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Introspective...the sequel Part 14 1/2

Once outside of Earth's gravitational pull, Trunks placed the ship on autopilot. He had already programmed a flight path and specific destination coordinates ahead of time. The ship knew where it was going.

With the consummation of their marriage now behind them, Pan and Trunks rested blissfully in their nap afterward. Suddenly Trunks snapped awake by an all too familiar sound.


"GIRU!!!!! You stupid robot!" Trunks yelled half out of surprise, half out of pure anger. This of course awoke his wife who was peacefully napping on his lap.

"Wha? Huh? Trunks...wha's wrong?" Pan sleepily slurred.

Trunks pointed to the little stowaway. Pan's eyes followed the direction.

"Giru!? What are you doing here?"

"Geedddd? Pan? Pan."

"I know my name Giru. You little partybuster."

"geddddd?" Giru inquired as innocently as a peeping robot could.

"We're not on a dragonball hunt this time Giru. "

"Protect Pan. Pan danger."

"From what? Me?" a slightly amused Trunks asked.

"Trunks danger."

"You aren't making sense Giru."

"I think he's confused Trunks. Robots don't exactly do what we did y'know." Pan whispered into her husband's ear.

"Androids do. Otherwise, there wouldn't be a Marron."

"ONE exception. Excuuuuse me."

Trunks sighed. There was always a hitch when it came to his plans in life.

"Giru, you will remain on this ship even after we depart it, understand?"

The little robot nodded.

"Good. Now, how about giving us some privacy eh? Go chat with the ship or something, please?"

Giru departed, slightly slumped and disappointed that his two dear friends did not desire his company.

"Trunks, you hurt his feelings. You could've been a little more compassionate about it."

Trunks didn't reply. He simply encouraged her to step off of his lap as he then grabbed a robe.


"I'm going to see if I can have a man-to-robot chat with him. I may as well practice the 'birds & bees' talk anyway since our child will likely be born a genius and ahead of the game like I was." Trunks replied with a wink as he strode out of the room leaving Pan now confused.

"Trunks? What did you mean by that?" she asked the air where he once stood.

In the cockpit, Trunks found Giru just staring out the main window.

"Giru? Look, I'm sorry. It's just this was supposed to be a trip just Pan and I were supposed to undertake. But I guess it's my fault for not telling you that beforehand."

The little robot turned to face Trunks as the half saiyan continued to speak.

"What you saw back there was how us flesh creatures reproduce. You come from an assembly line right? Well, we have to create our own assembly line person by person. It takes input from two people to make a new one."

Giru looked about, curious as to where this new 'person' was.

Trunks chuckled. "No Giru, it's not instantaneous. In fact it takes about nine months before one pops out."


"Out of one of the persons...the female to be exact."

"Pan danger!"

"Heheh, somehow you sensed it too didn't ya lil' buddy. No, she's not in danger. It's perfectly natural. I'm surprised she hasn't noticed yet. The hens were right all along...it only takes one shot with us saiyan males."

"Pan danger."

"I don't know why you keep thinking that Giru. But, I'll take it as a precaution and keep alert. Now, could you make sure we get to our destination, eh friend?" Trunks asked nicely as he tapped on the control board and showed Giru the coordinates.

Giru nodded in his robotic way and sat in the pilot's chair.

"Good. Thank you. I need to attend to Pan now." he said as he left the robot to its duty.

Back in the room, Pan was in the process of dressing when she saw her mate re-enter the room.

"How'd it go?"

"I'm not ever giving my kids THAT version. Eeech, it was terrible, but I think Giru understands...I hope."

"Why don't we just deactivate him until after the honeymoon?"

"Pan! He's a lifeform, not a light that can be switched on and off."

"Your father seems good at shutting him up."

"He blasts the poor bot senseless. That's why. I'm a bit above that ruthless, dishonorable tactic."

"Oh. Hey uh Trunks?"


"Before you left you talked as if a child was in the present tense. Why?"

"I'm surprised the 'hens' didn't let you in on it."

"On what?"

"The virility of saiyan males. They've all been there and done that aside from 18."

"What are you saying!? I'm pregnant already?!"

Trunks couldn't help but express a little pride, but he didn't want to shock her and ruin the rest of the honeymoon.

"It's way too early to tell that Pan. Don't worry about it."

"Don't worry?"

"Right, don't worry. That's the line you give me all the time and see...I'm perfectly in an unworried state, so therefore, no need to worry." Trunks lectured as he leaned back on the bed with his head welcoming the soft landing onto the pillow and his arms folding behind it.

Pan began thumbing through their bags. "Did you pack some of those things?"

"What things?"

"The things you put over your thing. I mean, we don't want a kid THIS soon after the wedding do we?"

"Too late." Trunks muttered softly to himself.

"What was that?"

"No date. We haven't set a date as to when we wish to begin a family." Trunks rephrased quickly.

"Well, personally, I'd like to get settled in first, y'know we're both basically on our own for the first times in our lives. And I need to transfer to some local university to finish my final year and then I need to find a job..."

"You have a job already. You don't need to finish school unless you wish to."


"You'll become the co-president of Capsule Corporation."


"It's not that hard a job and it'll suit you nicely."

"Like it suits you?"

"It's not all bad, not as much as I exaggerrate it to be. I'm just bored there. It's too routine. But, with YOU there, things will be--"

"Let me guess, sneak into the janitor's closet for a 'nooner', the board room afterhours for a 'reliever', and the company rec room for a 'romper.'"

"I didn't marry you for the sex. What I was going to say is with you there, I can look upon your beauty to remind me of why I'm working such a tedious, dull job. It was for my mom and family before, but now it's more personal and I feel I can set goals and motivate myself now. I have a personal reason to do what I do."

Pan was taken aback by the fact that she had become the center of his universe. But one thing still bothered her---

"Oh, the sex isn't good enough?" she mock challenged, knowing he didn't mean that, but it was an opening to get him into something both their saiyan sides enjoyed, or was it that she just loved to watch her man squirm?

Trunks sat up quickly. "No, no, that's not it. Though I only have one instance for reference, the sex is great. It's just, that's never been something I judged a person on."

"Oh?" Pan said with a raised eyebrow, urging Trunks to try to continue his explanation. She knew if he tried long enough, he'd stumble over himself.

"You honestly don't want me to explain my past sexual history do you?"

Of course she did and her stare told him so.

Trunks blushed slightly at having to explain himself. "Okay, fine. As a teen, I was like Goten. I liked to date and unlike Goten, I liked to score more than just a kiss or a return date. Then I went to college and discovered a whole new realm of sexual pleasure. I'm not going to elaborate. But it was there that I got burned once and burned bad. Upon graduating, mom immediately placed me into the company.She coursed me thoroughly on the do's and don'ts of fraternizing with the other employees, especially the females. She also made a standing threat that she'd have father do something unpleasant to me should I fraternize with the hired help. She then further said, she and dad could always create a replacement if I should screw up. Neither knew that I'd already learned my lesson with females. So, I became shy around them. I respected them, but at the same time, I actually feared them too. In fact, I haven't been with a woman for several years now. I guess you could call me a reborn virgin. That is, until you came along. "

Pan couldn't believe his honesty! Here, all along, she thought he still did the things a powerful, studly, wealthy bachelor male could do. "But Trunks surely you had uhh...urges?"

"Naturally. I AM still a full-blooded male. I guess I redirect that energy elsewhere, often in the form of some intense, rough training with father or an escape into the skies where I can lose myself in my own mind and nature's own power. I wouldn't doubt that your father did the same when he was a teen and before he and your mom got to know each other better. I bet much to ChiChi's dismay, that Goku too, did something of the sort eventhough he didn't have to."

"Geesh Trunks, I'm beginning to think I got more than I bargained for."

It was Trunks' turn to raise an eyebrow.

"In a good way Trunks. Your reputation was always a step ahead of you. Of course, I'm probably an idiot for thinking the media to be telling the truth. But anyway, I'd heard about you as a kid. You were a ruthless, spoiled brat who always got his way or else. As a teen, you were the swauve, cool lady killer. And as an adult, the two merged to become one."

Trunks smirked. "Partially right. But, I can talk the talk without walking the walk. There are instances where words can speak louder than action. I've also toned and refined many of my past traits into more useful ones. And... now it's my turn."

"For what?"

"To learn something about you."

Pan gulped. "What do you want to know. You've known me since I was born."

"Oh contrare young lady. How or why me? I'm a whole generation older than you. You had pickings in your age groups. So why go for an 'old' guy like me?"

Pan blushed. "I've had a crush on you since I can remember. You were always the fun babysitter. Goten would always be on the phone,but you actually did things with me. Then, the way you look. Eventhough I'm a tomboy, you made my heart melt. Your personality--how you cold be so powerful yet so gentle and compassionate. No other saiyan, not even my dad could maintain the balance as much as you do. And of course, the saiyan part of you drew interest. And yes, it was a crush at first, but as I got older, it never went away and never faded. It then turned into love and you eventually responded to it. Persistance pays off."

"Persistance gets us into trouble every time."

"Fun isn't it?"

Trunks and Pan shared a laugh before they heard Giru's beeping.

"We must be nearing our destination Pan." Trunks replied as he got up and headed for the cockpit. He grabbed Pan by her hand, causing her to follow him whether she was ready or not.

Looking out the main window, Pan could see a beautiful green-blue planet. It looked similar to Earth, but it's massive rings made it look more like the gas giant Saturn.

"Tikar. I discovered this planet while we were on the dragonball hunt. We bypassed it since we had a dragonball detected elsewhere, but I did a thorough scan of it back then and sent a probe there. It's inhabited, but mainly by flora and fauna. The only species of higher intelligence can only be compared to ancient humans such as Neanderthals. I'm not sure why it's been overlooked by other species. It's rather primeval but also intoxicatingly beautiful. Our own private tropical planet." Trunks explained as he zoomed in the camera scans to reveal picture-perfect beaches, lush forests, ice-capped mountain peaks, and a variety of plants and animals which dabbed contrasting color into the greens and blues of the land.

"It reminds me of Mount Paozu and Roshi's merged into one massive planet."

"Kind of. Anyway, we're free from any prying eyes here. I even packed a capsule home."

"Not gonna test your nature skills eh Trunks?"

"Pan, if I test my nature skills, we'll both die of starvation or food poisoning."

"Don't trust mine?"

"You have the Son family instinct...country girl, but I don't want you slaving away at finding food. In fact, I packed a bunch of it anyway. We have a full menu to select from."

"A tried and true city boy aren't ya Trunks."

"It's called living in nature...urban-style."

"Ah well, it'll save time and leave us time for other things." Pan purred as she nuzzled into her mate's chest. He returned her hug.

"I'm sure it will dearest Pan. I'm sure it will."


To be continued...