C'mon, let's give the DBZ dubs a break...

Yes, I actually do read editorials from other sites and sometimes if affects me enough to write a response here in my own editorial section. Time after time, I visit a fellow Dragonball site only to read something that bashes the DBZ dubs. While I agree that subtitles on an intact, uncensored episode are perhaps that best way of viewing anime, I will not bash the dub, the company that puts it out, or the voice actors/actresses. This is petty and uncalled for. Yes, fellow Dragonball fans, do you not see your own undoing by nitpicking and bitching about this and that with the dubs? I do. In fact, I've watched the demise of series fall by the wayside because of such things.

The dubs helped bring Dragonball to the U.S. (and perhaps other countries as well). Without them, we'd have to deal with those snowy-been-copied-too-many-times fansubs for much longer. Merchandising and other potential aspects of Dragonball would not arise either (so you'd still be paying top dollar to have that figure exported from Japan). There are more fans being created as they discover the series for their first time thus adding depth of numbers and ages to the series' fanbase. FUNimation and Cartoon Network should be thanked for their efforts in setting the foundation for the explosion of Dragonball stuff outside of Japan.

By bitching and showing how upset you are, you are discouraging and perhaps frustrating the efforts of those who are trying to bring the series to you. Many companies nowadays do listen to their consumers and fans. They try to give what the fans want but if they are constantly bombarded by negativity and discontent, then they may assume the fans aren't interested anymore. Retail works in funny ways and often in ways the consumer doesn't see. I speak from experience. I've spent over a decade in retail and now know the little nuances that go with it. You may say, "well if they hear enough bitching, perhaps they'll change it for the better." Not always so. Companies work under restraint and can only do so much with what they're given. Perhaps they're doing the best they can given their resource or monetary limits. Complaints will only allow that to slip rather than help.

So, please, give credit where credit is due. If you don't like the dubs, fine, don't watch or buy, but don't constantly nag about this voice or that cut. The dubs are doing more good than harm to Dragonball fandom, so let's let them be and perhaps we'll be rewarded with what we want down the road. Patience people, please and try to use and open mind and support them. Remember, if it weren't for the dubs, DBZ would still be in the shadows with petitions to have it released in the US. It's not all that bad, really.

A fan's view by E.G.

I agree with you completely about the treatment Dubs have received. Some people (such as
my self) don't have a family that would understand anime. They see it as a cartoon and don't
understand why i would want to watch it or spend time reading fanfiction about them. So I do not
have the freedom to go out and buy anime in it original form, because I would probably be looked
down upon because of it (I'm not the rebellious type who like to upset their parents). So I'm left
with television watched privately, tapes from friends, and the occasional rent form the video store
when no one is home. When i get into college I will have much more freedom and able to see
different things, but right now I can't. I don't really know all that much about originals except what
I read on websites, but it sounds like not all that much is changed. Be happy they don't change
the entire plot or order like they did with CCS! All they did was take out some stuff that would
make anime not expectable to most American parents. If they didn't many people would never get
to see it because they're parents thought it was not good for them to watch. it would result in
more stereotypes, and probably more stereotypes about those who watch it. Anime was original
made for one culture's values, and in the dubs it was change to fit the others, what is wrong with
that? And the whole thing about the voices being all wrong, it's not that critical to the plot or
anything for that matter, it's just a little annoying! In other words people just need to grow up and
stop whining, whining is so annoying and does no one any good, only harm!