The spherical pod streaked silently through New Namek's atmosphere before announcing its arrival with a crater-forming impact into the planet's surface below. Moments later, the door of the pod screached open and its pilot peered out.

"So this is New Namek. Hmph. How pathetic. If I wanted, I could take this place without even a flick of my tail. But no, I must remember my reason for being here. I can only kill if inhabitants get in the way of my mission." the intruder hissed to the ground.

The visitor didn't go unnoticed for very long. An 'adolescent' Namekian who was nearby, saw the pod land and decided to investigate, though at a distance in thick cover.

*Pathetic fool. Do you think you can fool a saiyan! I can smell your presence and hear your snivelling body shift.* the intruder thought as a slow smirk developed from her lips.
"Come out you! I mean you no harm if you do as I say."

The young Namekian smartly obeyed, but hesitated coming too close to the female saiyan. This snivelling natuarlly irked her.

"Come here and face me!"

Shaking, the Namekian did so. When he was near enough, he spoke.
"Are--Are you a--a saiyan?"


The Namekian immediatly showed submission and bowed respectively avoiding eye contact with the saiyan huntress. "The, the elders tell me of saiyans who defeated Frieza and gave our kind shelter until a new planet, this planet, could be found. We are indebted to your kind."

"Where are those saiyans you speak of now?"

"On a planet called Earth so the stories say. I was only a baby at the time so I cannot give verification of that though."

"Earth eh? May I speak with your elders then? I must know more about these other saiyans."

"I can take you to our eldest. He's in a village not far from here."

"Please do."

As the entered the village, the reactions by the Namekians were mixed. The oldest generations were apprehensive and cautious. Some even revealed slight disgust at the presence of the saiyan. The younger generations were curious and showed respect and admiration. Once they reached the center of the village and approached the main building, the teen Namekian halted.
"Please wait here. I will bring forth our eldest."

The saiyan female nodded though her expression told the youth not to keep her waiting too long.

In moments the Elder faced the saiyan visitor. He regarded her and noticed a resemblence to a saiyan he wished he had never met before.
"May I ask who you are saiyan visitor?"

A snobbish air of pride developed in the female saiyan. "I AM Veleet, royal princess of all saiyans."

At that the Elder felt a cold chill course through his body. His suspicions were proving correct.
"Are you by any chance related to Prince Vegeta?"

Veleet's senses perked at the sound of the name.
"Ahh, so he survives then! Vegeta is my half-brother. How do you know him?"

"He was one of Frieza's henchmen. He was responsible for much distress and destruction on our original planet."

"Does he still live?"

"I believe he does."

"Where can I find him?"

"On the planet Earth with another saiyan, Goku?"


"He defeated Frieza magnificantly."

"I do not know of a Goku amongst our people, but I'm sure I can discuss it with Vegeta. Thank you for the information--it saved your planet's existence." Veleet replied thus revealing her hidden threat, complete with a wolfish grin of satisfaction. She quickly took to the air and returned to her pod.

"Let's see where this Earth is." she muttered to herself while checking the ship's navigational charts on the computer. The computer brought up an image of the planet as well as coordinates and other pertinent data.
"Well, that's easy enough. I'll be there in no time! Okay brother, let's see what you've been up to and if others of our race have found your choice for our new home planet."

And with that she keyed in her ships flight path, settled down into the tiny pod, and launched back into the cold, merciless depths of space.


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