it's nothing to be proud of! Geesh."
"Oh c'mon son, I know you enjoy the flattery. If you're anything like your father, you take pride in being placed on a pedestal by others."
"I don't think of it like that. Now, why are you here? I'd hate to see you lose time on your own work." Trunks quickly spat out in hopes that she'd accept his change in subject.
"Third quarter's distribution report."
Trunks scanned the various piles of paperwork and files he had strewn about his office. "Uhm, it's in here somewhere. I'm in the process of a refiling system."
"Like at home with your laundry right? Dirty. Dirty but still wearable. Clean. Unsure. "
Trunks chuckled. "You know me well mom."
"Let's see how well I know you. Hmm, this stack looks like Done. Over there is the Almost done. And here is the Definitely Not Done. Oh and what's this? Here's the I-don't-know-if-it's-done-or-not pile."
Trunks smiled sheepishly. One could never pull the wool over mom.
But mom was one step ahead of son. She was now close enough to pick up the little stuffed crocodile.
"A stuffed reptile. Now there's a woman who's got potential Trunks. No overly cute animal, which shows respect for your manliness."
*More potential than you know mother. But, I can't reveal her to you yet. No, not yet, but geez, you're really chomping at the bit with this today* Trunks thought as he simply nodded and grinned at his mother in response.
"Send that one a stuffed penis. They sell those at the novelty shop across the road."
"Or you could do what Goten did for Parisu. Take out a camera and take photos of yourself, posing...in the nude."
Bulma tapped her son lightly on the cheek. "I'm just teasing you. Your father is right. You need to loosen up more. Maybe it is time for a vacation for you?"
*More than you know mother. I KNOW exactly where I'd be headed too.* Trunks thought as he gave his best rendition of sad puppy dog eyes.
"We'll see. I'll have to see if Gohan will continue my reasearch while I fill in for you here."
*Perfect! Keep Gohan busy. Keep yourself busy. That way the two most likely to sniff out my plan will be too occupied to sense a thing.* Trunks thought as he nodded in agreement with his mother.
"Well Trunks, I've got to get back to work and so do you. I'll see you at home later."
"Right mom. Good day." he replied as he gave his mother a little kiss on the cheek.
"Stay out of trouble." she commented as she tossed the stuffed animal back to him.
"Naturally." he added while catching it.
Bulma just smirked before departing. Trunks slid the letter back onto the animal before tucking it into his desk drawer.
"You just wait Pan. You'll see who's hunting who. You don't stand a chance little huntress. I will prevail."
he muttered to himself before returning back to his mundane tasks of being a corporate president.
Yeah, yeah, I know...where's the rest? Obviosly there's gonna be more. I wouldn't leave ya hangin' like this now would I? Don't answer that. I will write another part to this, I promise.