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Introspective...the sequel Part 11 "Kami, thanks a LOT!"

Trunks made eye contact with each and every female in the room. He wasn't about to let his confidence slide and he surely wasn't going to let the ladies have their day. If they wanted a show, they were going to have it. Leaning over the counter, he picked up the little radio his mother liked to play while cooking. He sifted through its digitized memory to find a song he'd added a while ago. Turning the volume up, an older rock song filled the air. It was a song only he or his father could thoroughly enjoy. Trunks smirked evilly. He could blend with the song easily enough. It was perfect! These ladies were going to see just how "Bad to the Bone", the son of Vegeta could be! He donned his sunglasses for added effect and to hide any emotion of dread or sexual signals he might show through his eyes. Women looked at a man's eyes often to seek his real feelings and Trunks knew this all too well.

"Well, so be it. You asked for it." Trunks commented to the very curious ladies. Many, including his mother, weren't sure if he'd actully follow through with it. It was supposed to be just a joke afterall...but nobody was stepping in to halt the corporate saiyan from actually doing it.

Finding a rhythm with the strong bar beat electric guitar, Trunks allowed his body to sway seductively to the song's consistent background drumbeats. Behind the sunglasses, Trunks closed his eyes and imagined another place, another time. He could dance, he knew that. He was experienced, he knew that too. Put the two together and he could light a passion in any female at anytime. He would show these ladies exactly who was in control of the situation. As he unbuttoned the rest of his vest, he ever so slowly slid the garment over one shoulder then the next. He removed it completly from behind him, but rather than just dropping it, he ran it between his legs before flinging it onto Pan's head. She quickly removed it so as not to miss his next move and for a moment, he thought he could see his wife-to-be, drooling. The belt came next and of course, he symbollically used it to be something else. The belt swang forward to and fro in a motion reminiscent of a male alone with himself. Bra had to turn away eventhough she kept the camera pointed at him. The vision in her head of her brother naked, doing that, was too much. The belt dropped as Trunks' fingers ran back up to his pants button and fly. He allowed his hands to course the area, all the while watching the reactions by the ladies, and in particular, Pan's. He was getting the desired effect as nearly all the ladies' jaws were open and their eyes curious. His smirk grew slightly wider as he undid both button and fly then halted. He'd only started on that area so he could free up his white oxford shirt that had been neatly tucked within. Slowly he ran his strong hands up and down his abs, revealing them every now and then as an enticing tease while letting his body undulate, never missing a beat. He was finding himself actually getting into it and enjoying it. He was unsure if the drinks from earlier at his own party were allowing him to lose his inhibitions or if he honestly did enjoy this type of attention. He'd find out at a later time though. He hadn't completed this little 'dance' yet.

Trunks drew his fingers back up towards his tie. Undoing the knot slowly, he allowed them to see the knot slide out and apart. Females were visual too. This little maneuver allowed their imaginations to see another 'in-out' scenario. Trunks drew up the now straightened tie and ran it across his mouth as he would if it were a rose. A slightly romantic yet totally sexual gesture, Trunks bit back a chuckle of victory at the result. He had to stay in character and complete this properly. The tie snaked back down the front of his body and to the floor as he began to unbutton his shirt from top to bottom thus revealing his beautifully sculpted chest muscles. Though he wasn't training seriously, he trained enough to remain fit and trim. Not overly buff like his father, his hard, strong, still rather pronounced muscles took on a gracious softness and sleekness that he found was irresistable to the ladies.

The shirt slid back in a similar manner as his vest had. He released it in a fluid motion that sent it back at Pan once again. She growled in disgust at not being able to see again and tried to remove it from her face as fast as possible. Though, she had to admit, she could smell his scent through it and it was rather intoxicating.

Trunks' ability to read the ladies was proving advantageous. His fiance was definitely turned on and he deeply wished he could pick her up, take her into his room, and finish what he had started, but their mothers would immediately prevent such a thing. Until the honeymoon, they were making sure that the couple-to-be remained chaste. Well, actually, Trunks was given opportunities at his own party, but only a fool would fall for such. He knew the best the world could offer him would be his during the honeymoon so why settle for less?

Trunks then began his 'stall.' His body continued to sway, but he was going for the teasing effect. He wouldn't start again until one of the ladies demanded he do such. He just prayed to Kami that it was Pan and not one of their mothers. Once they realized he had stopped, all became fidgety. Within seconds, his prediction was true...sort of.


Trunks focused on the voice and silently cursed and thanked Dende at the same time. He was thankful that his sunglasses didn't reveal how red and shocked he was and then he cursed the green god because the owner of the voice was ChiChi! Even Bulma looked at the wife of Goku in stunned amazement, but all agreed with her and returned their gaze back to the entertaining male in the front of the room. His only savior now would be Pan's ability to be stingy and selfish. Would she want to share the rest of him with the other ladies or would she want to keep that hers and hers alone? Another quick thought raced through his mind. Was he wearing any underwear today? Sometimes, he didn't bother. Be it boxers or sans underwear, hanging freely had always been a preference. Without breaking his moves, he ran his hands back down his chest to his pants. While doing so, he ran a thumb across the layers and counted. There were two. He was wearing underwear today. He would have something to save for Pan and only Pan afterall.

He peeled away his pants ever so slowly to reveal silky black boxers. He didn't pull his pants all the way down however. This was where he was going to stop. He had the ladies entranced and under his control. Using their powers against them, Trunks tempted them into hoping he was going to give them a more revealing looksee. The distraction worked. It bought Trunks the vital seconds he needed to dash off down the hall and into his bedroom. It took the slam of his bedroom door to knock the ladies out of his entrancement and realize that they just got duped.

"Aww man, just when he was getting to the good parts!" Pan whined.

It took a minute for what Pan had said to sink into the other women. Once it did, they broke out in laughter.

"What!?" Pan asked, slightly peeved at their reaction to her comment.

"Pan dear, guess that's one of his presents to you on your honeymoon." Videl filled in.

Pan pouted as her eyes trained longingly down the hall Trunks had quickly exited through. "I don't wanna wait. It's cruel to tease me like that!"

"Well Bulma, I have to admit, you trained your son well."

"What's that supposed to mean ChiChi?" Bulma shot back, suddenly defensive.

"He actually reads the opposite sex. It's a show of respect. I couldn't teach Gohan or Goten such things. Eventhough Gohan's a scholar now, he's still naive in certain areas, right Videl dear?"

Videl choked for a moment. "Actually, he's not half bad in those certain areas. He---"

"MOM, eeeeewwww! STOP, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOU AND DAD!" Pan interrupted as she put her hands to her ears.

There was silence for a moment after as the ladies were somewhat at a loss as to what to do next.

"Well, since the show's over, I guess it's time for cake." Bulma said as she stood and headed for the kitchen."By the way, Trunks didn't learn that from me. It's not necessarily a good thing that he knows how read women. He could've only acquired that from experience. He so good at it that I guess he's been with more women than I thought he had. I'm somewhat disappointed in him now. Oh well, at least he's settling down now and that's no longer an issue. But still, I can't believe he can play so shy around women one minute, yet manage some floozy one-night stand the next."

"Bulma, a personality switch isn't all that surprising. I mean, look at Trunks in everyday life. Off the clock, he's carefree, easy-going, and somewhat of a goof-off. On the clock at work, he's serious, responsible, and cautious. Quite the opposite don't you think? And add that he needs to be calm and gentle yet his saiyan side must yearn for blood and battle." ChiChi commented.

"Egads! I turned my son into a schizo."

"Not at all. He's just a master at control of emotions and behavior. Much like Vegeta, who always portrays the same look and emotion though deep down, I bet he's reacting differently. Right Bulma?"18 inquired.

"Vegeta's a whole other ballgame. I don't even want to try to dissect his mentality. It's too damn creepy. Now, Pan, you get to slice first."

Pan got up excitedly (it was an opportunity for food afterall). She blushed furiously upon seeing the cake in full view however. "Bulma. This is...this is a..."

"Shaped like a penis. Pretty good job eh?"

The other women immediately headed for the kitchen for a good view of Bulma's edible art.

"Oh Bulma, you outdid yourself this time. It rivals the artwork you put on mine back when I was..." Videl trailed. "Good gosh, I'm OLD now! I'm using the 'back when I was' line already!"

"Just wait til Pan gives you the first child. You'll be a GRANDMOTHER Videl." Bulma commented.


"Don't worry ChiChi. Hey since your husband's now a part of the eternal dragon,maybe you can call in a favor? Make yourself younger or something? We all could. Those saiyan males age so slowly making it a torturing hell for us ladies married to them." Bulma suggested.

The party continued smoothly from that point on. Trunks remained in his room until he opted to return to his own party. To do so, he simply exited his usual way...via the window. Pan had sensed his ki and knew he had left.

Trunks' party too, was fairly smooth though he was chided for taking such a long bathroom break. He was glad to be back amongst his own kind however. They were cruel, but nowhere as cruel as a group of females.

A month later...

The preparations were set. The invitations were out. The media was ready. An event certain to go down in world history was about to take place. The Briefs residence was decked out in white and silver ribbon and tents were propped throughout the yard. Capsule Corporation's main headquarters across town was also donned in ribbons and banners as well the Satan Mansion across the continent in Satan City. Similar garnishings were also sported in rural Mount Paozu at both residences of the Son family.

The time had finally arrived for the wedding of Trunks Vegeta Briefs, the wealthy, popular president of the hugely successful & powerful Capsule Corporation to Pan Son, grand-daughter to World Champion Mr. Satan and World Hero, Son Goku.

to be continued...