Good Intentions

(This fic is rated R for sexual innuendo. If you're uncomfortable with that then don't read it. )

It had been two years since Goku had been wished into a little boy again. It had been longer still since ChiChi had had any closeness with her husband, who was always off training or saving the world or universe. Now that he was a child again, it would be even longer since she'd now have to wait for his body to grow up and mature again. She let out a depressed sigh.

*I'm going to be too old to even want him in that way by the time he's mature enough.* she thought. She could feel an essence of loneliness setting in. Goten was now 29 and seriously talking about the prospects of marrying Parisu, the longest, steadiest girl he'd ever dated. Gohan and Videl lived next door, but Gohan was always busy researching this or studying that. Even her granddaughter Pan was now 16 and living a very busy social life. Aside from Videl's occasional visits, the Son residence was becoming empty for the first time ever.

A tear scampered down ChiChi's cheek. She tried to sniffle it away and focus on her stew. Goku would be back in a few hours and he'll arrive hungry as usual. Another tear made its escape and again she sniffled and tried to continue her cooking. It didn't go unnoticed, however.

Trunks, the now thirty year old President of Capsule Corp. and Earth's most eligible bachelor had a knack for sensing ladies in distress. Nobody understood why he was still single given all his attributes, not even his mother, but he probably had his reasons.

"Is something a matter Mrs. ChiChi?" he asked softly, his deep voice adding a gentleness that defied his royal warrior blood.

ChiChi quickly tried to change her composure. "Oh hello Trunks! I didn't hear you enter."

"I just dropped Goten off. It's raining and I wasn't going to let my best friend fly home in the rain."

"I see. Thank you Trunks. I surely wouldn't want to deal with Goten having another cold."

Trunks smirked. "I know. I remember the last time. But, Mrs. ChiChi, you can't fool me. What's wrong? You can tell me."

ChiChi regarded the younger man for a moment, her gaze reaching deep into his own. There was something about his entrancing blue eyes that showed trust and honor. He was a true gentleman. It was hard to believe he was the son of the often ruthless, cold-blooded Vegeta. Trunks also possessed his mother's intelligence and compassion. ChiChi decided to explain.

"And so I feel lonely and unrewarded for all my hard work." she finished as tears escaped her eyes once again.

Trunks reached over and chased the tears off her cheek with the brush of a finger.
"Don't cry. It's unbecoming of the wife of the strongest warrior in the universe." he said soothingly as he stepped back a safe distance to gauge her reaction. ChiChi was unpredictable. She could be kind and frail one minute, then a raging beast the next. Trunks wasn't foolish. After a few moments he realized it was safe to continue the conversation.
"Mrs. ChiChi, I have a proposition for you."

"A proposition?"

"Would you like your adult Goku back?"

"What do you mean?"

"There may be a way to make him wish he were an adult again. If he becomes devoted to this wish, the spaceship is ready for another Dragonball hunt if need be."

"I-I still don't understand Trunks."

With a smug grin that would make his father proud, Trunks continued.
"Simple. We give him a challenge. One he could lose as a child."


"He could lose you to another. He can't satisfy your needs now. Only a man could. And technically, neither of you have renewed your vows and he has died before. You know 'til death do us part.' Well, technically you're no longer married. You're widowed until the vows are renewed."

ChiChi gasped at the realization of that. She'd never even thought about the impact of Goku's death on their marriage vows. Gohan had never informed her of such, but perhaps even her usually astute son missed this technicality as well. She then nodded for Trunks to continue.

"Well, how about I become your lover?"

ChiChi gasped in shock, but Trunks remained composed and serious.

"I'm an honorable woman, Trunks. I don't think I could go through with it."

"Are you sure?" he replied, his voice once again low. His composure changed and with the grace of a stalking cat, he slipped behind her and began to massage her shoulders.

"Trunks, I...I"

"SSSssssh. We wouldn't have to actually do that though I can't predict how controlled either of us will be when the heat's turned up." he whispered.

ChiChi thought about it. Perhaps jealousy would be a potent weapon against Goku. It was a tactic he'd never seen before. He wouldn't catch on right away. But suddenly another thought crossed her mind. She abruptly turned, forcing Trunks to cease his massaging.

"Trunks, what about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"This may be a way to get Goku to notice, but Goten and Gohan will as well, not to mention your own parents. You'd be ground to a pulp."

"I can handle Gohan and Goten. If need be, I'll reveal our plan to them. My parents are a whole other ordeal, but I can handle the challenge."

"You can't stand up against your father."

"I know, but I think he'll realize it's in his best interest too. I mean, Goku's his only competition and he'd rather if they were on even terms. He has trouble with challenging 'kids.' So are you interested?"

ChiChi thought seriously for a moment, her eyes just staring blankly into the stew on the stove.
"Trunks, we'll try this plan of yours, but if either of us gets the least bit uncomfortable then the plan ends, understand?"

Trunks nodded.

"One more question though Trunks."


"Why would you care? I mean, you're surely capable of having any woman on this planet..."

"Mrs. ChiChi, you're just as beautiful as any woman could ever be. I don't look at age or prestige or outside appearances. I look for the beauty on the inside." Trunks began to blush as he continued. "Ever since I was a boy, I saw this in you. You were the coolest to me. I even had a crush on you at one point."

Now it was ChiChi's turn to blush. "You speak smoothly. It's a danger that I'm surprised no other female has fallen for."

"They have. That's the problem. Too many and none wanting me for me. They want my money, prestige, body, or anything other than who I really am on the inside."

"You're condeming yourself to a lonely existence Trunks. With all those credentials, it'll be hard to find a female who'll look beyond those things."

"Oh, I know she's out there. It's just a matter of time." he replied with a wink and smug grin.

"At least you're keeping optimistic." ChiChi replied, her cheeriness returning and just in time. Goten had changed out of his wet clothes and entered the kitchen, following the smell of food.

"Dinner ready yet mom?"


"Oh. Uhm, hey thanks for the ride home Trunks. You staying for dinner?"

Trunks looked at his watch. "Sure. I've missed dinner at my family's already anyway. Let me just call home and let my mom know that I haven't been mugged, raped, or taken hostage."

Both Goten and ChiChi looked dumbfounded.

"It's a joke you two. Relax. It's not that dangerous in the city, just to corporate presidents who have something everybody wants."

A few days later...

After a business meeting in Satan City, Trunks detoured to Mt. Paozu before returning to the office in Western Capital city. ChiChi was busy hanging laundry as usual. Trunks concentrated on ki's. Videl and Gohan were away. As was Goten. Pan was likely in school. Goku's was near,perhaps training behind the mountain. Perfect.

"Driver, please return to the office without me. I have a jetflyer in a capsule. I'll return later." Trunks told the limo driver as he shooed the large car and driver away.

ChiChi had noticed Trunks' arrival. Actually who couldn't. The large, red limo was difficult to ignore.
"Hello Trunks! Shouldn't you be a work?"

"I just was and I feel like a break now. It's no fun running a company. Besides, you look like you could use a break too." Trunks replied his voice changing from comedic to passionate.

ChiChi fell for his entrancing voice and appearance. She had a fondness for men in suits. The few times she managed to get Goku in one, she had a hard time ignoring her urge to rip it back off of him. Trunks looked extremely handsome in his tan suit. The glasses, eventhough he didn't need them, added to the look by making him appear more his age and hid his boyish face. They even emphasized his intelligence. Saiyans hold their age well and Trunks could still pass for 18 in looks and behavior if he wanted to.Trunks seemed to cross whatever age he wanted to with his behavior. At parties and in clubs, he let loose and acted like a typical teenager, yet at work, he was as wise and controlled as an experienced older corporate president. And now, ChiChi was going to find out exactly what Bulma saw in the royal saiyan bloodline. It was a mystery many wanted to know, but only Bulma and Vegeta had the answer to...until now. Trunks was very much like his father in several aspects. Perhaps passion was one of them.

Trunks led her to the space between the two lines of sheets. Before doing anything more he searched out Goku's ki once again. Perhaps if he allowed his own to rise, Goku would notice and take an interest into checking it out. Then again, his ki would rise naturally if he gave in to the heat of passion. ChiChi's may as well. Satisfied in his plan, he allowed himself to explore the needs of this lovely older woman though being careful to avoid the main regions that would tempt his own sexuality. *Only halfway to third base Trunks. Do not cross the line no matter how much you or she wants it.* he thought to himself as he slowly undid her apron strings while caressing her shoulders and waistline.

ChiChi had never had so much attention devoted to her before. Goku was a 'basics' man. It would be too complex to teach him anything more, but Trunks...the boy had obviously learned to navigate the female body and knew which buttons to push to give a lady the ultimate in pleasure. She briefly wondered how and where he could have learned this, but shrugged it off. The boy went to college, just like Gohan, but unlike Gohan, Trunks was very sociable and not as devoted to study. He likely learned there, away from his mother's protective gaze. His caresses were so sensual that her own body was beginning to reciprocate. One of her own hands snaked down his chest, feeling the tight muscles behind the suit. She couldn't help herself and went farther still, her hand creeping onto his belt then...

Trunks moaned. He'd forgotten that she may reciprocate. It was hard enough to stay in control as is. He bit back on his own tongue. Pain may keep him from arousal, at least for a while. He respected ChiChi and Goku too much to allow himself to go out of control.

ChiChi sighed as she allowed her body to relax. It had been so many years since it had been relieved of any stress or tension. Bulma once told her there was a way around a man, but ChiChi was a traditional woman. She'd have no use for technological aides and once you've had a saiyan, you don't want anything else. She kept reminding herself that this was just a plan, but oh Kame, this teasing of her body was going to drive her mad!


Goku had just dropped his pants and plunked his tail into the water. He remembered fishing like this so many years ago when he was legitimately a little boy. While just sitting there waiting for a fish to bite, he sensed a couple of ki's rising.

*Hmmm, ChiChi's ki's gone up and what's this other one...Trunks? What's he doing here?Their ki's feel strange too. Maybe something's wrong?* Goku thought as he quickly pulled his pants back up and headed for his house.

When he arrived he couldn't immediately see either of the two. With a sense of urgency he called out.

"ChiChi! Where are you?! You okay?"

Both Trunks and ChiChi perked up at the sound of Goku's voice, but now was as good a time as any to see of the tactic would work. They ignored Goku and continued in their passion. ChiChi had by now managed to unbutton Trunk's vest and belt buckle. She was working on his shirt. There wasn't anything Trunks could do about it, it needed to look real afterall.

Goku grew impatient at the lack of response to his calls. Their ki's were right there, but where? He went inside the house looking in every room. With no luck there, he went next door and checked the inside of Gohan's house. Nobody was there either. Goku was getting frustrated. The ki's were still increasing and still felt strange.

"CHICHI !!!" Goku yelled at the top of his lungs before breaking into a bunch of mumbles.

Trunks snickered a little despite himself. Goku was so comedic when trying to figure something out. Even ChiChi snickered. Feeling youthful and invigorated, she felt playful. She decided to get a little more rough with Trunks and ripped his shirt off him.

"EH? Mrs. ChiChi...I was supposed to return to the office later..." he muttered in disbelief.

"I'll give you one of Gohan's. Now shush." ChiChi whispered. Trunks was still in control, but ChiChi, having been away from such pleasure for so long, was losing it. She slid a leg behind one of Trunks' and pulled forward taking Trunks' leg out from under him. It was a classic martial arts move. Trunks fell with a thud with ChiChi on top of him.

Sensing the urgency and readiness in ChiChi, Trunks realized this was getting out of hand. He had to end this now.
" ChiChi...please're going to...uhhh..." Trunks trailed but couldn't finish. ChiChi's fast moving hand had slipped underneath his pants.

But, by now, Goku's sharp saiyan hearing had picked up on the noise on the balcony. He floated up there cautiously, his ki rising in anticipation of a potential fight. At first he noticed nobody until the sunlight hit the white sheets perfectly, revealing two shadows behind them.

"Hmm?" Goku muttered to himself as he peered around the sheets. He wasn't sure what to think of the spectacle in front of him.

"ChiChi?" he asked softly, still unsure as to how to deal with the situation. From his perspective he could tell that Trunks was not the aggressor, ChiChi was.

Goku stared dumbfounded.

Both Trunks and ChiChi were too engrossed in each other to notice Goku's presence mere meters from them.

Goku grew bored with the spectacle and didn't see any chance at a fight, so he departed back into the house. If ChiChi wasn't going to feed him, he'd just feed himself with whatever he could put together.

A little while later, Trunks managed to regain control of the situation, but it had already gone too far and the results with Goku were disappointing. The plan failed. Goku was more clueless than they had thought. It wasn't a complete failure however. ChiChi felt rejuvenated and returned to her duties as the wife of Goku.

Trunks made his way back to the office and resumed his tasks, even catching up on those he missed earlier in the day. But, before the day was out, his secretary found him in his office sound asleep.

Goku, well, Goku remained in his kid body. He said nothing about what he'd seen or how much of it he understood. He harbored no ill feelings towards the son of Vegeta however. Perhaps, Goku was thankful for the assistance in something he couldn't do himself. We will never know.


Author's note: I don't know what spills into my head sometimes. Some things are just plain "out there." This one seemed unique enough to I did. Hope you liked it.