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Corporate Calamity (part 6)

Pan's approach put Marron on the defensive. Whenever Pan was angry, an outburst always followed. Pan neared the table and stared at Trunks. A mask of impassiveness had formed on the saiyan exec's face. He was determined to not play favorites. Any hint of such would agitate the situation more. With no response from him, Pan turned to Marron. Marron matched Pan's determined expression with one of her own.

"Hello Pan. Is there something I can do for you?" Marron asked sarcastically, already knowing why Pan had arrived at their table.

"Yes. There is. Mind telling me why you're with HIM?"


Pan stole a quick gaze at their attire. Business suits made it clear both had arrived from work. She could feel Trunks' ki rising ever so slightly. This gave an indication that there was more to this innocent business meeting than either were going to reveal.

"So I see."

"Look, we're all here for purely innocent reasons Pan."

"Purely innocent? I hardly think that Marron. My reason for being here was such until I saw you with him."

"I don't see your name on him Pan."

"You don't have to. We're both saiyan. We're meant to be."

At this point Trunks stepped in. He despised being a piece of meat or some prize to be had.

"Look ladies. I honestly don't see what use this is. It's my decision and judging from the behavior of BOTH of you, I'd take interest in neither. Marron, you try to manipulate me from the business angle while Pan, you try physically. Did either of you ever consider the possibility that I am not a piece of meat to be gnawed on? Your bickering over me disgusts me. Good evening." Trunks replied softly but sternly. He then placed some money on the table, got up, and walked out of the restaurant leaving a stunned Marron and Pan in his wake.

Pan watched him depart before speaking. "No, he did not just do that did he?"

Marron, now embarrassed as well tried to recompose herself in a more professional manner. "I can't believe he just walked out on us like that."

Pan thought for a moment. "I bet right now he's got one of those slick smirks on his face and is basking in the glory of being 'the MAN' in this situation. He's too much like his father. He just got a power trip on us and is likely beeming in pride. If he isn't, he's not normal. Most males would die to be fought over by females."

"Ah but Pan, perhaps that's just it. He's not like 'most' males. Maybe he doesn't care about such things. I mean, he's above that anyway. He's got looks. He's got brains. He's got fame and fortune. Worse yet, he's well aware of all them. He could get anything he wants with very little effort. THAT is where his pride is. He's probably seen many females competing for him. Just look at all those women at his company building. His ego's stroked everyday. He's an adonis on a throne of masculine greatness. Why would he care about our petty fight over him?"

"Because we're his friends, that's why. Don't we hold value over those other women?"

Marron lowered her head in thought. "He values us as friends...probably nothing more."

Pan huffed. That wasn't a satisfactory answer. She didn't want to be 'just friends' anymore. Trunks was the only guy who would allow her to be herself. Other guys would simply do as they always do...feel intimidated by her strength and dump her butt. She wouldn't ever have to hold back. If she wanted to spar she could use full force against him. He was a super saiyan afterall.

Marron felt her heart wrench at the thought of being just friends as well. For a short time Trunks had showed intrest in her, but perhaps she was simply another pawn in his game of undecidedness. It was obvious that he didn't really know what he wanted for himself. His mother and father had groomed him into doing what they wanted him to do. He was likely waiting for one of them to decide his mate too. But his parents were likely waiting for him to make a decision on his own for once. Marron sighed. He had everything and yet he had nothing. At this rate, the son of Vegeta was destined for lonliness. But neither she nor Pan had the power to remedy that. Love couldn't be forced onto somebody.

Pan returned her gaze to Marron after staring out the window. "I can't read his ki anymore. He's likely returning back to Western Capital City."

"It's your fault Pan."


"If you hadn't come over all hostile, Trunks wouldn't have left like that."

"Look, you have so many more opportunities to see him with you being in business too."

"But you embarrass him everytime you're near him."

"I do not."

"You do too."

"Wanna take it outside Marron?"

"Oh so you can use that saiyan strength of yours and muscle me to the pavement in the most barbaric, immature way of dealing with a problem?"

"I am NOT immature."

"Oh? Why are you acting like you are now hmm? Lower your voice and talk in a civil tone like me."

"Marron, this isn't over. " Pan huffed after realizing that people were staring at them. She then smiled awkwardly and waved at all the people.

"No it isn't over Pan. If I have a chance with Trunks, no matter how slight, I'm not going to back down." Marron replied as she stood, got in Pan's face with a viscious glare, then exited the restaurant.

Pan wanted to fire a ki blast at Marron as she left, but abstained. Her Son family honor prevented such a cheap trick from a Son family saiyan. It was at this moment, she wished she was a child of Vegeta. For some reason, such things could be excusable in his family. With another huff, she returned to her own table and feasted roughly, tearing into meat like a ravenous carnivore.

Meanwhile back in Western Capital City, Trunks arrived at home. He ignored his mother's greeting as he trekked to his room and slammed the door. To think two young ladies he considered friends would behave that way and over him no less. Didn't they realize that they were tearing up their own friendship as well as what they had with him? He ripped off his suit and threw on some sweatpants and a muscle shirt. Now comfortable, he slumped onto his bed, allowing his body to relax while his brain raced. Naturally, the solution to the situation was resting on his shoulders. Perhaps what he needed was a neutral, a third person of sorts. It was obvious he was the center of a nasty love triangle and from what he'd heard from old romance tales, triangles rarely came out happy for all. If he made it a square by adding another into the fray, would it mend the friendships? If he added another female, would potential jealousy mend Marron and Pan's friendship as they teamed up to oust the newcomer? Wait, that would be unfair to the newcomer. The poor girl wouldn't stand a chance against those two. He couldn't say he wished to be alone either since both Pan and Marron knew that the Briefs family had to go on and an heir to the company had to be born. Bra could do the job, but custom would mean she and her family would be that of another man's, not the Briefs. She could even lose the Briefs name and take on another man's last name. No, the fate of the Briefs family rested on Trunks' shoulders. Only he could keep his family's name and assets true.

Trunks growled in disgust and rolled over onto his back. The solution wasn't going to come easily or quickly. He stared at the ceiling and became mesmerized by the simplicity of the pattern of white streaks of plaster. If only life could be as simple and clear-cut. But for the son of Vegeta, he would never be so lucky. It was in his blood. His father was tormented by a situation he couldn't seem to remedy and now Trunks too, had something of the sorts. Like father, like son...or was it?

to be continued.