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Note: This part is rated NC-17(not intended for the kiddies!). It is a lemon/hentai-ish chapter. Do NOT read if you are uncomfortable with such. You will miss nothing but the details of the honeymoon. The next chapter, 14b, will continue where 13 left off, minus this honeymoon detail.

Introspective...the sequel Part 14 "Trunks, you're gonna what!?"

Once outside of Earth's gravitational pull, Trunks placed the ship on autopilot. He had already programmed a flight path and specific destination coordinates ahead of time. The ship knew where it was going.

Trunks unbuckled himself out of the pilot's chair and turned to smile slyly at his beloved wife.

"What?" she replied, unsure of what up his sleeve next.

He stood, passed her by, then turned back to her and waved a finger in a gesture for her to follow him, all the while smiling (or smirking, it was hard to tell the difference in the Vegeta bloodline).

"Not NOW already, geesh Trunks, you ARE desperate!" she commented as she too, unbuckled and stood to follow him.

He shook his head in a 'negative.' Okay, if they weren't doing THAT yet, then what in Dende's name was he up to? Curious, Pan had to follow.

Trunks led her to the reworked recreation room. It was now a vast bedroom. He had it very dimly lit and soft instrumental music played in the background.

"I thought you said we weren't doing THAT yet?" Pan inquired, getting slightly annoyed at not being told anything. Her saiyan patience was wearing thin.

Trunks ignored her. He just led her further into the room before he halted and gestured for her to have a seat on the bed.

"Wha? Why?"

Without a word, Trunks put his hands together in a manner that said, 'please?'

"Okay, fine, I'll play this game of yours, but man, you are so in for it later."

Once his spunky wife was comfortably seated, Trunks altered the music. Now more classic rock and roll seemed to thrum through the room.

Suddenly Pan realized what he was doing! He was going to give her what she had begged for back during the bachelorette party he had unexpectantly busted. His eyes bore onto hers as his body began to sway with the tunes. The dimly lit room could do little for Pan as she tried to read the expression in her man's eyes. His blue eyes blended with the lighting too well. His body moved with the power and grace of the mighty anaconda and his motions as fluid as a ray gliding through the sea. This was the dancing he knew well and would not reveal on the dancefloor back at the reception. Any other form of dancing for Trunks, made him look as idiotic as a fish flopping about on land.

His black long-sleeved shirt slithered slowly up and over his head and snaked back down his arms before falling to the ground below. He began to slowly run his hands up and down his beautifully sclupted chest and abs before finally reaching the button to his tan shorts. He unbuttoned the outerwear but allowed the zipper to remain completely zipped up.

Pan began to feel a wave of disappointment as she was beginning to assume he'd stop where he did before,but that wave quickly disappeared as she watched her husband run one of his strong hands back up towards his face. He opened and flattened his palm towards himself. When his fingers began to glide past his mouth he licked them slowly before allowing them to scamper back down his chest and slide into his pants. (for my fanart of this click here)

Pan let out a whimper. She wanted to see what was in his pants and here he was doing to himself, what she should be doing for him. She didn't really know how per se, but she wanted to at least try.

Trunks was tuned in to her reactions as well as his own. He had to mimic the act without actually giving in to the temptation of just doing it. If aroused, he would lose control of the situation and give her, her way.

He pulled his hand back out and pulled the zipper down to reveal the royal blue silky boxers underneath. The blue in fact, matched the same blue on the saiyan outfits his mother had made for training. With a quick tug, he allowed the shorts to pull free of his waist and to his ankles. From there, he had to slightly alter his dance a bit since he had to untie his sneakers, remove them and the socks, before finally scooting off the shorts. And finally, there stood one half-saiyan male with nothing but silk boxer shorts on, swaying to music in the dim roomlight.

Pan let out a sigh of relief. She would have her chance at some point now.

Trunks was unsure if he wanted to continue further just yet. Then, an idea popped into his head. With a gentle grin, he urged Pan to him again with his hand.

She gave in readily, ever curious to handle and caress those wonderful body muscles of her husband's.

When she was near enough, he took her hands in his, pulled her close, and then closed his about her body in a swaying hug. Pan suddenly felt comfortable and secure in his grasp as her cheek nestled against the nook just above his abs.

She was now getting the dance she had wanted at the reception too. Trunks was indeed fulfilling her wishes, not exactly when she wanted them, but rather at a time when they were amplified and more fulfilling. Her father may be a scholar at most things, but this man was a scholar in regards to the pleasuring of a woman. He was probably at the forefront of this particular science.

But still, Pan was impatient. There was more that she wanted and didn't feel like waiting for. Slowly she let a hand creep from his back. It slinked back towards the front and followed masculine contours until it felt silk. Once it did, she boldly urged it inside and down.

Trunks let out an unexpected gasp as a slightly chilled hand caught him by surprise. She had just skipped several of his 'moves' and went straight for the reward. She could feel his silky shaft and wanted more of it. Trunks chased her hands with his own and gently pulled them out.

"Not yet Pan." he whispered softly.

"C'mon. This is all just a big tease Trunks!"

"Wait for it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed if you do."


"The build-up, the calm before the storm. It gives the actual act more passion, more zest, and more of an orgasmic rush."

"You sound like an advertisement."

"Trust me, you'll like it."

"Y'know, I trusted you once before Trunks on this very ship. We ended up in one pitfall after another."

"Hey, it wasn't my fault. Perhaps it was yours?"


"Bad luck to have a lady onboard a ship's maiden voyage."

Pan gave Trunks' shoulder a playful punch.

"Pan dear, are you aware of how many bruises I already bear by your hand?"

"Not my fault your flesh is weak to impacts."

"I'm NOT weak."


"Hell yeah! In fact..." Trunks trailed as he casually transformed into a super saiyan.

"Must you always rub that in."

"I haven't seen you as a blonde yet."

"I don't have to. I can kick your ass without such a powerup."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Depends on ho---" Pan started before Trunks' lips met hers and shut her up. Pan was distracted by the sheer depth and longevity of them as well as how expertly he worked his tongue. Trunks in the meantime had started leading her towards the bed laden with silken crimson sheets. Once there, he slid a leg behind both of hers and forced her knees to bend. She fell onto the bed.

"Wha? How'd I get here?"

"Get lost?"

"Your tongue gave me the wrong directions."

"Heheh, not at all. It gave you the right ones. You just hadn't noticed it."

"Did anyone ever tell you that you're too smooth for your own good?"

"Did anyone ever tell you that you talk too much?"

"I do not!"

"You do too. In fact, you could give my sister a run for her money."

"I'm NOT that bad."

"Then shush so we can continue. This is a no-talking with the mouth zone. Only bodies can talk."

"Then you shush too."


"Heheheh, I win."

"You just talked."

"So did you."

"You did it again."

"So did you."

Trunks shut up before sending the friendly debate into circles. Instead, he began to massage Pan's shoulders.


Trunks then moved his strokes and caresses lower, undoing Pan's button-down shirt at the same time. With a certain touch that caused her to arch her back upward, he worked her back, unlatching her bra with expert hands as well.

Pan suddenly decided to sit up to give Trunks better access to her back. When she did so, both her shirt and bra dropped into her lap.

"Oh, you're good Trunks. But I don't want to know how you learned to undo women's underwear as well as if not better than a lady can."

Trunks simply smiled then whispered, "Ssssshhh" as he began to place kisses and licks on her soft, young shoulders and neck. On occasion he drifted up to tease her ear with his nibbles. It sent shivers up and down Pan's spine, but it felt very, very good at the same time. He worked her body with his tongue and lips, savoring its taste, feel, and response.With a devillish smirk, his eyes drifted upward to view her expression before his mouth found one of her perky nipples.

Her body squirmed at the new sensation, but Trunks had already known that was how she'd react and allowed his motions to follow hers like a ship on the waves. As much as he desired to remain there a while longer, her lack of experience meant he had to progress to other areas in need of attention. With a glance for permission, Trunks proceeded to remove her pants and underwear. Once she was completely naked, he stared admiringly at the beautiful sleek and powerful body before him. He wanted more of it and now.

His tongue lazily dragged down her smooth skinned abdomen. When it passed her bellybutton she began to get nervous and yet curious. She had to speak!

"Trunks, where are you going?"

"Downstairs." he muttered quickly as he tried to remain focused on the task at hand.

"Wha--with your tongue!?"


"Trunks uh--" Pan started but was suddenly caught up in a rushing new feeling. "Ooohh. Oh man, DON'T stop whatever it is you're doing down there."

Trunks massaged her womanly essence with a roving tongue. To him, the juices of a female were like a sweet nectar. It drove his body into a primal instinctive urge to mate. Of course, it also brought a lady into a state of arousal which was all too necessary. To have sex with a saiyan, one had to be adequately prepared.

As his tongue began to tire, Trunks put his hands to work. He gently caressed her sides with one hand while using the other in her nether region. His intelligence paid off in this area. He knew the female anatomy almost as well as he knew his own. He knew exactly which regions to course and how intensly navigated they should be. She lurched when two fingers carefully worked her clitoris while a thumb probed her vaginal entrance. This gave Trunks a multitude of information. Not only did he know her state of arousal, but he could also tell how inexperienced she was.

"NNnggghh, Trunks, more."

"This feels good?" Trunks inquired softly.

"Yes, now more...please!"

Trunks obliged as he ceased his assult on her lovebud and sent reinforcements to his thumb. Retreating his thumb, he inserted the two fingers instead and massaged the upper walls within while his thumb gently thrummed against that temporarily neglected lovebud. The smell, taste, and feel of her essence began to drive Trunks' own body to the point of intense arousal. His manhood poked at its silky confines, begging for its release.

Once Trunks deemed her 'ready' enough, he ceased his actions and once again returned his gaze back to his wife's eyes.

"Don't look at me like that." Pan replied though she knew he was, out of respect, asking her permission. She gave him an answer in a physical sense by spreading her legs wider.

Trunks nodded subtly as a gentle smirk formed from his lips. He slipped out of his boxers and tossed them aside, revealing a part of himself that Pan had never laid eyes on. Needless to say, she was impressed. Was there any part of him that wasn't perfect? But damn, saiyan males were well endowed!

"Uh Trunks, are you sure that's going to fit? I mean, uh, is this going to hurt?"

"You a virgin?"

Pan didn't answer.

Trunks thought about it for a moment. Not wanting to hurt his wife in any way, he snapped his fingers as an idea dawned on him.

"Hang on a sec. Let me get something." he replied as he leaned over and pulled open a drawer in a nearby dresser. He pulled out a tube of lubricant.

"This will make things a bit easier."

"What the heck is that?"

"You've never seen this stuff before?"

Pan shook her head 'no'.

"Oh, well,uh, heheh, it's lubricating gel. In a car reference, it's oil for a movable part." Trunks replied as he poured some onto his hand then applied it to his manhood with smooth, stroking motions. The visual of this made Pan want him even moreso.

"Okay Trunks, do it now." she said impatiently.

It didn't take Trunks a second to know what she meant. He tossed the tube of lubricating jelly behind him and prepared to continue where he left off. As he slowly put himself into a position to enter, they were suddenly startled by a loud crash. The lubricating tube smacked a framed picture mounted on the wall across the room. It shattered and crashed to the floor.

"Nice aim there Trunks." Pan commented.

"Not funny. Now, where were we before the heart attack." Trunks commented as he quickly checked himself to make sure he hadn't lost his erection as a result of being spooked. Luckily it was still loyally there, poised for action. Pan awaited his next move. Trunks gently brushed some locks of hair from her face and kissed her forehead in reassurance before lowering himself back into position. He gently guided himself into alignment before glancing back up into his wife's eyes. In them he could see that she was as ready as she'll ever be.

"Ready or not, here I come--no, no, wait, bad expression, that's later uh, nevermind I'll just---" Trunks trailed, smacking himself on his own forehead with one hand while gently guiding his head of his manhood into her. With the widest portion in, the rest slid slowly in with ease. Pan gasped as she could feel him filling her. She could feel her muscles stretch to accomodate him, but it was still rather unnatural for them. She knew she'd be sore in the morning and suffer a pulled muscle or two. Nonetheless, the sensation was pleasurable and she raised her hips slightly in encouragement for him to continue.

Trunks tested the feel with a couple of slow, small, half-thrusts before commencing with the real thing. In any way possible, he was going to make sure he wasn't causing her any discomfort. But in all his experience, he had never dealt with such a 'tight fit' before. It was a new sensation for him too. Her body seemed to have a suction hold on him and it caressed his manhood in a manner it had never felt before. This was going to be a new complication for Trunks. The sensation felt so good that he was becoming worried about climaxing too soon. He believed in 'ladies first' and remained undefeated in his goal. He had no intention of letting Pan alter his belief either.

Pan was a natural however. As Trunks set into a certain tempo, Pan coursed her body with his. When he thrust towards her, she met him with an upward motion, driving his thrust into her. While he was doing all the 'busy' work, Pan raked her hands along the sides of his back and around his ribcage, careful not to hit his ticklish spots. Trunks loved his back rubbed and having that sensation mixed with the other was sending him into a frenzy. He began thinking of things that might stave off the surging rush. From images of work, to her father, to sleeping with the likes of Master Roshi or Mr. Satan, Trunks tried desperately to delay the inevitable. Not having much luck with mental images (seeing his beautiful wife in front of him wasn't helping matters), Trunks opted to try to send her there first. Altering positions, he brought her forward as he backed up and sat on a chair. Now it was her turn to do the work while he freed up his hands to caress her and find all those important love buttons on her body. Unluckily for him, she turned so they were sitting face-to-face while she still remained on top. With a deep gasp from Trunks, Pan found her own rhythm and motion. This sex stuff wasn't so difficult afterall.

Unprepared for her quick ability to learn, Trunks could do nothing to stave off his body's instinctive finish. He climaxed with a shudder and primal growl. Pan could feel the warm rush of his release within her. Desperate to give Pan the same rush, Trunks shook off the warm,fuzzy feeling and concentrated fully on getting his wife to join him on cloud nine. Before he withdrew, he used his manhood's fullness to keep her spread while his hands went back to work. He slowly rocked her while his fingers worked her lovebud ever so carefully. At the same time, his mouth also returned to duty and suckled one breast while his free hand fondled the other. He was a pro at multi-tasking and he was proving this skill now. With so much happening to her all at once, Pan suddenly felt a wave of intense pleasure engulf her entire body.


Trunks smiled victoriously as he ceased his motions so she could feel the full effect of the surge. Within her, he could feel the vaginal contractions of her orgasm. Normally this would be what would send him to his own, but defeated this time around, Trunks could only sit back and await her return from her pleasure flight. As she did so, she leaned forward as they shared a tight hug. "Thank you Trunks." she whispered into his ear.

Trunks kissed her lightly on the cheek. "You're most welcome m'lady." he whispered back as he readjusted so he could gently withdrawl. Once he did so, Pan returned to her seat on his lap and the two cuddled and enjoyed the relaxing sensation together. They rocked themselves into a blissful slumber. And now, their marriage was consummated.

So ends their first time together.Rest of story ...you know the routine...tbc