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Corporate Calamity (part 9)

Trunks doubled back and landed in the side yard. From there, he had access to several of the underground labs and even those of his late grandfather's which were sealed off after his death.

*Mom sealed these because they brought such painful memories back to her. She couldn't just dispose of his stuff. But, I wonder if she'd store other stuff in there too, like things she didn't want any of us getting our hands on?* Trunks thought as he tapped the security code into one of the lab bays.Once the light glowed green, Trunks creeked open the door and switched on the lights.

*Creepy. This one is more storage than lab. Hmm, old prototype aircars, a helo over there, a covered somethin--hmm, a covered thing...guess that requires a little peek...* Trunks thought as he scanned the room then walked towards the tarped object. He pulled the tarp off to reveal exactly what he saw in the photo.

*Eureka! Got it in one! Damn, I should've been a detective! But wait, it looks scaggy and damaged. The top has been melted or something. Definitely been used before. But the other Trunks took his back with him. So where's this one been? *

Trunks opted to hover over the cockpit area. *Eeeww, there's dried goop all over in here and what are these things?* he thought as he grabbed the two spherical shells that were sitting on the seat.

Suddenly there was a creak around the doorway. Only Trunks sensitive saiyan hearing picked it up. *Crap! Someone's there.*

"Show yourself! I know you're there!" Trunks yelled at the doorway.

A shadow revealed itself. "At least I know your hearing still works. But your ki was obvious. You should boast with confidence to an unknown, never reveal fear, even in ki."


"I knew you'd investigate. Your mother made herself obvious and opened your curiousity." Vegeta replied as he casually walked closer. "Yes, a time machine exists, but it is useless to you boy.This machine will never fly again."

"You know of this? Tell me please? Why is this one so battered and what are these shell things?"



"The Cell of this timeline was destroyed by Krillen and your 'other' self before it even exited the lab. The Cell that attained perfection was from the then 'future' timeline. This was the capsule he used to jump into the past."

"Then there were two? Cell altered time to create another new timeline?"

Vegeta nodded.

"These shells?"

"Cell couldn't fit in his grown form so he morphed to prior larval stage."

"eeeew." Trunks answered as he dropped the shells back into the machine."Why does mother still keep all this then? I mean, it's more memories of Cell isn't it?"

"Your other self."


"The young man from the other timeline was different in personality than you."

"You saying mom liked him more?"

"No. I'm only saying you two were different. Your other self was battle hardened and full of solitude and despair. He knew nothing other than such. You grew up under very different circumstances."

"Thanks to him right?"

"Thanks to Gohan."

"Gohan? But it was the other Trunks that altered the course of events wasn't it?"

"Your other self was actually dead at the time Cell was defeated. Your other self changed Kakarrot's destiny, but he too, was dead by the time Cell was defeated. The course of peace that followed is owed to Gohan."

"But Mr. Satan---"

"Took credit for it all. It's all a lie. As we have all told you, it was Gohan. Now enough of this senseless chatter. It's time for me to eat." Vegeta finished before departing without so much as a second glance at his son.

Trunks watched his father exit then returned his attention to the junked time machine. "Maybe this one won't fly, but there's enough of its design here for me to build a new one." Trunks muttered to himself as he caressed the aging metal.Suddenly his cell phone's ring shocked him out of his present state of mind.

"Yes, this is the president. Huh? Pakar's what!? Hang on, wait, I'll be over right away. Give me ten minutes." Trunks told his frantic secretary before taking one more glance at the strange machine. "Well girl, perhaps I'll build you a sister so you won't feel so alone anymore. Hmph, alone, the irony in that." Trunks spoke as he closed up the lab and launched towards Capsule Corp HQ.

Once there, he was greeted with a swarm of exectutives, all of which were trying to talk to him at the same time. He couldn't sort out a single word! Scanning the hall, he tried to find his secretary. She'd likely know more details than the rest. "Excuse me please! I will handle it, just let me get to my office okay?" Trunks yelled over the crowd as he pried his way through.

"Worse than reporters sometimes." Trunks muttered quietly to himself as he broke through and grabbed an elevator up to his office. Upon entering, his secretary was trying to handle phone call after phone call. With a gentle smirk hinting at compassion, he quietly caught her attention and pointed to his office. She understood. Over half of the communication between them was without a single word spoken yet completely understood.Once off the phone, she placed it off-the-hook and made her way to his office.


Trunks was already seated and had already pulled up the latest stock info about Pakar on his computer. When she entered, he greeted her with a warm smile.

"Sorry you have to deal with all those hounds like that."

"It's in my job description."

"I could blast 'em." Trunks joked.

"But the phone hounds would still exist."

"Right. Wouldn't help much would it."

She shook her head.

"Now, what is all this commotion about? I can see Pakar's shareholders dumping stock, but they've been doing that over the past few days? What's happened over there recently that has got everyone in an uproar?"

"Our guys walked."


"Your mother wasn't pleased with the dealings over there and she pulled Capsule Corporation completely out. No support and no ally, Pakar is now toast. Our trend forecasters say they'll lose their company within a week. Already some of our competitors are chomping at the bit."

"She WHAT!? Without my knowledge!? Shit! We can't lose a strategic distribution center like that! What is my mother thinking! Where is she now?"

"Home I believe."

*Oh yeah. She was making food for dad. Duh!* Trunks thought as he smacked himself in the forehead for his own stupidity. "I wonder when she--"

"Roughly two hours ago." Trunks' secretary easily filled in.

"Hmm, okay. Uh, where's the board members?"

"They're here. In the conference room."

"Keep them there. Call and have the VP, CFO, and COO in there as well. I'll meet in there with them shortly. I've got a few calls to make." (Author's note: VP=Vice President, CFO=Chief Finanaical Officer, COO=Chief Operating Officer)

"Yes sir." Rui replied as she dutifully exited to take care of the tasks.

After she left, Trunks grabbed his own private phone and immediately dialed Marron's personal number.

"Marron here, may I help you?"

"Marron, it's Trunks."

"Oh Trunks, thank goodness!"

*Why didn't she call me if she's so anxious to speak with me?* Trunks thought but quickly shrugged it off. "Marron, I've just been informed about the situation. Is there anything I can do?"

"You asking in a personal nature or business?"

"Both I guess. But there isn't much I can do from a business standpoint. My mother made the decisions. Meaning, by chain of command, it's above me now. I have little power to alter the course of events now. I warned you my mother might step in before I could get a plan in motion. She's like my father now. She doesn't waste time talking. She just takes action."

"Does your mom know about me, about us?"


"Nevermind. I'm not going to get into that tangled topic again. Trunks, a company from Satan City is set to takeover Pakar. We have no leverage to fend them off."


"Companies gobble up whatever Capsule Corp. opts out of. I guess it's a way of competing with you guys."

"Shit. Do you know the company's name?"

"Sukoya Corporation."

"Sukoya? That's a company affiliated with Mr. Satan's personal assets! Damn, somehow I have a strange feeling somebody else personal is involved."

"You think Pan tipped off Mr. Satan?"

"Perhaps. She knows you work for Pakar. She probably felt it the only way to compete. She saw us in business attire at that restaurant remember?"

"So she's tipping her grandfather off to companies of interest?"

"She's due to inherit a good portion of the stuff. Videl has already told her father to extend the inheritance beyond her and give it to Pan."

"That'd be cruel though. Doesn't she realize all the innocent employees caught in the fray?"

Trunks choked a minute. "Marron, you almost threatend the same a while ago yourself."

"Oh yeah. Guess us ladies get estrogen-charged when it comes to combat."

"A cat fight?"

"You would call it that wouldn't you. Women are devious devils when fighting each other. It's not a penis charged physical battle like you males have. It's all mental."

"So, if you're correct. I'm technically at the centerpoint. Perhaps I do have some leverage afterall."

"The reporters will have a field day with this one."

"Yeah, I know. But...it's all my mom's fault. If she hadn't pulled Capsule Corp out of Pakar, there'd still be a field of protection from outside interests. Now, I've got to see if I can sway the board here, then at Pakar, then still have enough time to rout Sukoya's takeover attempt."

"That's impossible."

"I'm a royal saiyan and the son of Vegeta. Nothing's impossible."

"Best of luck then. I'll try to assist on my end with Pakar's board and see if I can get them to stall and buy you some time."

"Thanks Marron. Talk to you later."


Trunks switched off the phone and nearly dialed Pan's number. But, what would he say? Likely his rushed temper and motive would result in him accusing her when he didn't have solid facts that it was her at all. He also couldn't do it out of the deep feeling in his gut that touched his soul. There was something about Pan that prevented him from doing any harm to her. It was as strong if not stronger than his bond with Marron. Was it friendship loyalty or love? He couldn't decide and right now, he didn't have time to dwell on it. Now, if he had that time machine, all of this could be averted. His thoughts moved fleetingly to a mental image of his other self. Was that other self at peace or having to deal with a dilemma such as this as well? Were there females fighting over him too and complicating matters by mixing business with pleasure? He needed answers and fast, but with time against him, how could he possibly find some friendly time so he could alter it? Woes to be a lavender-haired single, handsome royal saiyan who had it all and yet had nothing at all!

to be continued...