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Introspective...the sequel Part 10 "What did they put my drink!?"

The Bachelor Party was in fact, Gohan's idea...or rather his wife's. It was meant as a show of good sportmanship by the father of the bride-to-be. It made Trunks rather uncomfortable, but if Gohan was going to unload, it would be best here than at the actual wedding. Trunks laughed and took all the antics of the party in stride. He was also smart enough to know the danger of these 'bachelor' parties, he'd been to many afterall. Playing it cool, Trunks tried to avoid all the temptations presented to him. Unfortunately his thirst drew him to the refreshment table. Naturally every refreshment smelled of alcohol. Glancing about, Trunks noticed that even uptight Gohan was enjoying himself and the cup in his hand was likely the culprit. Trunks smirked as he grabbed a cup of the so-called fruit punch. After a sip he could tell that the punch was spiked. Somebody took a page out of his own book of party tactics. Taking another sip, his eyes returned to Gohan again and bit back a laugh. Videl would kill him later after news of this party coursed the grapevine of gossip. Gulping down another two cups of fruit punch, Trunks made his way over to Yamcha and Krillin.

"You guys started this didn't ya?"

"Not us. It was Gohan and your what-are-those-guys-called?" Krillin replied as he pointed to a group of guys in suits.

"Senior Executives?" Trunks filled in.

"Yeah, those guys."

"And the bimbo in the cake?"

"Oh, that was mine." Yamcha replied with pride.

"I guess I could've guessed that without asking." Trunks muttered as he tried to shake the fuzzies out of his head. He wasn't much of a drinker and actually avoided alcohol whenever possible. Usually he only had a 'social drink' or two during business meetings that extended into meal times. But he had to remain in control, Pan would kill him if he made just one stupid mistake at this thing. Or was that Gohan's plan all along? To get Trunks in trouble. Confused and fuzzy-headed, Trunks wanted out from the entire situation.

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

Pan had been at her family's home residence for summer break. She wanted to be sure that she had a say in her own wedding afterall. Unbeknowest to her, Videl, Bulma, and Bra had set up a little 'celebration' of sorts at the Briefs' residence. ChiChi was already there helping Bulma with the festive details. On cue, Bulma called Videl and let her know all was in readiness.

"Pan dear! Pan?"

"Mom, I'm upstairs in my room going over some things."

"Come down here for a sec."

Pan did so. "Yeah mom, what's up?"

"We're going over to the Briefs now."

"Just you and me? What about dad?"

"He's tied up at work. He'll be gone all day."

"Oh. Hey, I need to speak with Trunks about something anyway."

"Uh, Pan, he's not going to be there. He's tied up at work too."

"That figures. Well, I'll just pop in over at his office then."

"No Pan. Let's not interrupt him there. He probably has many important meetings and tasks to deal with."

"No he doesn't mom. He pops outta there regularly."

"Pan, just leave him be. You'll see him soon enough."

"Can't I just call him?"

"If he leaves work like that then do you honestly think he's going to be bothered with the phone?"

"You're right mom. Okay, I'll go with you."

Upon arriving, she was greeted with cheers from a bunch of ladies including ChiChi and 18.


"Hey, we know what you're going to deal with in then near future. Enjoy this last bit of relaxation."

"Now I'm scared."

"Ah, don't worry dear. He'll be a good man. Like all males, he has three basic tendencies...eat...sleep...sex..in varying order. Master and control these young lady. These are the keys to that power they keep thinking we have. Since I have trained Trunks well, he'll be everything you ever wanted in a man. That's the advantage to having made him a 'momma's boy'. He'll become attached and dependent on you too, henceforth...power to you."

Pan listend to Bulma's words of wisdom then turned to look at ChiChi, 18, and Videl. They all nodded in agreement. Pan had just been initiated into the sacred women's circle of knowledge.

As the little 'bachelorette' party continued, Trunks had indeed slipped out of his own. Using a traditional bathroom excuse, he found the bathroom window just the right size for launching into fresh air. He longed for his comfy bed where he could sleep off his newfound headache. His life was changing so dramatically and so fast and he found himself chasing after it. The alcohol just added pain to his thought process. Sleep would slow all that down and calm his nervous heart.

Back at the 'hen' party, Pan was enjoying the food and company. Suddenly she stopped eating and became serious. The others picked up on her change in expression.

"Pan what's wrong?"

"I sense a ki. Is this party exclusively female?"

"Of course, it's a bachelorette party. I even kicked Vegeta out of the house today."

"Somebody better tell Trunks then. He's in flight, likely headed this way."

"But he was supposed to be at his own---" Bulma trailed. "That little stinker! He slipped out of it."

"He what!?"

"Doing what he does best...slinking out of something to go to something else. That's okay. We'll be ready for him. He'll face what every male fears...walking into a room filled with powerful ladies. Just act like we don't know he's coming."

"Isn't that mean?"

"It'll be cute and he'll never do it again."

"But hasn't he before? I mean..."

"Well yeah, he has, but this one's slightly different. We'll make sure of it." Bulma said with a confident wink.

Pan loved seeing Trunks squirm. He wore discomfort well on his handsome face. With a smirk of her own, she gave her permission for their little plot.

at the same time...

Trunks arrived at home and entered through the main entrance as he normally did. The fuzziness in his brain prevented him from sensing the various kis in the home. Besides, he wanted only one thing...sleep.

As he entered the main livingroom, the ladies inside kept quiet, waiting for the right moment. They watched Trunks remove his jacket and prepare to do the same with his vest.

"OOoooooh, the stripper's here! C'mon ladies, let's watch!" 18 announced.

Trunks immediately ceased his motions and stared dumbly at the bunch of ladies who were now staring at him. His face reddened as he suddenly realized what he had walked in on. Now, he wanted above all else, to step back out the door from whence he came. Unfortunately, he knew that wasn't an option...not if he wanted to keep his pride.

"Uhhhhh, hi all, uhhh, I was uh, well..." Trunks stammered, trying to find some words, but failing in his effort.

Pan strolled up to him and looked him over devillishly.

"Uh hi Pan. You're here. Heheh, fancy running into you. I was uh, heheh..."

Pan glanced back at her mother and the rest of the ladies before speaking. She then returned her gaze onto Trunks' stunned blues.

"The penalty for busting MY party is a strip. Want music or are you okay on your own?"

Trunks choked. "Y-you want me to what!? In front of MY mother and YOUR mother!?"

"It's quite okay Trunks. I've seen you naked many times in your life." Bulma replied back.

"And I want to make sure my little girl is getting some blue ribbon, grade A stuff." Videl added jokingly.

"And I'm going to make sure my best friend has a recorded memory of seeing her soon-to-be husband's first courtship dance...even if he is my icky brother." Bra said as she grabbed the camcorder and directed it right at him.

Trunks' face was as red as it could possibly get. He wanted to crawl up in a hole and die, but that wasn't an option now. He had stepped right into their web and now he was caught. Mentally he swore to never, ever skip out of the office again, unless he knew EXACTLY what was going on at his point of arrival.

*Okay Trunks...your pride is on the line--as well as everything else. Be a man. Show them what that means! I can't reveal how much this is bothering me.That's what they want...to see me squirm in discomfort. So I need to be the opposite. I can't give in to what they want. I can't!* Trunks thought as he tried to recompose himself. *If they want a show, they'll get one! This is my chance to give males redemption...I hope.*

to be continued...