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Note: This part is kind of a filler so that I can get a good "feel" for the Trunks I'm portraying here. But...it is leading somewhere...

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Corporate Calamity (part 2)

The next morning, Trunks groaned defiantly at the sound of his alarm clock. He didn't even remember setting it. He tried to move to shut the annoying thing off but his body ached and his brain was mush. Desperate, he tried for a small ki blast,but couldn't even muster the strength to summon his ki. *Damn, Pan must've given me a concussion. And my body is definitely not interested in such a rigorous training and pummeling anymore. I wanna go back to sleep!* Trunks thought as he strained against his own muscles to slap the alarm clock. He smashed it to pieces. *There, now I CAN go back to sleep, never to wake again. I don't wanna think. I don't wanna move. I don't wanna do anything.* Trunks thought before drifting back to the land of sleepytime adventures.

Meanwhile, the person responsible for setting Trunks alarm clock was getting impatient. She tapped her finger against the kitchen counter while giving the clock a stern gaze. She allowed seconds to pass, but to her, felt like minutes. With a huff, she began her rampage. Upon reaching Trunks' room, she stormed inside, making sure to make tremendous amounts of noise. This would be picked up by the sensitive saiyan ears of Vegeta who would then come to investigate. He was her back-up.

Trunks didn't respond to his mother's clamor. He was used to hearing his mother's tantrums and arguments. It was something that soothed him like a lullaby since he was a baby. Bulma knew this, but her anger had to be released somewhere, somehow. With a firm tug on his blankets, she managed to pull them and her son onto the floor with a thud. "WAKE UP YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR AN ADULT!"

Trunks groaned as his already sore head smacked the floor. Slowly he awakened, only to find his mother, stooped over, with her angry gaze right in his drowsy one. She pointed to the door as if Trunks were a dog being shooed out for doing something bad. He was trained in this gesture. It meant 'get to school' or nowadays, 'get to work.' Groaning again, he tried to stand, but failed miserably and collapsed back onto the floor.

Meanwhile Vegeta trudged into the room if anything to cease all the banging. It hurt his ears when he wasn't expecting such noises. "WOMAN!"

Bulma whipped around to face her mate. "VEGETA! YOUR SON IS THE LAZIEST, MOST IRRESPONSIBLE---"

Vegeta interrupted her with a wave of his hand. It meant he was in the process of tuning her out and only the walls would hear her words. Vegeta walked over to his son calmly and studied the pathetic heap on the floor. He didn't do anything, but rather turned back to his oh so loving mate.
"He's injured woman. I don't know what Gohan's brat did to him, but I know it wasn't my doing."

Bulma's expression completely changed. She became worried about her dear little boy.

"YOU made him train with you last night Vegeta!"

"Woman, YOU made him train with me last night. I sensed a decrease in his ki before I even started."

"Well, you provoked it Vegeta. You could've just said something then. Where's he hurt?"

"I'm not a doctor. It's not that life threatening. He can still go to work." Vegeta muttered as he departed. Bulma watched him depart then returned her gaze to her son. Trunks looked her in the eyes and tried to give her a pitiful expression. He failed. Only his friend Goten was cabable of pulling off that 'I'm too cute to punish expression', even as an adult. Bulma wanted to give ground,but that's not how Trunks learned. He was tough, stubborn, and extremely intelligent. She had to use tactics no 'normal' mother would.

"Trunks, go to work. You have twenty minutes to get ready." Bulma sternly commanded as she too, departed.

An hour later, Trunks sat in his office, alone. He had shooed off his assembly of executive assistants who followed him practically everywhere in the building. Suddenly he remembered something. "Oh crap! I forgot to call Marron back!" he exclaimed to himself as he grabbed the phone and called Roshi's.

"Krillin, it's Trunks. Is Marron there?"

"She's at work."

"Thanks Krillin. No time to chat right now. Take care." Trunks replied as he hung up and buzzed his secretary.

"Dial me through to Pakar, Inc. please."

She did so and soon he was chasing his way through the network of transfers until he reached Marron's office number.

"Marron here, may I be of assistance."

"Marron, I'm so sorry about not calling you back last night."


"Yeah, it's me."

"Y'know, I figured you had followed Pan home."

"No, I didn't, but she and I weren't on the same page for a while.She kicked my ass."

"For the damage to her car!? You said you'd replace it."

"Nn...yeah, the car. Well, perhaps Pan just decided she'd found a decent opportunity for a spar."

"Why didn't you just go super saiyan? You let her kick your ass?!"

"I know, I'm too damn much of a gentleman sometimes."

Suddenly Trunks was interrupted by his secretary. "Sir?"


"You're late for your meeting over at Rakuyo Corp. You have a personal appointement with their president."

"Eeeeh? Crap, I forgot about that. Okay. Tell him I'm on my way."

"Yes sir. Shall I have the limo waiting?"

"No, I'll fly myself. I'll make up some lost time that way."

"Yes sir."

Trunks watched his secretary depart then jumped back onto the phone. "Marron, I gotta run. I forgot about a meeting I'm supposed to be at."

"That sounds about right. Okay. I'll debate whether or not to accept your apology. You'd better call me at home tonight. If you forget, there'll be no seconds."

"Yes ma'am. Later then. Good day Marron."

"Good day Trunks."

For the next several hours, Trunks sat in Rakuyo's conference room with his mind anywhere but where it should be. Meetings were so dull that he couldn't keep his multi-faceted mind from wandering into other things. * I'm interested in Marron because she's smart, gentle, loyal, and sweet. She's a heavenly angel who could give my tormented soul tranquility and peace. So why do I also think of Pan? She's very young, half my age, and yet age means nothing to me. Her saiyan attributes entice me. Her aggression ignites my passion. Her spunk drives my mind into frenzied mush. Could it be my mind wants one while my heart wants another? Oh Dende, why me!?*


Trunks jumped at the sound of the voice resounding beside him. In turn, the older president also spooked, not expecting the young president's reaction. Trunks was the first to recover.

"I'm really sorry Mr. Sakamori. I haven't been feeling well lately. Did you ask me something?"

Mr. Sakamori cleared his throat. "I was wondering how you plan to integrate Rakuyo with Capsule Corporation? My employees are fearful of cut-backs and lay-offs."

Trunks thought for a moment as his executive side kicked in. "I don't believe in changing something that isn't broke. There'll likely be no changes in Rakuyo's personnel or policies. The acquisition of Rakuyo with Capsule Corp. is a mutual one. You want upward mobility and to get your company out of its stagnation. Personally, I don't see Rakuyo as stagnating. I see it as stabilizing. Capsule Corp. can give you a boost with its larger facilities and contacts. Rakuyo can give Capsule Corp. wisdom and knowledge from years of experience. You see, Capsule Corp is barely three generations old and is growing at an astronomical rate. It started as a small family garage operation and is now a large, multi-national corporation. There's no stability in growth that rapid. We can learn from you in return for your increased profits and productivities gained from Capsule Corp's capabilities and popularity."

A slow smile developed from the older president's lips. "For being so young, you show a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge already. I can see why you're so popular. You have an old soul sir."

"Perhaps." Trunks said, slightly embarrassed at being complimented. He then pulled out a folder from his briefcase and slid them over to Mr. Sakamori. "Here's the information and contract to solidify the acquisition. If you have any questions, you know how to reach me."

"Thank you Mr. Briefs. Take care."

"You too." Trunks replied as he departed.

Since nobody knew how long he'd be at that meeting, he had an open schedule. Trunks took this opportunity to fly away from the city and into a secluded, quiet forest. He found a ledge overlooking a waterfall and settled upon it. He then closed his eyes and entered his own mind. * Why me? How can I choose? Pan and Marron fufill the gaps of my soul together and yet the cruelty of life demands that I can choose only one? Impossible! How long has Pan felt that way about me? What does Marron feel towards me? How do I really feel? Can I envision myself spending the rest of my life with either of them? Heck, I can't even imagine myself a decade down the road. I just wish I coul---*

Trunks interrupted his own mind as he suddenly felt a ki...a very familiar ki. Quickly he scanned his surrounding region. The ki was drawing nearer. *Swell, I'm certain he's picked up on mine. I can't run now. It's either going to be a lecture or a fight. I think I'd be safer with the latter.*

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