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Corporate Calamity (part 15)

Trunks continued to stand his ground. In a way, he had little choice, Vegeta was blocking all possible escape routes. Out of the corner of his eye, he glimpsed a young business woman scurrying across the street, likely in a rush back to her office. *Females, they're what put me in this position to begin with.* Trunks thought as his eye watched her until she disappeared between a couple of buildings. He then returned his gaze to his father. With a smirk, Trunks powered up to his max and launched in a flurry of glowing gold.

Vegeta too, powered up, though hardly to his max. He merely matched his son's output and tipped it off with a slight increase and launched his own attack. The two met in the middle with a clash of blows that vibrated the concrete below and beside them. Trunks eyed the many likely occupied buildings. He couldn't fight all out knowing how many innocents may get injured by a stray ki blast or flying body.

"This way father...to a place less occupied and more open." Trunks growled as he turned and headed for the shoreside. Over open water, there would be less colleteral damage.

Vegeta followed, knowing full well that if he fought in the confines of the city, he wouldn't hear the end of a loud, lengthy lecture from Bulma. He was growing wiser with every year he spent on the planet.

Roughly two kilometers out, Trunks stopped and assumed a fighting stance in mid-air. With a slight wave of his hand, he beckoned his father to attack. Vegeta complied, afterall, if his son was that stupid, then he deserved a pounding.

But in a flurry of speed that surprised Vegeta, Trunks side stepped his launch and slammed a punch into the prince's side, just under his ribs. This sent Vegeta off balance and into the water below with a smacking splash. Trunks waited above the water for his father to reemerge. He wasn't stupid enough to try a water fight. He hated water anyway.

Vegeta emerged with a ki blast ahead of him. As Trunks tried to block the ki blast, Vegeta slipped behind his son and sent him careening to into the water with an elbow blow into his back. Seconds later, Trunks was underwater and being given rude looks by the fish whom he had disturbed. Swimming back up and out of the water, Trunks was even more pissed now that he was wet. Again he launched a forward attack at his father and again, he was sent into the water below. He repeated this several times until suddenly something snapped within him. It wasn't bone or muscle, but rather a strange surge of energy and rage.

Vegeta had seen that strange expression before, many, many years ago, in a boy who challenged Cell. It was a look Gohan had just before his transformation to level 2. Perhaps his son was about to cross the threshold of super saiyan as well?

Unsure of what exactly to do, Trunks just allowed the energy to release. Unable to bear its fury, Trunks yelled as the energy overtook his body and mind. His spikey golden hair became even more spikey and golden as well as wishing to point straight outward or upward. Flashes of blue-white bolts danced around his body and his now massive golden aura. His muscles bulked then relaxed as they absorbed the newfound energy and his mind eventually cleared and revealed to him, the vast increase of power he had just attained.

"So I didn't need to kill you to get results afterall." Vegeta mocked though inwardly he was feeling a sense of pride for his son tying one son of Kakarrot and surpassing the other. Afterall, Vegeta wasn't going to be able to rule the roost (Earth) as the most powerful forever. His son would have to succeed him for he too, possessed royal saiyan blood. It was only proper for the royals to be the stronger and Vegeta would have it no other way. And with Gohan having succumbed to a sedentary lifestyle, it wouldn't be long before Trunks would surpass him too. Vegeta would make sure of that.


Pan gulped and allowed the cup of coffee to peel out of her hands and spill on the floor before her. Was that Trunks' ki she was sensing? It was so strong! She could feel two kis and one was obviously Vegeta, but Trunks' had abruptly skyrocketed to a level she'd never sensed in him before.

"Trunks has surpassed the super saiyan?" she muttered to herself, but Marron heard her.

"What did you say?"

Pan looked at her mate-rival with shock. "Trunks' ki, it's enormously high. He's attained level 2."

"You serious?"

Pan nodded.

"But didn't you say he and Goten had level 3 as Gotenks anyway."

"Yes, but that's with them combined. Level 2 by an individual is a whole different thing."

"What does this mean?"

"I don't know...but I'm going to find out." Pan said as she blasted a window and flew out in a style so commonly used by Trunks himself.

"Pan wait!" Marron yelled, but it was no use. The quarter saiyan was already just a dot in the sky. Marron sighed and ran to find Bulma. It didn't take long to find her. She was in the executive lounge smoking a cigarette and looking rather pissed.

"Uh, Ms. Bulma?"

Bulma's eyes turned and locked onto the intruder.

"Ms. Bulma, uh, Pan is heading out to the battle to see what's going on. She said she just sensed a huge increase in Trunks' ki, suggesting that he may have attained the level 2 transformation."

Bulma didn't reply. Instead, her gaze returned to the window she was staring out of.

"Are you okay Ms. Bulma? Please say something?"

"What should I say? My son is trying to kill himself and his father is likely to oblige him."

"He wouldn't kill his own son."

"You don't know Vegeta in the heat of battle."

"Trunks isn't that stupid."

"You don't know Trunks in the heat of battle."

Marron couldn't reply. With a sorrowful, worried look, she could only turn away from the upset mother and gaze at nothing in particular.

Back at the battle...

Trunks was holding his own against his father's own level 2, but the newness of the new transformation and his rusty fighting skills were taking its toll on the corporate saiyan. It didn't take long for the battle to go from even to lopsided. Once again, Trunks was finding himself on the crashing end of things. Bloodied and sore, Trunks was running out of options. He'd had enough. His body would take days to heal and he would suffer in pain during that healing. He no longer wanted to take a beating. All he wanted now was escape.

After a powerful slam into an outcrop of rocks, Trunks was knocked unconscious. His spikey golden hair drooped and assumed its purplish hue and the golden aura was comletely gone. Trunks was no longer a super saiyan. His body slid down the rocks and into the water.

It was then that Vegeta reacted. Diving into the water, he grabbed his unconscious son and saved him from drowning. He then plopped him down on the shore and powered down. He simply stared at his son's body before suddenly gazing upward. He sensed another ki approaching rapidly.

Pan arrived to see the saiyan prince standing over his obviously beaten son. But, was Trunks alive? She couldn't read his ki.


"He's not dead." Vegeta said then departed without even checking to see if his son would revive.

"You dare leave your son when he's injured!?" Pan yelled at him.

Vegeta didn't answer. This would prove to be a good test for the quater saiyan female. How interested was she in his son? This was something Vegeta was curious about.

With Vegeta completely gone, Pan looked over Trunks carefully, searching for any obvious injuries. There were countless cuts and bruises, but she could see no broken bones. A nasty gash gnarled its way around Trunks' lower ribs. Lifting the skin slightly, Pan could tell it to be deep. She could see the whiteness of a couple of ribs. The gash was likely caused by the jagged rocks Trunks had hit. It wasn't bleeding severely yet and almost seemed like a clean cut, but if given time, it could. Frantically trying to figure out if there were any organs in that area, Pan envisioned human anatomy. Unsure and not wanting to take any chances, she grabbed her cel phone and dialed.

"Gohan Son here, may I help you?"

"Dad, it's me Pan."

"Well hello Pan, to what do I ---"

"Dad, stop talking a minute. Look, Trunks had been beaten pretty bad. He has a large, deep gash that exposes some of his ribs and he's out cold. Get over here quick!"

"Where's here?"

"Oh, uh, Stayline beach, Western Capital City."

"Hang on. I'll be there shortly." Gohan said as he immediately hung up, transformed into a super saiyan, and launched into the air. Within minutes, he was at the beach.

"He's beaten pretty bad. Who did this to him?"



"I don't know. Can you help him dad?"

"He has no internal bleeding...yet, but we won't know how bad it is until we get scans from the hospital. Did you phone for an ambulance?"

"No, I phoned you."

Gohan was about to lecture her, but glanced at Trunks once again. "We need an ambulance."

"I'll go get one." Pan said as she took off. Moments later, she came back carrying an entire ambulance and crew. Setting them down, she urged the stupified paramedics out of the vehicle.

Gohan slapped a hand against his forehead. When he said 'get an ambulance' he had expected his daughter to use her cel phone to call one.

"Look, he's hurt. Help him." Pan ordered as he opened the doors to the ambulance and pointed to Trunks' fallen body.

The two paramedics nodded though still rather shocked at their strange flight to the scene. Once they saw a body laying on the sand, obviously injured, they knocked out of their stupor and immediately went into their routine action.

"There's a gash on his right side. He's unconscious and in light shock. No obvious broken bones or internal bleeding." Gohan informed them.

Once they loaded him onto the gurney and into the ambulance, they suddenly realized who their patient was.

"Am I correct in guessing that this is the president of Capsule Corporation, Trunks Briefs?" one of the paramedics asked Gohan.

Gohan nodded solemly.

"Shit! Okay, thanks. We're on our way." the paramedic replied as he ran into the ambulance and the vehicle sped off.

"Well, Trunks sure is popular isn't he father?" Pan said, unsure of what else to say.

"What I would like to know is how he got the way he did."

"Dad, he and Vegeta were fighting. From what I could guess, Trunks also attained level 2, but was no match for Vegeta even with the power increase. He wanted this fight and he got it."

"But why?"

Pan shrugged her shoulders. "He was having a very bad day at the office. I think Marron and I had something to do with it, but Bulma really spurred things against Trunks. I guess he was really frustrated and needed an out."

"Well, he certainly got that, but it still doesn't really add up. Trunks is very intelligent and creative. He's not stupid enough to challenge his own father. He could've turned to me, Goten, or Uubu if he needed a fight that badly."

"Dad, please. Trunks is the son of Vegeta and like Vegeta, he needs the crap beaten out of him by the strongest from time to time."

"Stubborn, pride-driven---"

"Dad, we know that already. It's the bane of the Vegeta bloodline.Look, thanks for coming. I'm going to head to CC Headquarters where Bulma still is. She may want to be informed that her son is in the hospital."

"I'll return home then. I'm a phone call away if you need me dear."

"I know dad."

At that Gohan flew off. Pan looked at the sand where Trunks had laid. "Trunks. You're such a damn stubborn dummy." she muttered before she too, took off to her destination.

In the hospital...

Trunks stirred at the smell of a disgusting smelling saltz. Opening his eyes, he saw two beautiful nurses smiling back at him. "What a nice reception." Trunks replied softly not really making much sense.

"Do you know your name sir?" one of them asked.

"You called me sir, I must be important."

"Your name?"

"Oh, uh, Trunks Vegeta Briefs...I think."

"Smart aleck. Can you remember what day today is?"

"My birthday?"

The third nurse in the room, an older burly type, decided to end Trunks' sense of humor.

"Look mister, we're trying to help you so cut the comedy crap and just answer the questions."

"Ouch a headache! Who yelled?"

"Keep it up wise-ass and I'll send a probe up your ass."

Trunks abruptly shut up and became more serious. "Sorry ma'am. It's just you all look so beautiful today."

"Kissing my ass won't help you any either sir. Now sit up please."

"But my head hurts."

"Popular corporate president or not, I'm not going to let you smooth talk your way out of procedures. Now sit up please."

Trunks obeyed and slowly lifted himself up with the assistance of the adjustable bed of course. "Whoa, you all reproduce fast. I see many of you now."

The gruff nurse urged him to lay back down, checked the pupils of his eyes, and placed the covers back over him. Her assistants were distracted enough by Trunks' muscular chest, eventhough it was bruised and bandaged. "Relax. We'll be back shortly." the nurse replied.

"Can I have something to eat please? I'm famished!"

The gruff nurse grinned in a manner that caused Trunks to cringe. She then pointed at the bag above Trunks head. He followed the tube that led down to his arm. It was an IV. "Crap, this sucks." Trunks muttered.

"Standared precautionary procedures. You were unconscious and we were unsure as to when you'd revive."

"Well, I'm awake now, can I have it removed."

"Not until the doctor says so."

"Hey, wait, if you stuck that tube in me then there is likely another tube--" Trunks trailed as he tried to shift his legs and felt a pain in his crotch. "Oh now this REALLY SUCKS!" Trunks replied as he discovered a catheter had been placed in his nether-region.

"You can't get out of bed until the doctor gives you the okay. And yes, it does 'suck'. That way you won't have to lay in your own urine." the gruff nurse said and winked as the other two nurses blushed.

"Who's the wise-ass now? And just how many tubes are in me anyway?" Trunks complained as he tried to inspect his own body. The nurses ignored him and left the room. "Shit, I hate hospitals. Now I know why Goku hated these places. Boy, I wonder what he'd be like if he discovered that some of these innocent looking tubes are actually worse than needles." Trunks muttered then found the remote to the tv. "Ah well, a few days off from work I guess. Like my mom always says, there's a positive in every bad situation."

At Capsule Corporation Headquarters...

Pan arrived and informed Bulma about the battle and her son's injuries. Immediately, she hopped into the limo and urged the driver to speed to the hospital. Pan and Marron teamed up and actually arrived at the hospital together.

Bulma demanded to see her son (naturally) and given her status in the city, was given VIP treatment. A doctor escorted her to Trunks' room. She bolted in, scaring her son so completely that the tv remote shot upward and lodged into the ceiling above.

"Damn mom, give me a heart attack while you're at it!" Trunks complained.

"My little Trunks, ohmigosh are you okay? Don't you EVER do something as stupid as that again, do you hear me!"

Trunks just let her rip through the various emotions a loving mother would when her child is injured. As she rambled, he watched the little ticker go across the tv screen giving the latest stock quotes.


"What?" Bulma immediately halted at the sound of Trunks' voice.

Trunks blushed when he realized his mistake. But, would his mother notice he was ignoring her speech? Maybe not. But he just noticed the plummet of Capsule Corporation's stock as well as Pakar's. Shareholders obviously weren't happy and were dumping the stocks at an alarming rate. "Uh, I just remembered I had some capsules in my pant pockets. I hope the hospital crew doesn't lose them."

"Oh is that all? Don't worry. I'll check into that for you dear." Bulma said as she left.


"Well hello tubie boy." Pan said as she and Marron stepped forward. They waited for Bulma to rant before even announcing their presence.


"They really have one of those things stuck up your--" Marron inquired.

Trunks cringed at being reminded. "Yes, now shut up about it please."

"Ouchy. That's gonna be downtime on your sex life Trunks." Marron added.

"Look, if you're here to pick on an injured man, then just leave please."

"Awwww, Trunksie in a bad moodie?" Pan added.

"Pan, I'm serious. Don't think I can't ki blast because I can. Would you like to know how these tubes feel because I can arrange that?"

"We're just teasing. Look, get well okay. If you need anything just call." Pan replied as she and Marron departed.

When the door shut, Trunks looked up at the ceiling. "Dende, why me?"

At Kami's Lookout...

"Hey, don't get me involved in this. I didn't do anything." Dende innocently replied.


to be continued...