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"Cyber Rose" Chapter 2

Goten jumped onto his own bed and was playing with some new action figures Trunks had given him last month.



"I'm trying to study. Do you mind?"

"No you weren't. You were talkin' to Viiiii-delll."

"How do you know?"

"Cause I do."

"Well, I'm studying now so go and play somewhere else, please?"



"Mom's in a cleaning frenzy. I'll be next if she sees me. I don't wanna bath."

"Baths are nice Goten."

"Not how mom does them. And she won't let me take one by myself yet. I'm a big boy. I know how to clean myself."

Gohan raised an eyebrow in curiousity,but decided not to inquire. Both he and Goten were growing up faster than she wanted to accept and she was hanging on to every ounce of childhood she could keep in Goten.

"Then, can you just play quietly okay?"


For roughly fifteen minutes, Gohan studied in relative quiet until...

"I'm the hater of Crime! The Champion of Justice! The----"

Gohan turned abruptly in time to see Goten with his old Great Saiyaman helmet. Since he had switched to a bandana and sunglasses, the helmet just hung out in his closet.

Now on Goten's head, or rather completely covering all of the boy's head, Goten attempted to mimic his older brother's alter ego, complete with poses. "Hey brother! Looky look! Can I be part of your team?"

Gohan laughed despite himself. He wanted to yell at Goten for getting into his things as well as making noise, but he just couldn't bring himself to do so. Besides, it was nice to be idolized by someone. Watching Goten run through numerous poses, Gohan realized something...those poses really did look stupid! He made a mental note to design a new set later.

Unable to see correctly in the helmet (the visor was down over his nose), Goten tripped over some of Gohan's books and splatted onto the floor. The helmet rolled off and landed beside Gohan's feet.

"Okay, Goten, you had your fun. Now can I get back to studying?"

With sad, droopy eyes, Goten nodded.

"And put this back where you found it."


"No buts. Just do it."

"You sound more and more like mom everyday!" Goten angrily yelled before grabbing the helmet and trudging back to the closet with a pout.

Gohan thought about it and cringed. Great Dende! He didn't ever want to be like his mother in that respect! A few moments of silence passed as he waited to make sure Goten wouldn't bother him again. Goten resumed his playing as Gohan once again dived into the books. Problem was, he couldn't concentrate anymore. His mind kept returning to Videl.

"Hey Goten?"


"Isn't it your bedtime?"

Goten just stared at him innocently. Gohan decided to opt for a new tactic.

"Goten, if you go to bed now we can both get up extra early and train before I go to school."

Goten's eyes lit up. "Can we? Really?"

Gohan nodded.

"Okay. Don't forget to wake me." Goten excitedly replied as he stripped off his clothes, threw on his pajamas and dived under the covers. Gohan made sure he was all tucked in before shutting off the main light. His desk lamp and monitor glare would be sufficient light. He waited several minutes, thumbing through his Health Studies text. Sure enough, like their father, Goten was sound asleep almost instantly. With a devillish smirk, Gohan returned to his computer and beeped Videl.

<Took you long enough Gohan.>

<I thought it was rather fast considering.>

<You really oughta ask you mom for your own room>

<This IS my own room. It's Goten that needs to ask>

<Just tell your mom you need your space>

<Like she'd believe that>

<Give her the 'I'm a young MAN now' reason>

<She'd say use the bathroom>

<Oh. How about the 'interfere with my studies' approach?>

<Already tried that. It'd work on my old mom, but not this new, changed mom>

<You have one strange family Gohan>

<And you don't?>

<Yours is stranger though>

<Got me there>

<Hey Gohan, have you done the Health Studies homework yet?>




<You calling ME a distraction!?>



<That was a compliment Videl>


<Think about it>

<I don't like to think so much>

<Thinking's good for ya>

<For you maybe>

<Trains body and mind>

<Gohan, you naughty boy>


<Hang on. I forgot the naivety trait in your family.>

Videl then dashed over to her dresser, pulled out a magazine and opened the middle section to the camera for Gohan to see.

Gohan nearly fell over in his chair as he gasped. Desperately trying to keep quiet, he buried his face in his text for a minute. Finally, he returned to the keyboard. <VIDEL, WHAT THE!?>

<Oh please. It's along the subject of our Health Studies right?>

<But I really don't need to look at a naked man>

<Maybe not. But I do>


<Oh Gohan, your innocence is cute, but getting annoying.>


<I give up. I got it. Here's a special assignment for ya. Read ahead two chapters in the Health Studies text>


<Just do it for me, okay?>


<Think of it as training Gohan. You trained me on 'ki' and now I'm going to train you on a different power>

<Another power?>

<Of body and mind>

<I'm not familiar with such a power>

<I know. It's obvious>


<Trust me, Gohan>

<I'm in trouble aren't I?>


<Always in trouble when you're involved>


Just then Videl heard her father yelling "Lights out!"
<Gotta go Gohan. Pop's in a rage. Good night Gohan>

<Good night Videl. C-ya in school tomorrow>

<Right. Same time. Same place>

At that Gohan turned off his computer and glanced at his text again. What did she mean by 'another power?' Did his dad, Piccolo, or anyone else know of this other power? He opened up the text and glanced at the table of contents. Finding the current chapter of study, he counted two chapters after. The title of the section that contained the two next chapters was "Human Sexuality, Love, and Marriage." What did either subject have to do with power? Gohan's eyebrows raised in bewilderment. Glancing at the clock, he realized that pondering time was over. He'd have to sleep on it and bug her at school about it.

end ch. 2