Gohan's Drinking Game

Perhaps you've heard of this in some version or another. There's even several Dragonball versions of it. I have decided to make this one a drinking game for all of you Gohan fans out there. If you're "legal" you may use alcohol, but if not, soda, juice, or anything else will suffice. No matter what drink you use you'll have pretty similar results--viewing too much Dragonball and a need to go wee-wee. And remember. don't drink and drive. Just try to walk while drunk or watch somebody try while drunk and you'll see the reason why.

If you have any to add feel free to email me your suggestion(s). Please use "Drinking Game" in the subject line of your email and let me know if you want your name used or withheld from mention.

Drink a sip if...

Gohan apologizes to anyone
Gohan calls Piccolo, "Mr. Piccolo"
Gohan talks back to his mother or father, take two if he actually succeeds in leaving
Gohan is seen studying
Gohan dons his Great Saiyaman costume and starts posing
Videl finds out something interesting about Gohan
ChiChi yells at Gohan
Gohan growls in disgust or frustration
Gohan uses his patented "Masenko" blast
You see Gohan in a suit and tie
Goten gleams in admiration of his brother
You see Gohan in glasses, take two if he takes them off
Gohan goes super saiyan level 1
Gohan's tail grows back
Gohan blushes
You see a flashback of something Gohan did in the past
Drink an entire shot if...
Gohan goes super saiyan level 2
Gohan pees or uses the bathroom excuse to leave
Gohan turns into a giant ape
Gohan summons Shenlon
You see Gohan's teddy bear underwear
Gohan's seen helping a "damsel in distress"
Gohan gives one of those doofy Goku grins
Somebody saves Gohan from a deadly blast
Gohan shows some affection towards Videl
Gohan surpasses his father in power/strength
Gohan's sharing a bath with his father
Gohan gets yelled at by a teacher while in school
You see Gohan shirtless or in his birthday suit
You see any indications of Gohan & Videl's wedding
More to be added in the future