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"Cyber Rose" Chapter 1

The setting was perfect--complete silence. Gohan focused inwardly, his breathing relaxed, his body poised in contentment. If an inadament object could "feel", the large, jutting mountain face in front of the warrior would quiver. Suddenly, the ground trembled around the young adult. In the same instant he launched himself toward the defenseless mountainside. With the target area chosen, Gohan pulled his right arm back to strike and immediately lurched backward awkwardly, trying desperately to cease his forward motion.


A pair of puppy-dog like eyes looked up at him in complete innocence and naivety. Not being able to comprehend why his brother had yelled at him, Goten resumed his reason for interrupting his brother's training.

"Brother, looky look. It's a baby snake."

Normally Gohan would be equally interested in nature's creatures, but right now his training was vital. While he was no longer training for some upcoming battle, he still felt the need to maintain his physical fitness and technical skills. Training time was so rare with his mother making him attend high school plus his side job as the Great Saiyaman.

"Goten, I'm trying to train."

"But brother--"

"Goten, why don't you go see when mom's leaving to Bulma's? Then you can go with her and play with Trunks."

"But I want to be with you!" Goten cried as he dropped the little snake.

"Goten, I'm leaving in a little while myself. I'm meeting Videl and the rest of the study group in Satan City."

"Can I go with you?"

"No. Do you want me to tell mom that you're getting in the way of my studying again?"

Goten sniffled for a moment then his expression briefly flashed that of pure cunning.
"And I'll tell mom that you two aren't really studying anyway."

Gohan gulped. He hadn't expected his naive little brother to pick up on that yet. Perhaps Vegeta's little brat...err, son was beginning to rub off on Goten. Trunks, though only a year older than Goten was proving that he had his mother's intelligence and his father's deceitful cunning. He could smell a deception a world away. Perhaps Goten was learning the skills to do the same.

"How would you know such a thing Goten? What did mom say about lies?"

Goten shuffled some dirt with his foot shyly. "I don't know for sure, but I've watched movies with people your age in them and what they really do when hanging out. And Trunks also told me all about it."

"Does mom know you're watching movies above your age level?"

Goten became defensive. "She can't tell me what I can and can't watch at Trunks' house. Besides brother, isn't that how you learn--by watching and reading things beyond your age? Mom once told me to challenge myself. So isn't that what I'm doing?"

Gohan looked over his brother suspiciously, trying to discern fi it was really his little brother Goten or something else in disguise. Perhaps Goten had untapped intelligence just like when he surprised everyone with his powers? Was it really possible? If Goten was smart then their father, Goku also had untapped intelligence. Unfortunately there was no way of finding out. Son Goku was among the dead. Maybe someday, but right now, Gohan needed to deal with his little brother and the situation he had now created.

A few hours later at Sharpener's residence in Satan City...

"Uhh, Gohan, who's this uh...uhm--"

"Sharpener, this is my little brother, Goten. I well, kinda got stuck with him. Don't worry, he'll be good."

Eliza was immediately fascinated in the little tike. "He's so adorable!" she cooed.

Goten shyly slid behind his brother's leg for protection.

"Goten, she's Eliza, one of Videl's best friends."

Goten peered out from behind Gohan's pant leg.

Videl snuck around behind them and plucked Goten off of his older brother's leg. "Gotchya!"

"Eeeeeyaaa! Videl?! You sneak! Leggo of me! You're such a meanie!"

"I owe you for not listening to me when I watched you the other day."

"But I WAS listening. I just wasn't doing what I heard. C'mon Videl, put me down, please!?"


"Brother, help me?"

Gohan smiled innocently. "You were told to obey Videl as you would mom or me. It's your own fault Goten."

"You're mean too brother. " Goten muttered while pouting and just hanging from Videl's outstretched arm.

Eliza stepped forward once Goten had stopped squirming. "We won't bite. I just adore little kids like you." she giggled while ruffling up his hair then pinched Goten's cheeks.

"EEeeeech! Girlie germs!" Goten spat while resuming his squirming.

"I told you that you wouldn't want to come with me Goten." Gohan added with a snicker.

"Then let me go to Trunks' place then!"

"You're here now Goten."

Moments later Goten silently sat against a wall munching on cookies while his brother led a study session at the dining room table.

"Sharpener, that is a protist NOT a bacteria."

"Gohan, who cares?! It's not like we see these things with our own eyes anyway."

"They're visible under a microscope."

"Shut up Eliza."

"Biology is boring anyway Gohan. Let's go over a different subject." Videl groaned.

"Biology, boring? Hmm, let's see if I can come up with a topic you'll all find interesting and have it still be biology. Turn to chapter 19. Heheh, it'll also relate to our Health Studies midterm too."

All flipped to the chapter Gohan had suggested.

"Reproduction and development. Gohan, who knew you'd actually be familiar with that subject." Sharpener teased.

Gohan blushed, unaware that he did so.

"He's the Great Son Gohan! He knows lots of things, don't ya Gohan?" Videl chimed in while giving him a playful punch on the shoulder.

Gohan nervously rubbed the back of his head. "Uhh, well, uh..."

"Hey Gohan, have you ever heard of the Kama Sutra ?" Sharpener taunted with an evil stare.

Goten's attention was instantly grabbed at the familiar sound of the book. He innocently walked over and placed his chin on the table. "Isn't that the book with all those strange fusion poses brother?"

Gohan gasped and turned a deep red while the others gaped in astonishment. Gohan remained calm. "Uhhh, Goten what do you know about that?"

"Mom has that book under her bed. Trunks and I found it once when we were playing fort."

Gohan thought about it for a moment. That was a real possibility considering ChiChi had to practically teach Goku everything in regards to married life. "Goten, never tell anyone that you know about that."

"Okay brother, but still, what are those fusion poses?"

"Goten, they're not fusion poses. They have nothing to do with martial arts."

"Oh? Guess that's why Trunks punched me hard when I tried to get him to do one of those with me?"

The entire group, including Gohan laughed hysterically. Goten became serious. "It's not funny."

"Hey Gohan! You'd better be careful. Your kid brother's going to surpass you in a knowledge area." Sharpener taunted.

Gohan smiled innocently, but remained quiet. He hardly thought of that portion of life as being an intellectually stimulating subject. To him, it was more of an instinctive behavior governed by hormones and age...more science than socialism.

The next day...

"Gohan, get in here now young man!"

"Awww, mom."


"But I was jus--"

"I said NOW!"

Gohan sighed in defeat as he trudged back into the house. Trying to find a balance between training and concentrating on his studies was proving more difficult than he wished it to be. As he entered the kitchen, Goten stared at him curiously. Gohan annoyingly awaited the little boy's sarcasm.Trunks had influenced yet another phase of behavior in Goten...whenever somebody is in trouble and it isn't you, make sure to rub it in.

"Ha! You got in trouble and I didn't. Nyah Nyah! You suck!"

"GOTEN MOUTH! If I hear trash like that again, you will be eating three bars of soap for a meal!" ChiChi yelled from the adjacent room.

"Sorry mom." Goten muttered.

Gohan smirked but said nothing then headed into the room occupied by his mother.

She quickly noticed her son's presence. "Gohan, lift the furniture for me so I can vacuum please."

"Uh, sure mom." Gohan replied as he easily lifted the sofa, then table, then chair, and other obstacles as she moved along with the cleaner.

"Thank you son. Now, I do believe you have your studies to attend to?"

"Mom I--"


"Yes, mom." Gohan replied softly as he departed for his room.

"And no phone young man!"

"Yes mom."

ChiChi continued her housework muttering about how proud she was of her son being Mr. Popularity at school and in Satan City and yet still maintaining study habits and good grades. As a typical teenager would, Gohan typically spent hours on the phone or hanging out with friends. ChiChi had never answered so many calls from so many different girls before an all of them asking to speak with HER Gohan. Goten answered on occasion and he to, seemed amazed at his brother's popularity. Of course, he loved to razz him about it and sometimes even told girls on the phone to take a number because so and so called before they did. When some of the girls asked him to explain himself, Gohan used his father's trademark tactic--ignorance. Honestly though, he didn't have the slightest idea what the girls wanted with him anyway.

One girl was different however. Videl didn't gawk or drool or teehee like the others. She was his closest friend, even when counting guys in the total. He could tell her anything...except along the lines of other girls. Why did she always get upset and pouty with him whenever he mentioned another girl's name? Was it possible she was jealous? But why? She was his best friend afterall.

Shutting the door and clicking the radio on, Gohan sat on his bed and stared out the window. He needed to talk to Videl. He wasn't sure why, but he just needed to. With a glance at his computer, Gohan smirked a smirk even Vegeta would be proud of. Of course! Hail the internet and those things called 'chat rooms!' Using his communicator/transformation watch he beeped in her code then patiently waited to see if she'd get the hint. Having her as Great Saiyaman 2 had developed some unforseen perks. Within minutes, Videl met him in their personal chat room.

<Hiya Gohan. What happened to the phone? You usually call rather than beep me here.>

<My mother.>

<Oh. Bummer.>

<Hey, what are you doing on Saturday?>


<No particular reason. Just thought maybe would could hang out, that is if we're not called into action.>

<Hang out?You, Gohan, want to 'hang out?'>

<Maybe do a little training? I could teach you a couple of bullet dodging techniques.>

<Sounds good. I'd like to whip your butt anyway.>

<You know you're dreaming.>

<I know. And what do you dream about Great Saiya-Gohan?>

<No comment.>

<Yeah right.>

<Don't start Videl>

<You scared of me?>

<Heck no!>

<So there.>





<I win.>

<I wasn't playing. HA! Uhm, hey Gohan?>


<Hang on a sec.>


Videl set up her camera.

<There. See me?>

<I need a blindfold.>



<Hook yours up?>

<I can't. Goten and Trunks abused it. Mom ripped it out and put it under lock and key.>

<Abused it?>

<Don't ask.>

<I gotta. What'd they do?>

<Naked butt shots.>

<Eeeew. Gross!>

<On my account.>


Suddenly Goten charged into the bedroom.

<Gotta go. Bro's here! TTL Videl!>

<Laterz Gohan>

And thus ends chapter 1.