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Special note: I am not religious so this wedding doesn't contain any of that flashy religous stuff like a priest, pastor, church,etc. It also prevents any potential discomfort in my readers who are likely to have varying beliefs themselves.

Introspective...the sequel Part 12 "Til' death do we what?"

The Briefs residence was full of hustle, bustle, yells, and screams. In other words, something big was going down and the entire family was involved.

"Dammit! MOM! Where's that cumber bun thing!?"

"Trunks, you mean to say you aren't dressed yet?"

"I'm not answering that mom. Just help me please?"


"Vegeta, you'll wear it and you'll like it, now shut the hell up!"

"MOM! Can I borrow your mascara? I'm out."

Bulma turned another circle in the same place before halting and letting out a good scream. Three heads popped out of doorways, curious.

"Mom, is something wrong?" Trunks inquired.

Bulma bore her angry gaze onto her son.

"Whups, stupid question. I'll go back to getting ready then." Trunks replied before retreating back into his room.

Bulma's stare put the other two back into their rooms as well. "Well, I guess that's what I get for being the ruler of this roost." she muttered to herself while trying to herself ready and help the rest of the family at the same time.

Meanwhile at another residence...

"Mom, I can't wear these shoes. They're too uncomfortable and I'll stumble."

"Pan dear, you'll need them. You need to be raised so the train on your dress doesn't tangle on your feet."

"Why am I wearing this stupid thing anyway? Trunks and I wanted a less traditional wedding."

"Tournament gi's are not acceptable by your grandmother, Bulma, or your father. Deal with it young lady."

"But mom--"

"No buts."

"This sucks. Trunks wore a less fancy wedding dress than this before and--" Pan began before realizing she just blurted a secret Trunks wanted her to take to her grave.

Videl didn't miss a beat. "Pan dear, is there something weird your father and I should know about our soon-to-be son-in-law?"

"No, not really. Just something that happened on our space dragonball hunt way back when."

"Honey? Where's that tie you said would go with this?" Gohan yelled from another room.

"Word of advice Pan. Men are helpless, needy, and forgetful. This includes the smart ones. Remember that." Videl whispered before leaving Pan's room to aid her husband in his quest for the right tie.

Pan looked gazed out her window and silently wondered if Trunks was having a better go at it at his home.

Eventually, all was in readiness at both residences and the families met at the Kami House aside from Trunks (who wasn't allowed to see the bride in gown before the wedding...bad luck y'know) before heading off Satan City where the wedding was to be held. The main reception was to be at the Briefs residence and a supplemental one at the Son's after the couple departed for their honeymoon.

"Where's Trunks?" Pan asked Bulma after scanning the island for his ki.

"We dropped him off at the Satan Mansion."

"Trunks alone with Mr. Satan?"

"No Pan, Goten opted to keep him company too since he and Parisu were already in the city."

"Oh...he's just gonna enjoy that." Pan muttered before suddenly getting locked into a tight bear hug from her father.

"Why did my little girl grow up so fast?"

"Because you didn't have another one after me. If you did, you wouldn't be pestering me about it so much dad."

"But you're my one and only. Why would I want another when I have everything I wanted in one girl?"

"Dad stop, you're getting all mushy and you're wrinkling my dress."

Gohan pulled away before the other ladies could see that he was distorting the perfect dress of his daughter's.

"Isn't it time to go yet? It's too hot in this thing!" Pan whined to her mother as she eyed the aircar once again.

Meanwhile at the Satan Mansion...

"And that's how I defeated Cell..."

Trunks rolled his eyes and tried not to reveal how bored he was after hearing Mr. Satan's Cell Game theory for the hundredth time. Mr. Satan then got up and entered another room to take answer the phone.

Parisu nudged Goten hard in his side. Goten had fallen asleep. He lurched awake and clapped.

"Idiot." Trunks muttered softly before standing, stretching, and checking his watch for the tenth time in ten minutes. "Damn, time is dragging when I want it to fly. Why can't it do this on my days off eh? I really gotta ask Dende what I did to cause this torture onto me."

"Maybe you rubbed him the wrong way back when we were kids. I mean, it was pretty cruel to do that to his driking water. One shouldn't upset a god."

"Goten, you talk too much. Besides, you went along with it."

"Only because you made me."

"Did not."

"Did so."

"I can't help it if you're so gullible Goten."

"More awake now?"

"Yeah, thanks Goten. A little fight physically or mentally helps get my blood flowing again."

"No prob. Anytime friend."

Mr. Satan then re-entered the room. "That was Videl. They're on their way."

Trunks took a deep breath. Suddenly, his nerves decided to spur into action at the sound of that. This wasn't good. When Trunks was nervous, he usually tried to joke his way from being bothered by it.

At the sound of the aircar landing less than an hour later, Trunks, Goten,and Mr. Satan headed for the room where the wedding was to be held. Parisu met Videl and the others outside and updated them on the preparations at the mansion.

Moments later it was time. All assumed their positions. Trunks stood nervously to the side at the front of the room with his father who was amazingly calm, no doubt having been tormented by Bulma into wearing a tux had worn out his temper a bit. Goten stood firm as well though his eyes were craned towards the back of the room awaiting the entrance of the ladies and niece, Pan.

Given a cue by Mr. Satan, the pianist began to play. Trunks gulped as he naturally turned to gaze down the main aisle to the back of the room where all the ladies were now entering. Once they had assumed their positions opposite the men at the front of the room, the pianist's tune changed and Trunks knew his soon-to-be wife was next to enter. Holding her father's arm as he guided her up the aisle, she looked simply stunning in the white flowing gown. Though the dress flowed, it's main body hugged Pan's allowing Trunks to see her gently womanly curves and grace. She was a warrior, but in a dress, she was a ravishing woman who stole his heart and mind at first sight.

As Pan drew nearer, her eyes locked onto his blues. She could see the nerves in his expression. She was nervous too,but for Trunks' sake, she had to remain calm. If she did, perhaps he would calm a bit as well. Gohan released her upon reaching the end of the aisle and gave her hand a tight, reassuring squeeze before letting go and allowing Trunks to step forward. As the two half saiyans passed, Trunks could've sworn he saw 'challenge' in Gohan's eyes, but shrugged it off. There was nothing the older half saiyan could do now. He had to let go and that was that.

Trunks took his place beside Pan. "You look stunning Pan." he whispered.

"You're not so bad either. You look better in black than tan."

"Thanks...I think."

They were soon joined by the judge who appeared before them. He was a short, pudgy man who Trunks remembered well for giving him his first traffic violation ticket back as a teenager.

"Well hello Mr. Briefs. We meet again, this time under more favorable terms."

Trunks squeezed a semi-friendly smile though his eyes said, 'put it to rest.'

"Shall we begin?" he asked the couple nervously standing before him.

Both Pan and Trunks nodded respectively.

"We are gathered here today to bear witness and join this beautiful couple in the lifelong bond of matrimony."

Off to the side, in their front row seats, ChiChi had already started to sob. Bulma wished she hadn't because she was biting back tears herself. Her beloved little boy and first born wasn't going to be hers much longer. Though she longed for this day, she had also dreaded it. It gave her a firm reality check that she was indeed growing old and the family residence was going to have one less within its walls. Videl was also feeling the loss. Gohan tried to remain strong but only perhaps because he was beside Vegeta.

As the judge continued on, Pan slinked a hand behind Trunks and squeezed his butt in reassurance. Everyone cooed a big "Awwwww" at the scene but Trunks, caught off guard actually lurched forward and nearly slammed into the judge. Pan blushed and apologized as Trunks, also blushing regained his balance and stepped back in line with Pan. His sideward glance to her told her that she was in for it later.

"Are you two prepared to love, honor, and cherish each other for the rest of your lives?"

"Well that's a stupid question. Why would we even be here if---" Trunks trailed as he got a firm elbow into his side by Pan.

"We do." both finally managed to say with Trunks' voice slightly hitched as he tried to hide the pain in his ribs at the same time. As now it was Pan's turn to give Trunks a glance declaring 'payback' later.

The judge then motioned for the rings. Goten fiddled with his pockets for a moment before finally pulling out both rings.Trunks gave him a stern stare as Goten just smiled goofily and stepped over to them.

"Do you Trunks Vegeta Briefs take Pan Son as your wife and promise to be honorable and true to her in both good times and bad, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"Naturally. And if she dies I can always get the dragon--"

Pan sharply nudged him again.

"Oh, I mean, I do." he quickly corrected as Vegeta gruffed at his son who was beginning to make an ass of himself.

The judge then continued.

"Do you Pan Son take Trunks Vegeta Briefs as you husband and promise to be honorable and true to him in both good times and bad, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do." Pan replied confidently. Then both Trunks and Pan placed the respective ring on each other's finger.

"Trunks and Pan, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mr. Briefs, you may now kiss the bride."

"I know that." Trunks snorted, annoyed that he had to wait to be told to do that. Like lightening he grabbed and turned his now wife and drew him to her and peeled the veil over her head. His lips glided onto hers as they locked passionately. Allowing the kiss to be long and deep, Trunks slowly dipped her backward much to the applause of the crowd. Gohan had to turn his gaze away. Videl, ChiChi, and Bulma were now completely sobbing and 18 was trying to pass around the tissues to each of them. Bra and Marron high-fived each then Goten as he stepped over to them. He then found his own woman and kissed her.

Once Trunks and Pan regained their breath Trunks gave her a sly smirk and wink. It was the cue that it was time for them to dash down the aisle. As they reached the bright light of the outdoors, they were suddenly blinded by hundreds of camera flashes. Mr. Satan had provided the limos for the trek from his residence to the executive airport. and luckily, the limo driver was prepared. He guided the couple towards and into the first limo that was now adorned with streamers and a huge 'just married' sign off its rear end. The limo took them to Satan City's executive airport where a few of Capsule Corporation's company jets were held. Four were parked in waiting for the main members of the wedding party. Of course the main presidential jet was reserved for just Trunks and Pan. The other limos followed shortly after. The four jets took off together and flew in a beautifully maneuvered diamond formation all the way to Western Capital City's Executive Airport which was shut down temporarily so that the arrivals could come and go uninterrupted. Of course, the Ztv helicopters were hovering overhead to get the only shots of the couple leaving the airport. Jimmy, Trunks' everyday limo driver drove the red presidential limo up to the jet and welcomed the couple. This limo too, was adorned in the 'just married' streamers and sign. Pan and Trunks had to laugh. Once inside the car, Trunks let out a sigh of relief. He was now in familiar territory and felt comfortable in the car he rode in everyday. Pan too, let out a sigh. Finally, things would be a bit less hectic here. Satan City reporters were faster and more experienced than WCC's since they dealt with covering Mr. Satan on a regular basis.

Pan kicked off her shoes. "Oh, that's better. Those things were killing me."

Trunks loosened his bowtie and unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt. "And I was slowly choking to death in this contraption."

"Weddings are painful experiences. It would've been better in comfortable clothes." Pan commented.

"Uncomfortable clothes for an uncomfortable experience. How appropriate eh?"

Pan nodded as she looked out the windows. Their limo was followed by several others as well as reporters' vans and helicopters. People stopped what they were doing to gaze at the ritzy convoy as it passed them by.

"Wow." was all Pan could manage.

Trunks grinned with pride. "It's just a little more than usual. It's rather annoying at times,but hey, when you're the president of the main economic power of this city and perhaps the world..."

Pan shut him up by placing one of her white gloves in his mouth. "Shush. You boast too much sometimes." she giggled and playfully began to handle her prize...err, lifemate.

Trunks spit the glove out of his mouth. "Hey, save it for AFTER the reception Pan. We can't do this yet." he said with a soft, deep voice. Deep down he wanted to too, but formalities were formalities and they needed to remain composed. Besides, looking aroused in front of their parents was NOT something he wanted them to take down memory lane with them...especially with volatile Gohan being one of them. Besides, it was already bad enough that Pan and their mothers had quite the show already.

"You're such a tease Trunks."

"Good things come to those who wait."

"Hate that quote."

"I know. It's obvious."


"Hey what! Hey look, we're finally 'home.'"

Pan began to growl, but upon seeing the Briefs residence, became anxious to get into more familiar territory. The limo stopped at its usual spot and allowed the couple to exit.

"Thanks Jimmy."

"Good luck Mr. President." Jimmy replied before departing so the other limos could also drop off their passengers.

Giru rushed up and hugged Pan.

"Pan here! Giru happy now!"

"Giru, you're still you're same old self eh?"

Trunks pryed the little robot from Pan. "Giru, Pan is mine now. You keep your distance."

Pan couldn't resist the opportunity. "Aww Trunks, jealous of a little robot hmm?"

Trunks huffed. "Not at all. I just don't need him tagging along with us all the time."

"Where's he going to go once we have our own place?"

"He'll stay with mom."

"He'll hate that Trunks. He's scared of your mom and dad."

"Then he'll stay at the company. He goes to work with me everyday anyway."

"He'll be lonely."

"I'll be sure to create a friend for him then."

"He can stay with us. We'll just put him in another room. He'd probably make for a great babysitter down the road."

Trunks thought for a moment. "Swell, instead of a family dog, we have a family 'bot."

"Giru happy. Will be with Pan and Trunks!" the little robot cheered as he disappeared once again.

By now the others had all gathered and Bulma signalled for the newlyweds to join them.

Pan and Trunks stole a brief moment to look at each other longingly. Just a few more hours and then they'd be able to be alone to share a love they had waited years for.

As they walked back inside Pan whispered into Trunks' ear.

"Hey Trunks, where are you taking me for this uh, honeymoon?"

Trunks smirked in classic Vegeta-style. "You'll find out soon enough."


Trunks simply chuckled as they reached the main reception area.

to be continued...