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Corporate Calamity (part 4)

Dinner was eaten in silence. While this wasn't unusual due to the massive saiyan appetite, Trunks wasn't eating like a saiyan. In fact, he wasn't even eating what a usual five year old human child would eat. Bulma gazed at her son before turning her attention to her mate. Vegeta was busy tearing apart half a chicken with his teeth. His mannerisms remained unchanged and were quite the usual from what Bulma could deduce. Trunks, however, usually took part in such carnivorous feasting as well. He hardly even nibbled a chicken wing.

"Trunks, are you sure you are feeling well?"

Trunks took a moment to return his mother's glance. "I'm fine. Just a lot on my mind. That's all. May I be excused? I really don't have much of an appetite tonight."

Bulma nodded. In actuality, Trunks didn't even need to ask permission for anything. He was a man now and like Vegeta, was allowed the same priviledges of being his own self, even if Bulma was bothered by the way his current "self" was behaving.

Trunks entered his room only to depart from it once again. "Mother, I'm going out for a bit. Don't wait up for me, okay?"

All Bulma could do was nod. "Be careful out there Trunks."

Trunks smirked. "You know me mom."

"That's what worries me Trunks."

And with that, Trunks departed. He quickly took to the skies for a relaxing flight into the twilight skyscape. He had no particular destination in mind other than away from the glimmering city lights. He flew on, lost in his own thoughts until he realized his flight had taken him to somewhere recognizable.

*Mount Paozu!? How the hell did I end up here! I didn't think I was flying that fast. Gohan and perhaps Goten or Pan have probably already picked up on my ki. Hmmm, gotta have an excuse. Now just why would I be here this time of night?*

The outside lights of Gohan's home flickered on as Gohan stepped outside and scanned the sky. Sure enough, he found whom he had sensed.

"Trunks, what brings you here?"

"Uh, I was actually looking for Goten. Do you know if he's here?"

"I think he and Parisu are at home back in Satan City."

"I see. Uh, thanks Gohan."

Gohan didn't buy into Trunks' excuse. He knew Trunks could've simply sensed for Goten's ki. Before he could pry however, Videl joined her husband outside, curious as to who he was talking to.

"Well hello Trunks. Why don't you come in for a cup of tea? You flew all this way, you may as well stay for something." Videl suggested with a wink.

"Sure, I guess. But only if I'm not intruding."

"Not at all Trunks, right Gohan?"

Gohan gulped then nodded in agreement. For reasons he couldn't fully understand, his protective instinct was kicking in and kept him alert and suspicious of the other half-saiyan.

Trunks landed and followed Videl and Gohan inside. Once inside, he quickly scanned for another presence. Satisfied that she wasn't there, he sighed inwardly. Part of him wanted to see her, while the other was glad she was away.

"Where's Pan?" Trunks asked surprised at his own words.

"She's with her grandfather in Satan City."

*Is everybody in Satan City!?* Trunks thought to himself. Videl gestured for him to take a seat as she placed a cup of tea on the table for him. Trunks obliged.

"So how's the company Trunks?" Gohan asked, unsure of how else to start conversation.

"Doing fine. We just had our annual shareholder's meeting and things seem satisfactory. Of course, one never knows with the stock market however."

"CCorp's stock's pretty stable though. Its fluctuations are averaging only half a point. Not even your mother could keep it that consistent."

"Thanks Gohan, but it's not me. If it weren't for the productivity and efficiency of the employees, Capsule Corp wouldn't be where it is today."

"Ah, but they need a leader to motivate them. Don't tell her I said this, but eventhough she's a great business woman, she's too controlling and obstinate. Her needing to do things her way and her way only actually stagnated the company before you took over."

"Maybe so, but she also gave the company the boost it needed to expand into larger markets. But enough about my work. How's that research project coming along? I've heard bits and pieces about it from my university contacts. If you're successful, you could actually be nominated for a Nobel. "

"It's years away from anything solid at this point."

"Remember, if you need any funding, I'd be more than willing to direct some your way."

"Thanks Trunks, I'll keep that in mind."

After hearing the two males talking "shop", Videl decided to change the subject. It was a subject she had sensed led him to their home this very night. Like many women, Videl's intuition saw into Trunks' heart. "So how're you holding up against the pressure of this time of year?"

Trunks spat tea back into his cup. "Wha, what do you mean?"

"Oh I don't know, just the going trend for females is to want to get pregnant this time of year. Surely a handsome, eligible bachelor like yourself must be getting 'the eye' more often now."

Trunks blushed and ran a hand through his hair in discomfort. "It's not that bad actually. I've been dodging the bullet for many years now. They're beginning to get the hint that I'm not interested in such things just yet."

"Oh really?" Videl replied in mock surprise while giving him a sly grin.

Trunks chucked nervously. "You've been talking to my mom too much Videl. She exaggerrates often just to get some juicy gossip into the circle."

Videl kindly smiled. "No. I can sense this from you Trunks. You saiyans are skilled at reading kis, but I'm skilled at emotions. Your mind betrays your heart?"

Trunks felt his cheeks growing ever redder. Leave it to Videl to read through him like an open book. "Actually perhaps it's my destiny that is betraying me." Trunks replied as he stood from his seat. "I really must be going. I really do need to speak to Goten."

Gohan and Videl saw him off. Just before he left Gohan decided to toss him some advice.

"Trunks, that little thing on your belt is called a cell phone. Goten will answer one just like it. You don't need to fly all the way here next time."

Trunks waved as he turned away and launched into the air. There was no need to reveal his expression of stupidity to them, they already knew. "Good night Gohan, Videl."

As he flew back home, his thoughts were nagging his already tormented mind. *Should I detour to Satan City and see Pan? No, wait, that makes me look desperate. With her it's a game of wits. And, if Marron found out, she'd automatcially let the accusations fly. No, I can't see her. I just need to get home and try to forget all of this.*

The next morning at Capsule Corporation...

"Sir, Pakar's becoming aggressive. Our stocks are being traded off due to some new development over there. Our shareholders' confidence is shaken."

Trunks looked over the charts and forecast trends. Pakar was indeed showing interest in gobbling up a portion of the market...a portion Capsule Corp recently had. "Pakar just did some upper level restructuring recently. Perhaps their shareholders are feeling optimistic. We have a contract with them. They can't undermine us without causing a breech in their contract. Look, if it makes you feel better, I will contact them myself and inquire."

The executives, a few concerned presidents from some ally companies, and share holders all nodded in agreement.

"Fine then. I will do so today and inform you of my findings in a meeting tomorrow morning at nine." Trunks replied before heading out of the room. He immediately headed for his office, and told his secretary that he was going to make an important phone call so he was not to be bothered.

"This is President Trunks Briefs of Capsule Corporation, may I speak to Mr. Naiden please? Oh, he's not? May I speak to the highest exec currently present there at this time?"

The secretary from Pakar switched Trunks' call to another office and informed the exec who was on the line.

"Trunks? Why are you calling?"

"M--Marron? Oh yeah, you're the VP now...heheh, stupid me, I almost forgot."

"You DID forget."

"Yeah, that's what I mean." Trunks chuckled as he bopped his head with his free hand. "Anyway, Marron, I've called in regards to business matters. I'm curious as to why Pakar has taken such an aggressive stance in the market lately?"

"Pakar's in the process of expanding it's distribution capablilities. Our share holders are feeding off of good news."

"But Pakar is also infringing on its contractual agreement with Capsule Corp. It could be a breech of contract."

"You scared of a little stock market action?" Marron teased.

Trunks immediately became defensive at her tone of voice. "Hmph. Of course not. I'm merely stating that Pakar is at risk of endangering its relationship with Capsule Corporation."

"Perhaps it parallels another relationship, eh Trunks? Where do WE stand?"

Trunks was slightly taken aback at the change of subject. He wasn't prepared to deal with her yet. "Look, let's discuss our personal life outside of business, please?"

"Fine then. Shall I make an appointment with your secretary? I mean, seeing how you always have plans outside of work and all."

"You should understand how business works now that you're a VP. Look, how about we meet at Satan City for dinner, tonight?"

"Sure your schedule can handle it?"

"I should ask the same of yours?"

"I can handle it, can you?"

"In one hand, darling. Six o'clock at Spiffy's."

"I'll be there with bells on."

"And I'll bring the balls. See you then. Good day." Trunks responded as he hung up the phone and let out a sigh of exasperation. He hadn't expected a face off so soon and now, he just made it worse. Why the hell did he say Satan City!? And Spiffy's was Pan's favorite hang-out there! Smacking himself in the face, he then thumped his head on his desk several times for his own stupidity.

end pt.4...stay tuned for more. ;)