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Introspective...the sequel Part 13 "Get Down, Gohan???"

The party was proving to be quite the festivity. Everyone was enjoying themselves as they usually did at one of Bulma's parties. Some, however, were finding this a great opportunity to forget.

"Gohan dear, how many of those have you had?" Videl asked her husband with an expression of concern.

"Two...no, three...uh, maybe four?" Gohan replied sluggishly and very unlike a scholar who could recite the entire trigonomic table from his head.

Videl tried to take away the wine glass, but Gohan downed the rest of the contents within it before he released it.

"Gohan, no more, please? You've never had this much alcohol in your entire life."

"Don' worry Videl. I'm a smart saiyan, remember?" Gohan said with a goofy Son smile before leaving her when he suddenly heard music.

"Oh great. This is certainly going to go down as a most memorable moment." Videl muttered as she shook her head helplessly.

Meanwhile, Vegeta remained some distance away in the shadows. He watched his son interact with his now lifemate, Pan. He was looking for something specific, something very saiyan, something stronger than love from the heart. With his patented smirk, he found what he was seeking. The two interacted in a manner that had Vegeta guessing his son's mate well before either Trunks or Pan had figured it out. It was the elusive saiyan bond that even the mighty prince of saiyans suffered from many, many years ago when he first laid eyes on the obnoxious, loud-mouth-can't-shut-up-for-an-instant, Bulma. It had struck Gohan and Videl years ago as well. Satisfied, he stealthily slipped out of the room for a change of clothing. He'd return later once he felt more himself.

Suddenly, Bulma yelled her usual party command once she started the music. "LET'S DANCE!"

Pan grabbed Trunks and attempted to drag him onto the dance floor.

"Pan, no. I'm NOT going."

"Yes you are."

"I don't wanna dance."

"C'mon, just one? It's tradition anyway."

"You know what I say about tradition. Do I need a colorful metaphor to emphasize my perspective?"

"But you dance so well."

"Yes, if it's sexy, slinky, and seductive. NOT these regular-type of dances."

"Fine, let's go."

"Pan!" Trunks protested as he grabbed hold of the table.

Pan pried his hands off only to be pulled short once again. Trunks had grabbed something else. This time, he had a hold of a surprised Dende.

"Dende, please, grant me this one prayer. DON'T MAKE HER DO THIS TO ME!"

Meanwhile, Pan continued her tug-of-war. Trunks refused to let go of Dende and therefore the young god was dragged along with them.

"Trunks, keep me out of this, please." Dende pleaded.

"Nope. You're my accomplice."

"To what?"

"Okay, so you're my hostage."

"You're holding the Guardian of the Earth hostage?"


"Trunks, that doesn't bode well for you."

"Doesn't matter. I'm not letting go."

Once on the dancefloor, Pan found a couple of sensitive spots on her reluctant hubby. Bulma had told her about the little ticklish spots on the sides of his ribcage. Pan struck there. Assulted from both sides by her hands, Trunks was forced to let go of Dende. As Dende scrambled to exit the dancefloor he was suddenly grabbed by another.

"Ahhhh! What now?"

It was Gohan, who had now taken Dende as a dance partner.

"Gohan? What are you doing?"

"Dancing. How about you?"


Elsewhere on the dancefloor Pan was having trouble with Trunks. "C'mon Trunks, you're the guy, now LEAD!"

"Nope. Don't wanna."

"Trunks, c'mon, just one dance then I'll let you return to the table."

Trunks was about to answer before he was immediately distracted. He poised his nose to the air and sniffed. "Ooooh....mom's cooking meat on the grill! C'mon Pan, I'm STARVED!"

"But...but...mmmmm, that does smell good. To hell with dancing, LET'S EAT!" Pan rejoiced as she followed her husband through the crowd. When it came to meat, Trunks' nose was as sharp as a bloodhound's. He tracked the source of the smell in mere seconds and was at the grill giving his mom a pleading look before Pan could set one foot off the dancefloor.

Luckily for Dende, Gohan too, took interest in the fresh food. Vegeta had even reappeared. All non-saiyans stood back and awaited their turn. The saiyans always seemed to have first dibs on food sources. But then again, who'd be dumb enough to challenge them for it? Yes, having saiyan blood certainly had its advantages.

Trunks and Pan being the reason for the festivity were served first followed by Gohan and Vegeta. Goten and Bra followed after that. Once all were served and seated, there seemed to something of a silence. Saiyans rarely talked while eating and concentrated on their food as much as they did a battle.

Trunks gave Pan a glass of wine and watched her curiously. He knew she rarely if ever drank the stuff.

Pan sniffed it then turned to gaze back at Trunks. He grinned and urged her to try it while at the same time, downing a glass of his own.

"What? It's just crushed, fermented grapes Pan." Trunks explained.

"But it's ALCOHOL." she whispered.

"You're not allowed to drink it?" Trunks teased.

"I'm an ADULT too!" Pan retorted.

"Then try it. One won't hurt ya."

Pan looked at her father who had eaten and now looked as if he was about to fall asleep in his soup.

"It's dangerous Trunks. Look at my dad."

"One won't hurt ya Pan. Here, I'll drink half." Trunks said as he grabbed her glass and downed half of the wine contained within.

"Trunks, don't drink too much!"


"Because it affects male sexual performance. You'll spoil our honeymoon!"

"No it won't. Not me anyway. I'm a super saiyan."

"What's that got to do with alcohol consumption?"

"Dunno. Just thought it fit somehow."

"Trunks, for a genius, you're an idiot sometimes."

"Genius, idiot, sexual extraordinaire and multi-billionaire. Hey, that rhymed. Heheh."

Pan took Trunks' wine away from him and gave him grape juice.

"Hey, this is the boring stuff."

"To prevent you from being such later on, dolt."

"I'm NEVER boring Pan." Trunks replied confidently.

"We'll see Trunks...we'll see." Pan replied then opted for a change of subject so as not to challenge her hubby too soon. "Hey Trunks."


"What did that judge mean when he said 'under more favorable circumstances'?"

Trunks chucked at the vision of the memory in his head. "When I was seventeen, that judge was a trooper in the Satan City police force. He busted me for tailgating. I nearly ended up in jail."

"For tailgating? That's hardly an offense to--"

"Not for that. For insulting a police officer."


"I showed him my definition of a tailgate. I mooned him."


"Hey, it's my version of a nonverbal colorful metaphor. But anyway, there wasn't much he could do. I mean, knowing Mr. Satan does have some perks on occasion."

"You manipulative---"

"I know, dontchya love me for it."

"You don't do that anymore do ya?"

"The colorful nonverbal metaphor? Heheh, I haven't in a while but when I first assumed presidency of the company, many didn't take to having a how did they put it...'young whippersnapper' in charge. They said I was too inexperienced to effectively run a corporation as large as Capsule Corp. They were afraid the power would go to my head and I'd abuse it then run the company into the ground. And so, in front of the entire boardstaff, I told them if they didn't like it, they could kiss my ass and I showed it just in case any would take me up on the offer."


"Needless to say, most of those boardmembers are now retired and no longer in Capsule Corp's employ. Mom's execs were so dull and crusty anyway. Though if you ever ran into one of 'em now, you'd hear their views about me to be the complete opposite. I now find them sucking up to me for a few extra shares of stock or grovelling at me knees for their mistake."

Meanwhile, before too many more strange things happened (like more not-so-sober saiyans), Bulma decided to go to the next stage...the HUGE cake.

"That's ours?!" Pan said quietly as her eyes bugged out.

"Fit for saiyans I'd say." Trunks answered.

Bulma urged them to stand and come forward to face the huge cake. She held the knife out to Trunks who waved it off to Pan. She graciously took the blade and jokingly held it up towards Trunks' neck. Many laughed. Most males didn't. What a symbollic way of showing who was 'in control'. Pan then found a good spot to slice the helpless white-frosted cake. When she did so, it revealed the saiyan-yellow cake inside. Once Trunks and Pan had their slices, the others were served.

Trunks couldn't resist placing a large lop of frosting onto Pan's nose. She in turn threatened to smear more across his face, but he ducked at the last moment. Instead, the cake/frosting smear ended up on another face...Vegeta's.

"Drat! Missed! Oooops...sorry Vegeta." Pan said sheepishly.

As Trunks returned to his normal sitting position, he saw what Pan had done. "Woah, uh, heheh, cute look dad."

Vegeta, not entirely pleased that he was sporting cake on his great saiyan face, was about to give the newlyweds a nice blast or two,but Bulma intervened by slopping a towel over Vegeta's face.

"Mmmphggrrrr, damn you! I can clean myself!" Vegeta muttered while trying to grab the towel from his mate.

As time dragged by, the happy couple opened gifts, spoke with the guests,etc,until it was finally time for Trunks and Pan to depart for some 'time to themselves.' Before such however, it was time to see who the 'next' couple would be.

Pan sat on a chair and offered her leg to Trunks so he could remove her garter. In classic sexy saiyan style, Trunks pulled the thing off her leg with his teeth rather than his hands. This got cheers from the males in the crowd (sans Gohan who was now napping nicely at a table). Turning his back to the crowd, he launched it backwards towards them. A dumbfounded-not-quite-following-the whole-scheme-of-things, Uubu was its final landing spot.

"Heheh, the island boy's destined to get hitched next." Yamcha exclaimed, rejoicing that it wasn't him. He had firm belief he was going to be a bachelor until he ceased to exist.

Pan then grabbed her bouquet of flowers and repeated the procedure for the ladies. The flowers found their way into Marron's hands.

"Uubu and Marron sittin-in-a-tree..." Goten started as the others laughed at the two recipients.

Once the commotion died down, Pan and Trunks said their farewells. For a week (it was all Trunks could get time off for), they'd be alone together and carefree...if only Pan knew where they were going.

"Hey Trunks, don't invent a second edition to that sex manual okay!" Yamcha roared and was promptly thwapped by a nearby Bulma.

Trunks and Pan both blushed though Pan looked up to her husband curiously. He just chuckled lightly and waved it off. It was yet another 'story' Pan was going to have to drag out of him someday.

Trunks led his wife back into the house and then back outside to another portion of the yard...an area where the domed launch bays were.

"Trunks, WHERE the heck are we going, around in circles?"

"Nope and we can change clothes once we're aboard. I took the liberty of packing for both of us. Of course your mom and my mom helped me gather stuff you'd need or like."

"A-BOARD? Trunks?"

With a remote, Trunks opened one of the lauching bays to reveal a ship Pan had known once before. The octopus-looking contraption had been shined up and renovated, but it was still the same ship.

"It was the place where my heart and soul had met their match. I figured it'd be a suitable place and it'll take us away from any prying eyes. I mean, with our families, Dende, AND the media, I doubt we could go anywhere on the planet and totally be unobserved. It would be difficult to perform knowing there's so many eyes on us."

Pan's jaw was still on the ground, but Trunks was right. This was the best escape they could have.

"Uhm, since we don't have a 'threshold' for me to carry ya over, how 'bout I just carry ya onboard?" Trunks said as he gracefully swept a still-stunned Pan into his arms.

Once inside, Trunks gently set her down and Pan returned to reality to take a look about.

"I like what you've done to the place." she commented.

Trunks had modified certain rooms and spaces. They weren't on a year-long journey afterall.

"I'm glad you approve. Now, let's get underway. I'm dying to get away from here." Trunks remarked as he led her to the piloting area. That area was virtually unchanged and brought back many memories, both good and bad for both of them.

"So where are you taking me? We're not going to spend the entire honeymoon in this--"

Trunks cut her off. "We could I mean, we might anyway, but no, I have a place in mind...just in case we want to do something else."

The way Trunks had phrased that sent slight jitters up Pan's spine. She was very inexperienced in the type of love her husband was talking about. She wasn't quite sure what he meant, but she trusted him anyway. Afterall, the foundation of marriage was love, honor, and TRUST.

As they departed with a large rumble and rocketblast, the others waved them off as the media could only gaze, stunned and helpless.

One ZTV reporter commented, "Uh, I think they're going into outerspace!? Ladies and gentlemen, they are going into space!"

to be continued...

Note: Next chapter will likely be rated NC-17 and a lemon. If you don't wanna read, it's okay. I will progress with the story a chapter later, without you missing any of the plot if you skip this next chapter.