Destination Earth: Chapter 3: Stalking Prey

Veleet planned her hunt with precision. Like her half-brother, she loved to lurk in the shadows until the time was right to strike. From this distance, she could learn subtle necessitites such as culture, custom, tactics, and options. She quickly learned that Gohan's 'home' seemed to be in the vicinity of Mount Paozu. From there, she noticed that he commuted to a city some distance away. Mental note of the city's name was Satan City. He'd remain there most of the day in a place called Orange Star High before leaving as the sun began its approach towards the horizon. He also seemed to have a female following him frequently. This 'other' female seemed attached to him as well. Too well for Veleet's comfort. She had to go.

Meanwhile, Vegeta was unnerved by Veleet's presence on HIS planet. His patience and tolerance of another 'royal' was becoming a threat to him. Earth was his territory now and the longer Veleet remained on its soil, the more Vegeta felt the competitive urge. Only Kakarrot had bestowed that feeling in the prince before, but with a female saiyan, the rules were slightly different. At mating time, the power of a female saiyans' body sent male saiyans grovelling at their feet, totally submissive to their desires. Related or not, Vegeta would feel the effects. And this, was not acceptable to the rightful heir to the saiyan throne. He also did not want Gohan involved in the fray. From his own survelliance at a distance, he could tell Veleet's target was obviously Gohan. He didn't need Piccolo to tell him about it and had shoved the Namek away with disgust at their underestimation of his own 'great' intelligence.

Thereafter, Piccolo opted to remain within reach of Gohan though never in a way to give himself away. Gohan, like his father was among the best at ki detection. It was difficult to approach the half-saiyan without him knowing. In fact, this was what was baffling Piccolo. With Veleet so close and obviously tracking him, why hadn't Gohan's senses picked up on her? Was it the strange power Gohan had said he was affected by back at the waterfalls? Or did Gohan really know she was there and was playing her game? Piccolo wanted to confront his ex-student, but Gohan wasn't a child anymore. He could fully handle any situation on his own now...or could he? Piccolo opted to lurk despite wanting to respect Gohan's right to privacy.


Gohan followed Videl, Eliza, and Sharpener out of school. They were interrupted however, by the urgent beeping on Videl's watch communicator. The police had a confirmed bomb threat in the Satan City Stock Exchange building. It was time for the Great Saiyateam to fly into action! Within seconds, both had donned their heroic costumes and blasted into the air leaving their friends staring dumbly after them.

"Videl, we need to find the location of that bomb first. But the bombers are likely in the area as well. They'd want to monitor the situation within the building to see if their demands are being met."

"Then I'll flank the perimeter and let the cops know we're on the scene."

"Good. I gotta get to Capsule Corp's Satan City distrib center. I'm sure they'll have the device we're going to need."

"But the cops already have bomb detection dev---"

"No, I need a Dragon Radar...just in case. Bulma strategically sticks one in various company buildings for her own personal reasons."

"And how do you know this? If she keeps them a secret--"


"That little snoop. Boy, wouldn't his mother be upset to know that a company leak is her own son."

"I'm sure she'll give him ample payback if he survives long enough to take-over running the business."

"Perhaps. Well, something to look forward to seeing then. See ya in a few."

"Right Videl...and BE CAREFUL!"

"Aren't I always?"

"I'm not answering that."

Videl stuck her tongue out at him as they split into different directions.

Veleet had noticed the whole incident from her hidden perch at Orange Star High. *What a strange fellow. That outfit, it has saiyan parts to it, but it clearly not saiyan battle armor. Still, I must follow. He and that female were headed somewhere in a hurry. * Veleet thought while waiting until the two teens were far enough away before launching into the air for a short burst of flight. She'd cover the rest on foot in case she was being tracked by others who were no doubt lurking as well. Vegeta had made the mistake of blasting a bird who had plopped some poop onto him from above. This of course, immediately gave the blast-happy prince's position away eventhough it was quite a distance from the school.

Vegeta cursed himself for his own stupidity, but realized, Veleet had likely factored in his following of her. Veleet wasn't stupid afterall. He picked up on her ki as she launched into the air, but lost it when she landed and powered down to nothing.

Piccolo too had sensed the saiyan female on the move, but as he figured, she was following Gohan. Like the many days before, she wasn't likely going to be a threat yet. She was merely observing the son of Goku.

En route to CC Distrib center, Gohan, err, Great Saiyaman detected the faint ki of the stranger and then Vegeta's.

*She's following me? Heheh, and Vegeta's following her. The hunter is the hunted, but wait, I'm the prey? C'mon lady, leave me alone. I've done nothing to you. * Gohan thought before dashing into the building and asking for President Bulma in the vid-comm.

"Bulma here, oh, hello Goh, err, Great Saiyaman. What can I do for you?"

Gohan spoke in a whisper. "I need a Dragon Radar. Is there one here?"

Bulma thought for a moment before suddenly realizing..."Hey, how'd you know that I keep more than one and away from the house?"

"Bulma, I'm not an idiot. Let's just leave it at that. Do you have one here? It's a matter of urgency."


"NO, no, but a bunch of innocent people may be." Gohan looked about before continuing. "There's a bomb in the Satan City Stock Exchange."


"Bulma, sssssshhhhh, I don't want a panic here."

Bulma composed herself and lit a cigarette. "Shit Gohan, take care of it will ya. There's important people in there and some of them are directly related to this company. The d-r is in the employee locker room, #69"

"Bulma, I understand stocks. And stop smoking those things. Poor Trunks is going to end up taking care of a hacking mother on oxygen before he can even get into college. Oh, and thanks for the 'd-r'. I'll return it when I'm done. Oh, naughty lady." Gohan said as he quickly switched off the comm leaving Bulma somewhat stunned on the other end. And with a flash, the Great Saiyaman left the distribution center, leaving stunned employees in his wake.

En route in his return to the SCSE, Gohan sifted through kis once again. He sensed Videl's. She was fine and apparently obeying his command. He then sensed for the others. Vegeta hadn't moved as his ki was still faint. But Veleet's had gotten much closer. Too close for that matter. Scanning the area above and below him, Gohan sought visual contact, but to no avail. This saiyan was skilled a stealth and cunning, traits so true to her bloodline. Ignoring the need to track her, he shook his head clear and focused on the task at hand.

Landing, he found Videl beside a police bomb squad.

"Any new developments?" he asked his partner casually.

"No. We tried scanning the building, but it's too large. The bomber hasn't called with any new demands either. Did you get what you need?"

"Mmm-hmm. " Gohan replied as he patted his side where he had stuffed the dragon radar. As much as he tried to concentrate, his instinct was beginning to drive him in another direction. He kept looking up and around. This of course, annoyed Videl.

"Anything wrong? Hello? Earth to Great Saiyaman?!"

"Wha? Uh, no, uh, hmm, we need to find that bomb. Does it have a timer? Did the bomber in the first threat, give any ultimatums or time limits?"

"Not really. The only time limit is before the sun sets."

Gohan gazed westward. They had apporoximately two hours before such. While viewing the westerly horizon, he could've sworn he saw a figure in a distance dash across the sunlight then disappear into the lurking shadows once again.


Videl elbowed Gohan in the side as Gohan drifted from the cop's inquiry as well. It snapped him back to the task at hand.


"What?" Videl asked as Gohan simply blurted out a word with no meaning attached.

"We need a device that'll scan frequencies through solid material. The bomber is likely to set it off from a distance by remote. It'll have to have a frequency so he can communicate with it."

"Oh." Videl muttered before ordering a member of the bomb squad to his truck to get such a device. Videl thanked the officer and brought it back to Gohan.

"This what you're looking for?"

Gohan looked at it. "Right idea, but it's too small. We want to be able to scan the entire building at the same time. Damn, I should've asked Bulma when I had the chance. Wait! I know." Gohan exclaimed as he suddenly glimpsed a ZTV news helicopter overhead. He quickly took to the air towards it.

"HEY! Wait for me! What are you doing?!" Videl yelled as she launched and tried to catch up.

Meanwhile, Veleet was growing impatient watching from a distance. Her body yearned for action and her instincts beckoned her forward. With a twitch of her tail, she slinked ever nearer, knowing full well, that the saiyan hybrid would detect her exact presence very soon.

Back at the ZTV helicopter...

"Hey, could I borrow this for a minute please?" Gohan asked the pilot as he grabbed hold of the helicopter in its mid-flight and pulled it downward. He passed Videl as she was ascending.

"Go--hey, where are YOU going now? Will you wait for me!" she yelled as she changed direction and chased him downward.

Gohan landed and urged the pilot and crew out. He then grabbed the frequency device, rewired the helicopter's antennae and receiver dish, and watched the frequency device's readouts. It would work. Getting into the helicopter, Gohan raised the machine slowly into the air backing it some distance from the building he was scanning.

All Videl could do was stare and wait.

Soon Gohan picked up an unusual blip on the readout. It wasn't a normal operating frequency in the building. With his wrist communicator he contacted his now peeved partner.

"GS2, there's two, not one. First is parking deck 12, south and the second is a supply closet on the uppermost floor, north side."

"Uh, yeah, roger that GS1. You go high, I'll go low."

"Don't go near the bombs. Stay put."

"Then what do you--"

"I've found the source. I'll be right back." Gohan interrupted as he landed the helicopter on the roof and took off under his own power.

With a flash of unrecognizable speed, he burst through a small building's window into its attic area and pulled out one completely stunned, shocked, bomber dude. Gohan immediately hovered and hung the guy over the street far below by only holding onto the guy's jacket collar.

"The remote please?" Great Saiyaman demanded.

The bomber immediately gave up, still too stunned to do anything except what he was told.

Gohan looked the device over. "The code to disarm the bombs please?"

"F-four, seven-o" the bomber stammered.

Gohan punched the code into the remote. The light on the device went from green to red. He then bent his arm to talk to GS2 once again.

"Videl, quickly take a look at that lower level bomb. Let me know what it says."

"Roger, hang on."

Videl charged into the parking deck area of the building. She saw a small car unusually parked behind one of the building's generators. Peering inside, she saw the first of the two bombs laying on the passenger seat.

"It's reading 'disarmed' GS1."

"Okay. Good. Now have the bomb squads move in and do their jobs. I'm heading back with a gift for the police."

Within moments, GS1 landed and turned the bomber over to the authorities. The bomb squads were doing their job of disposing of the two bombs.

"Well, our work is finished here Videl."

She nodded as the two heros waved good-bye and launched into the air.

"Want to get something to eat? I'm starved!"

"Is that a date, Gohan?"

"What? I just want to eat."

"Why do I bother." Videl muttered. "Sure, let's go get some food. Lead the way." she replied back to her partner.

The two transformed out of costume and back into their regular clothes. Suddenly Gohan halted mid-air causing Videl to overshoot him. She halted as quickly as she could and returned to his location.

"Gohan, what's wrong? Gohan?"

Gohan didn't reply. His face was furrowed in concentration and his eyes locked on a position on the ground below.

And on the ground below, Veleet gazed upward and met his stare from the shadows she was lurking in. "Come to me, half-breed. I have a proposition for you." she whispered softly.

Gohan's sensitive saiyan hearing heard her. His mind knew it was a trap, but his body sensed it an invitation. Gohan descended. Videl followed, confused.

Some distance away, Vegeta punched a nearby mountain as he felt the two kis draw closer to each other. "Stupid brat! I will NOT let our bloodlines blend!" Vegeta gruffed as he took flight.

And in another distance, Piccolo snapped out of his usual meditation upon sensing Vegeta's ki increase. Piccolo too, began his flight towards his once student.

Back at ground zero...

Veleet stepped casually from the shadows, her tail flicking abruptly from side to side in anxious anticipation.

Videl knew instantly that she was a saiyan and stepped back behind Gohan. Though at the same time, she felt this saiyan to not be a worldwide threat, but rather, her intuition was telling her that she was a personal threat.

"Well, we meet again, son of Kakarrot." Veleet purred as she drew near him.

Gohan said nothing and stood his ground, unflinching even as Veleet's tail coursed the outlines of his face.

"And who's this?" Veleet asked as she noticed the female behind Gohan.

"Leave her out of this." Gohan growled.

"Oh no, I can't do that. You see, if I'm to get your full cooperation, I'm going to need a bargaining chip. You display fondness for this female. She will do as compensation."

"Compensation? I don't understand."

"Oh, you will...soon enough. But first, my proposition---" Veleet trailed as she bore her gaze into Videl's with amusement.

"Son of Kakarrot, I wish to give you the honor of raising your bloodline's level. It is rare a royal would ask this of a low class saiyan such as yourself, but circumstances are beyond my control and picking's are slim. Mate with me, son of Kakarrot." Veleet purred while using her tail to pry Videl from Gohan's arm and push her away from him.

"Hey you, you hussy! Gohan's MINE! Leave your putrid fur off him!" Videl yelled before being tripped up by a flick of the saiyan female's tail.

Veleet turned her head for a sideward glance at the pissed human female. An amused smirk slowly developed from her lips. "Stay out of this weak human. It would be most unwise for you to challenge me." Veleet hissed.

Knowing full well that she was outpowered, Videl still felt she wasn't outmatched however. She turned to the only other who had choice in the matter.

"Gohan, say something! You aren't honestly considering this bitch's offer are you?"

"Don't bother to ask him, wench. His mind is now under the instinctive control of his body. Saiyan males cannot resist a saiyan female's calling. It is our way."

"Oh yeah? Well, on THIS planet we do things another way. Now stay the hell away from him or I'll--"

Veleet chuckled. "You'll what? Fight me?"

"In a matter of speaking yes. Just wait. I'll beat you at your own game."

"You don't have the time human. I can take him now if I so desire with or without his consent."


Veleet turned abruptly to suddenly face her half-brother. "Vegeta. This is none of your business."

"Oh but it is. I do not want our bloodline tainted with low class blood, especially that of the Bardock bloodline."

"It is not your decision to make. Besides, I'm doing it for our kind. Don't you wish to see our race rise once again to its once and former glory?"

"Not like this. I have accepted the fate of our race and so must you."

"What? To watch our glorious race go EXTINCT! What's gotten into you?! No Vegeta, I will not accept it, not while I still live. I am a saiyan female and I still have the ability to reproduce."

Vegeta smirked devillishly. "You dare challenge me? The prince of all saiyans and rightful heir. And to say the least, I am a super saiyan. What chance do you think you have against the likes of me?"

"Oh, it's very simple brother." Veleet calmly replied and uncoiled her tail. "I still have this."


to be continued...