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Corporate Calamity (part 16)

A couple days passed and although Trunks was still in the hospital, he was beginning to feel much better. The tubes had been removed and the first thing Trunks did was leap for joy, which of course, tore some of the stitches out of his gash. That added at least another day in the hospital for him. 'Behavorial Adjustment' was becoming the primary problem however. A saiyan, staring at the same walls in the same room for too long can become something of a problem.

"Yo! When's lunch served again?" Trunks yelled out to the resident nurse who he knew was sitting at the station just outside his doorway.

"You just asked that five minutes ago sir."

"So? I'm asking again."

"What did I say before?"

"Forty minutes."

"So,deduct five minutes from that and you will have answered your own question."

"EEeesh, you day nurses are no fun. At least a night..."

"Don't even say it sir." the nurse cut-off with a hitch of jealousy. She'd heard through the nurse grapevine about the night shift and one certain young corporate president. But she was scheduled during the day and that was that.

"Fine then. Uh, you don't mind if I wander the halls do ya?"

"Yes I do sir. The last time you did that, you ate all the lunches on the server's cart for this entire floor."

"I told ya I was hungry."

"Then you went for dessert by groping two nurses."

"I was still hungry."

"I just hope that's the medication doing that to you. I'd hate to learn that your personality is like that. I always heard you were a gentleman."

"I am. But hospital stays drive me nuts. I'm bored. There's no fun. And one can watch only so much tv. There's not even any training equipment so I can keep in shape. I've rerolled all the toilet papers backwards, automated your paper towel dispenser in this room, and counted the tiles on the ceiling. I've run out of options. Please, let me do something."

"If I recall correctly sir, your mother's instructions were to be followed. She gave you a cell phone and some of your paperwork is delivered daily. Why not work?"

"I'm not at work so why do work."

The nurse sighed in frustration. This guy was fast becoming more annoying than a wardenload of newborn babies at feeding time. "Look, I have work to do and I AM at work so if you don't mind sir."

"Fine, fine. Don't talk to me, I don't mind." Trunks groaned and slumped back onto the bed. He stared at the window. *Damn maitenance dudes locked it from the outside. Still, I could blast it and just add it to my hospital bill. Wait, food first. Even if it isn't the greatest, it's still a 'free, delivered' meal. Hmm, but where to after? I'm sure mom'll be told I hastily evacuated this place. She'll send hound-dog dad after me. Then again, it's not so bad here. I have time to think and not be bothered by my problems. If I enter the real world again, those problems will hound me too.* Trunks thought as images of Pan and Marron formed in his head as both stood regally over a mound of paperwork with evil grins. Trunks shuddered the image from his head.

"Uh, excuse me again, Ms. Nurse?"

The nurse sighed and looked up to the ceiling. "Why me?" Eventhough she didn't even know Dende existed, he shrugged.

The nurse then got up and entered Trunks' room. "Yes sir?"

"Damn you look beautiful today."

The nurse blushed despite herself, but quickly regained her composure. She'd heard about the moves Trunks used on nurses to get out of his room. "May I help you?"

"Sure can, how about we share a bath together?"


"I'm just kidding. You're no fun. Look, is there a fax machine I can use anywhere?"

"Uh, I think there's one in our administrative complex. Do you wish me to fax something for you?"

"Perhaps. But for now, may I have the latest edition of the newspaper please?"

"Sure, I can get that for you."

"Thank you." Trunks said politely as he watched the nurse depart. *Must put on comment card how nicely these nurses look in their uniforms. It probably makes guys stay longer in this place than they should. Ah, well, more money for this place I guess.*

Grabbing the cell phone Trunks dialed a number.

"Aw man, leave it to you to not answer the phone. Now I have to speak to this stupid machine. Well, fine then, have it your way. You know me, I know you, and we both know where I am so get back to me okay." Trunks said as he then ended the call and dialed another number.

Again, he received a machine. "Another machine. What are you two doing now, hanging out together? Marron call Pan and have her recite the message I left for her."

Trunks ended the call and sighed. This had to be punishment or torture or some sick combination of both. Then an idea popped into his head. Quickly he dialed another phone number.

This time the recipient answered.

Trunks altered his voice to pitch it as feminine as he could. It came out like a sexy seductive whisper. "Hiya big boy, wanna play?"

"Who is this?"

"Your greatest fantasy come true."

"No really. Do I know you?"

"Why not meet me and find out?"

"A date?"


"Where and when?"

"Western Capital City, two hours from now..." Trunks trailed then changed his voice back to normal. "GOTEN, YOU ARE SUCH A HORNBALL! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FELL FOR THAT! YOU'RE SICK MAN!"

"Trunks? How'd you get on this line? Are you with that sexy fox I just spoke with?"

Trunks rolled his eyes and wished Goten was there right now so he could ring his neck. "Nevermind about her. Just get over here okay."

"You still at the hospital? Is the fox a nurse?"

"Goten, that fox was---oh, nevermind. Look, just get over here."

"I'll be there in an hour. I was on my way that way anyway."

Trunks was curious as to why, but he didn't ask. "Thanks man, see ya in a few then."

"Yeah. Just remember, you owe me a dinner."

"Sure, whatever." Trunks replied as he hung up the phone. His little plan might just work afterall. Getting out of bed, he dropped his robe and looked over his body, carefully peeling the bandages away and inspecting his healing wounds. He tested a couple of the stitches in the gash. They seemed tight. Placing the bandages back onto the wounds, he then grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. He then found a few blank sheets of paper and scrolled instructions for the nurse on one of them and a note on another. A copy of the note was to be sent to Pan, another to Marron, and a third to his mother.

Satisfied with his plan, he looked at the clock. Sure enough, his lunch came within five minutes. He then summoned the nurse and gave her the items to be faxed. When she went to do so, Trunks wolfed down his meal, placed the empty tray on the table and slinked out of the room. He grabbed a doctor's robe, mask, and surgical cap from a rack at a nearby vacant nurses station. This allowed him to walk virtually unnoticed down the halls and floors until he reached the emergency room. Once there, he peeled the hospital garb off. Everybody was extremely busy in the ER so again, he wasn't noticed, even without his disguise. He managed to exit the hospital via the main entrance of the ER. He walked casually until he reached a unoccupied portion of the hospital then shot into the air. Once airborne, he sought out Goten's ki and met him halfway. He motioned for Goten to land in the park below and then he did the same.

"What's up Trunks? Aren't you still supposed to be in the hospital?"

Trunks smirked evilly.

"You're in so much trouble."

"Not if you keep quiet. Look, you're my best friend and I wanted to see you personally before I left."

"Left? Where?"

"I can't say. Just know that I'll be gone for a long while."

"How long is long Trunks?"

"I don't know. More than a year though."

"But where?"

"I can't say. I'll send you a message once I'm in a safe enough area okay. It's the only way I can solve all my problems at once."

"Trunks, you're not making any sense."

"I'm probably not. But don't worry. I've already contacted my mom, Pan, and Marron. I just wanted to say good-bye to you in person and thank you for everything."

"Trunks, you sound like you're not coming back."

Trunks said nothing, but avoided eye contact with his dear friend.

"Trunks, don't do anything stupid!"

"Goten, I'm not going to kill myself if that's what you're thinking. I value my life more than that. It wouldn't be a solution anyway. If anything, that solution would only create more problems, especially for me in the afterlife. No, I'll be back, I think. My dad will understand and perhaps he'll explain it better than I can."

"But Trunks--" Goten tried to speak, but Trunks cut him off with a tight hug. Goten returned the hug and fought the tears forming in his eyes. Trunks too was fighting tears, but recomposed himself and pushed Goten away.

"Now go. And if you follow me, I'll beat you into unconsciousness so you can't follow any further."

Goten really couldn't comprehend why, but he didn't ask. He took one long glance at his best friend then turned and departed, without another word spoken between them.

Trunks watched him depart, wishing he didn't have to take on the quest he was going to, but it was the only way. He had to find himself, his purpose in life, and what it was he was longing for in his heart but couldn't name. He quickly hailed a cab and told the driver his destination. This way, he could keep his ki suppressed so nobody would follow him. The cabby didn't even recognize him. This was all good.

Once there, he paid the cabby and watched him depart. Looking about, he scanned the area for any possible lurkers. There were none. Quickly he tore open the locked hangar and glanced once again at the ship that had taken him, Pan, and Goku on a dragonball hunt several years prior. The thing was still charged up and flightworthy. With one final sidelong glance at his home, he boarded the ship and launched it. He'd program its destination once out of Earth's orbit and stock up with supplies at one of the planets they once visited during that dragonball hunt.

At the sound of the roaring engines, Bulma had run out of the house. She was too late. Her view was of a smoky white trail leading into the depths of the sky above. Vegeta too, glanced out a window to see what all the racket was. He saw the ship leave, but figured it was one of the woman's experimental tests and went on with his workout.

Bulma ran back into the house and grabbed the phone. Before she completed dialing, she noticed a paper in her fax machine. Placing the phone down, she grabbed the fax.

It read:

Dearest Mother,
I've found a quest I must undertake. It's consuming my heart and soul. I can't say when or even if I'll be back, but it's something I must do. I'm sorry I'm leaving you and the company like this, but my entire life to this point has been consumed by my servitude of this family and its business. If I'm going to continue my existence, I must know who I am, what I stand for, and what I want out of my life. I'm nobody's slave. Not anymore. I love you, sis, and dad dearly and will miss you all, but this is something I can't ignore any longer. I'm out of options. This is the last one.
With love always,

Bulma screamed then broken into sobs. So, it was her son who took the ship. And now, there was nothing she could do to stop him.

"My little Trunks...my little Trunks..." was all she could say as her heart felt a jolting shatter.

Elsewhere, both Marron and Pan received faxes as well. Theirs were identical.

Pan and Marron,
What a tangled web life can be. But, I'm going to sort it out. I'm capable of such. I can't say where I'm going or if or when I'll return, but it's something I need to do...alone. Despite the recent events, you have both been great friends. I'll be thinking of you both.

Both Pan and Marron were trying frantically to get a call through to Bulma, but of course, Bulma was going through an ordeal of her own.

Trunks was gone. There was nothing anyone on the planet could do about it except hope for his speedy and safe return.

to be continued in a new fic series titled..."I Stand Alone."

(yup, I'm finally getting to another fic that I orignally wanted to write. I just needed a MAJOR lead-in like "Corporate Calamity" to segway into it.)